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Market to real people
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Curated by Robin Martin
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Rescooped by Robin Martin from Storytelling, Social Media and beyond!

Storytelling Done Right Can Do The Selling For You

Storytelling Done Right Can Do The Selling For You | Market to real people |
I selected this article from copyblogger because it delivers, it's simple, straightforward and right on the money!


Here's an excerpt:


"I believe a story can potentially carry the entire sale for your product, even if everything else is technically “wrong” in your ads


** no clear call to action

**lame bullets

**weak offer


For example:


"Nothing in the movie "Top Gun" told you to buy Maverick’s brand of sunglasses or join The US Navy. Yet, the movie “sold” both products to hordes of people.


**So, how do you apply this to your marketing?


1.  The personal story

This is one of the most common landing page stories.


**This one is simple — you just “walk” people (step-by-step) through a painful problem you went through and how you achieved the result your readers are looking for.


2. The historical story


**This kind of story is extremely persuasive, contains nothing even remotely resembling “hype,” and can persuade people to buy things they otherwise might ignore.


3. The “meet the guru” story

**This one is related to the personal story, but it’s got more “pop” due the built-in credibility it gives you.


**These suggestions have proven to produce results, he gives more examples......


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media and Beyond"


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Rescooped by Robin Martin from Storytelling, Social Media and beyond!

How to Give a Gift of Emotionally Engaging Content

This piece was written by Raf Stevens, author of "No Story No Fans"


I selected this because the author gives some very good tips on how to use storytelling that lets your audience know who you are and why they should trust you. People work with and buy from people they like. If you're not connecting with others through your content online, this article will help you.




Many organizations are not even aware that their message has lost all connection with their audience


The strange thing with all this is that the solution to creating compelling content is so obvious: Use stories and storytelling


Do you think that you or your business is in touch with its own stories? And can they be told in a way that connects them with their audience in this hyper-connected world?


Chances are this might not be the case if you have trouble answering any of the following questions:


**What story really defines you?


**How does your story fit with the heart of your organization?


**How is your story emotionally engaging to your audience?


**Can your audiences retell your story?


**In what ways can they develop trust in your story and act upon it?


Here are a couple of good takeaways:


Remember the universal truth:


Nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped. Create content that:


**answers your audience's questions


**provides them with answers and solutions or demonstrates how your offerings can help them in their everyday lives


Build trust


Honesty among people is important, but trust is critical for marketers to gain audience support. So make sure your story demonstrates why you arae worthy of your audience's trust.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media & Beyond"


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Rescooped by Robin Martin from The Social Media Learning Lab!

B2B Social Media Marketing is Calling: Are You Listening? Facebook, Blogging & LinkedIn

B2B Social Media Marketing is Calling: Are You Listening? Facebook, Blogging & LinkedIn | Market to real people |

If you aren't yet into social media in delivering your B2B services & products, here's what to consider, even if your product isn't as fun as Japanese watermelons.


"...Everyone is spending more time online both looking for information & communicating with others."  What are the implications for B2B Social Media engagement?


Excerpted from this post:

Facebook is the new Farmer’s Market. Every business wants to be there because every consumer is there.   ...  "there was a watermelon grower who sold one of his watermelons simply through a conversation on his Page’s wall."  It is more important for a B2B company to be blogging....not about your products or information t– but about issues that are facing your industry, unique ways in which your customers use your products to solve common issues, or even stories about your company’s history or culture – [create a] a “social” voice [for] conversations that are happening online. Creating a LinkedIn Group - to create a unique industry community so that you can lead the conversation, become perceived as the thought leader in your industry, and indirectly “market” your company to the 150 million professionals that spend time on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now the 12th most visited website in the world.
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