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My name is Maÿliss Bodiou. I am 17 years old. I was born on the 18th of March 1992.
I live in Brittany. My parents are divorced so I have two houses but they are in the same city.
I live next to the sea. It's good but the sea is very cold.
I live one week with my mother and one week with my father.
I have a little sister her name is Erhel. She is 13 years old,
I study in treguier. It's a little city. I study the applied art for 3 years. I sleep at boarding school in treguier.

I like a lot of things. I like music: I'm listenning to a lot of different musics , photography, to meet my friends but I have a lot of homework so it's very difficult to see them on week-ends.
I like to draw and I would like to become fashion designer. I like fashion and do shopping but my city is too small so i go in another city like brest or St brieuc to do shopping.
I am interested in the asian culture ( like south Korea and Japan,...) because i love to travel to foreigner counties.
I like movies and to go to cinema with my friends.

We are 31 in our classroom. The mood is very confortable in the class. Our relation is very good.
It's the third year that we are together so we know each other well.

And you what's about you ? Your family ? Your hobbies ? ... ?

I give you my adress :

my mother:
4 rue des cormorans
22700 louannec

my father:
59 ters route de treguier

I hope to have news from you soon !