Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change | Market to real people |

This is a Mike Shatzkin article published in 2009 that I discovered through Robin Good.

"Every time I read a story about why newspapers are failing that doesn’t mention the role of aggregation and curation in their troubles, it reminds me that something very fundamental is being missed, even by very sophisticated observers." he starts.

Having been an actor of the digital disruption in the music business, the comparison of publishing with the music industry (and subsequently of the newspaper with the 12/15 song album) is dear to my heart.

The Music Industry lost a lot of time and effort blaming piracy while not realizing albums had stopped making sense and that they had opportunities around curating playlists or compilations that they didn't exploit.

Likewise, the opportunity to create new relevant media through curation has never been that big.

by Guillaume Decugis

Via Robin Good, Guillaume Decugis