B2B Social Media Marketing is Calling: Are You Listening? Facebook, Blogging & LinkedIn | Market to real people | Scoop.it

If you aren't yet into social media in delivering your B2B services & products, here's what to consider, even if your product isn't as fun as Japanese watermelons.


"...Everyone is spending more time online both looking for information & communicating with others."  What are the implications for B2B Social Media engagement?


Excerpted from this post:

Facebook is the new Farmer’s Market. Every business wants to be there because every consumer is there.   ...  "there was a watermelon grower who sold one of his watermelons simply through a conversation on his Page’s wall."  It is more important for a B2B company to be blogging....not about your products or information t– but about issues that are facing your industry, unique ways in which your customers use your products to solve common issues, or even stories about your company’s history or culture – [create a] a “social” voice [for] conversations that are happening online. Creating a LinkedIn Group - to create a unique industry community so that you can lead the conversation, become perceived as the thought leader in your industry, and indirectly “market” your company to the 150 million professionals that spend time on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now the 12th most visited website in the world.
Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN