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Nitinol a metal alloy is composed of with similar atomic percentages of nickel and titanium. There is an increase in the usage of nitinol devices due to the presence of two important properties namely superelasticity and shape memory. Thus, these properties of nitinol helps its it return to the original shape when heated at predetermined temperature. Since 1980’s the thermo-mechanical and biocompatibility characteristics of the material has expanded its usage across many medical and surgical specialties.


Due to its favorable characteristics usage of nitinol is gaining momentum. Shape memory is referred as a phenomenon of restoring the predetermined shape after heated to a particular temperature. Superelasticity characteristic refers to exhibition of enormous elasticity, approximately 10 times more than stainless steel used in manufacturing medical devices. In addition, a nitinol device possesses other important properties of biocompatibility, MRI compatibility and corrosion which are equally important and helps in supporting market growth. Manufactures make use of these properties of nitinol for designing medical devices according to the specifications. Various products such as nitinol wire, tubing, ribbon and sheets are commercially available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


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