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The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring and How to Detect Them

The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring and How to Detect Them | Best Main Your Property Value Scoops |
If your home was built from mid 60s to early 70s, you probably have aluminum wiring. Learn about the dangers and how to detect them in your home.
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Just because a home with aluminum wiring hasn’t had a problem for 30 or 40 years doesn’t mean it’s safe. The older the house, the more likely a problem will occur because the

If you plan to sell your home and it has aluminum wiring, it will fail inspection. With a failed inspection a buyer will not be able to obtain homeowners insurance, which in turn they will be rejected for a home loan.

Fortunately you do not need to rewrite your entire home. A less expensive option is to replace all connections with a copper pigtail using an Alumicon Connector. This makes an approved connection between the copper and aluminum. This is a permanent fix if every connection is swapped.
connections have been allowed to deteriorate.
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