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Market to real people
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Develop an Audience-Centric Content Strategy

Develop an Audience-Centric Content Strategy | Market to real people |
An audience centric content strategy begins with a well defined persona analysis prior to keyword search as part of your discovery process.

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Stefano Principato's curator insight, May 1, 2013 10:12 AM

Primary objective in this exercise is to define an audience-centric content strategy. Understanding the relationship between themes that are advertorial, industry informational and highly relevant to your targeted audience’s interests will help you stay focused.

Robin Martin's comment, May 15, 2013 10:43 AM
Wow Marty...your own post is perfect! Our shop is professional/organizational learning within the University of Michigan. We have our own website, catalog and very few social media sites. Actually, we have never even used Google keywords/AdWords on our site. I'm thinking this is a definite no-no. Some of us feel it is not necessary since our customers are internal. What is your take on it?
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, May 15, 2013 12:09 PM
Robin, first thanks for all the RT love today you ROCK. Now lets talk PPC. Can PPC play an important role inside of the Uof M? Maybe. If you have specific goals around list creation or have something to sell in a fairly immediate way PPC can provide an important dimension to the rest of the relationship building you do. Not sure how or what content you are monetizing, but I could see a "free UofM" study or white paper that would get my email into your list. Once there you could nurture those on your list with segmented drip campaigns. Clearly tagging those from PPC will give you the ability to judge ROI. Feel free to email your specific use case to me Martin.Smith(at) and I will spend some time thinking about IF or HOW PPC might help. Least I can do for your sharing my content with your great tribe of followers :). Marty
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Social Media Transparency [Infographic]

Social Media Transparency [Infographic] | Market to real people |

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janlgordon's comment, January 24, 2013 12:35 AM
Thank you Annette Schmeling for your comment, I'm in complete agreement.
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Social Media Transparency
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How to Give a Gift of Emotionally Engaging Content

This piece was written by Raf Stevens, author of "No Story No Fans"


I selected this because the author gives some very good tips on how to use storytelling that lets your audience know who you are and why they should trust you. People work with and buy from people they like. If you're not connecting with others through your content online, this article will help you.




Many organizations are not even aware that their message has lost all connection with their audience


The strange thing with all this is that the solution to creating compelling content is so obvious: Use stories and storytelling


Do you think that you or your business is in touch with its own stories? And can they be told in a way that connects them with their audience in this hyper-connected world?


Chances are this might not be the case if you have trouble answering any of the following questions:


**What story really defines you?


**How does your story fit with the heart of your organization?


**How is your story emotionally engaging to your audience?


**Can your audiences retell your story?


**In what ways can they develop trust in your story and act upon it?


Here are a couple of good takeaways:


Remember the universal truth:


Nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped. Create content that:


**answers your audience's questions


**provides them with answers and solutions or demonstrates how your offerings can help them in their everyday lives


Build trust


Honesty among people is important, but trust is critical for marketers to gain audience support. So make sure your story demonstrates why you arae worthy of your audience's trust.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media & Beyond"


Read full article here: []

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How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine

How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine | Market to real people |
Content Marketing is hot. White hot. SEO and digital marketing thought leaders are declaring that Content Marketing is the next big thing. Even Rand is touting its importance...

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Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 30, 2013 7:31 AM

Building vs. Operating
Great SEOmoz post on how to build a content marketing machine, a machine we all need these days. One of my favorite posts on the How Tos of content marketing. Don't make any mistake either. Building and Operating at two very different things. 

Nick Peperell's curator insight, May 1, 2013 4:12 AM

This article just shows how much is involved in a good content marketing strat. We are at toaster stage for our own business but are starting to develop a deeper stronger proposition for our clients using a model similar to this. Quick insightful turnaround of quality content, now there's a challenge...

AdriM's curator insight, May 14, 2013 12:33 PM

Many clients resist content marketing. They think their product is for "everyone" and don't see the point of building personas. The more you know about the subject the easier it'll be for you to make your custumers gravitate toward it and finally be on board.

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Content's New Life Cycle - 4 Important Steps to Build & Maintain Your Brand

Content's New Life Cycle - 4 Important Steps to Build & Maintain Your Brand | Market to real people |

This piece was written by Aaron Dunn for Content Marketing Institute.


These steps apply to your overall content marketing strategy whether you're creating or curating content.


The challenge:


**Companies are now left trying to make sense of which ones they should be paying attention to, what they need to be doing in these channels to gain a competitive advantage, and how it all ties into their overall content marketing strategy.


The solution:


**In today’s rapidly shifting web, it’s essential that companies start to take a more holistic approach to content marketing and connect more effectively with their various stakeholders across a number of web and social channels. 


Here are the four steps:


As we awaken to the new realities of content, here are four ways to rethink your content execution, and take advantage of the new content life cycle.


**Structure your content marketing strategy as a holistic system that allows you to connect more effectively with various stakeholders across a number of social channels, drive conversation, and influence customers.


**Open up content contribution to more users across the organization, providing more opportunities to connect with and engage customers in social channels, and extend your online reach.


**Be sure to remove any technology or process roadblocks that inhibit the expansion of your contributor pool — the more people who are able to contribute easily, the more content you will have to push across your channels.


**Deliver fresh, compelling and timely content that engages users and keeps visitors returning to your site, and then be sure to extend that content into your social channels.


**Be sure you are listening to the online conversations of your target audience, and optimize your content and content strategy based on the insights you gather from them.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Marketing, Social Media and Beyond"


"Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

Read more:

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