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5 Mistakes to Avoid Before You Recycle Scrap Metal

5 Mistakes to Avoid Before You Recycle Scrap Metal | Lucky Group of Companies in Dubai |

Before you set out to recycle scrap metals at the recycling centre, make sure you separate them properly, know the metals right, keep a check on prices, follow the laws and use a magnet to detect the metals better.

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Well, we are all aware that scrap metal recycling is highly profitable both economically as well as ecologically. However, to ensure that you make the right profit, it is necessary that you avoid making certain mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes that you should definitely avoid as you take the scrap metal to the scrap recycling centre:


1.    Not Doing the Proper Separation:

Some scrap dealers in Dubai take in all your scrap together, while some others expect you to do the separation. In case you have to do the separation of your materials, give the recycling company and ask as to how they would want the separation to be done. They are the best people to guide you with the sameand since each company has different policies and methods of practice, it is always advisable to enquire.


2.    Not Knowing the Metals Right:

You may think it is brassand it might turn out to be some other metal. Well, to avoid such rude shocks, it is important that you know the metals you intend to recycle correctly. You can in fact, get all the scrap materials checked and then evaluate whether they are recyclable or not, if the recycling company recycles these metals or not and other such things. Also, you might call a particular metal product by some name and your recycling centre may refer it to as something else. To avoid this confusion, it is advisable that you take a list of items they recycle or ask them over the phone about these materials.


3.    Not Keeping a Tab on Prices:

Every metal has certain market value. However, it can keep fluctuating. Also, there are some seasons in which the metal prices drop down, so, scrap metals do not really fetch a good price. What do you do in such situations? Well, it is always advisable that you call up these centres and check for the current prices. If they are not really great, you can always wait for some time and then sell your materials.



4.    Not Knowing the Laws Correctly:

This is of high importance. You need to understand what are the rules and regulations that you need to follow when it comes to recycling the metals. There are certain norms that every government has laid down for scrap metal recycling. Make sure that you abide by them and have a hassle free process.



5.    Not Using Magnet:

Magnet is your best friend when it comes to identifying metals. You can distinguish between ferrous and non ferrous metals with the help of a magnet. If a metal sticks to the magnet, it is ferrous, if not, non ferrous. There are some companies which are dedicated to recycling ferrous scrap metals and some other to recycling non ferrous scrap metals only.



So, Keep remember to avoid this 5 Mistakes while Recycling Scrap Metal

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Five Things You Did Not Know Could Be Recycled

Apart from the usual things that you take to the recycling centres or scrap yards, you can also consider recycling laptops, air conditioners, copper yolks, holiday lights and cell phones.

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Scrap metal recycling has become a popular trend in many households and even in businesses. Apart from the environmental benefits that it provides, scrap metal recycling also offers a good income.

Scrap metal buyers have started accepting new materials for recycling apart from the traditional ones like old metal furniture and vehicle parts. Let us take a look at what are some of the newest things that scrap metal recycling companies in Dubai are accepting:


Cell Phones:

Scrap yards are beginning to buy mobile phones in bulk. Well, if you are a business which provides handsets to the employees, you can also collect all the old handsets from your employees and drop them off at your nearest recycling centre. If you are an individual who is looking out for recycling, you can always look up to friends and family members who have old phones to be discarded. One thing you need to remember is that many companies will not accept the batteries as they are lithium, so, ensure that you take the batteries out of your phones before you take them for recycling.


Copper Yolks:

Every television set has a copper yolk attached to it. If you can take out this copper yolk, you can still sell it as scrap, even if your scrap dealer does not take the entire television set. Well, given every household can have a maximum of one or two television sets, you can ask your friends and family if they are willing to recycle their old sets. You can thus, collect all the copper yolks in bulk and sell them to your nearest scrap metal dealers.


Holiday Lights:

Well, it is definitely not easy to strip down holiday lightsand it can be quite frustrating. However, the reward is definitely satisfying. Many scrapping companies are interested in the copper wiresand you can get a good price for the same. There are many lights which remain untouched in the loft or in the attic even if they are not in working condition and eventually, you might end up throwing these things intotrash. This is a surely a better way to gain some profit!



Well, with the increase in the number of people using laptops and computers, scrap dealers have realized that these machines can be used as sources for scrap metals as well. So, if you have a few computers or laptops in the office or even at home which are not in working condition, bring them to the recycling centre and get some good cash in return.


Air Conditioners:

So, your AC has stopped working altogetherand there’s nothing to can do to get it repaired? Well, take them to your scrap dealer! There are a lot of metals in a whole air conditioner unitand this can unquestionably gain you a good profit. You do not need to take the whole unit apart and separate all the parts; the scrapping company will do it for you. So, it’s a pretty hassle free thing.


Now that you have these new things that can be scrapped, start looking out for them today and contact your nearest recycling centre in Dubai ASAP!

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Difference between Aluminium and Its Alloys and Their Recycling Benefits

Aluminium is an extensively used metal. It is not used in its purest form as much as it is used in the form of alloys. Aluminium alloy scrap recycling is highly beneficial environmentally and economically.

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Recycling is the need of the hour and aluminium recycling is gaining pace all over the world. It is an extensively used metal. Recycling this metal has innumerable benefitsand that’s the reason it is gaining so much popularity. Moreover, a lot of people are looking forward to actively recycle and make the world a better place to live in. Well, do you intend to know more about this metal?

Let’s start with knowing aluminium as a metal. Well, to begin with, we all might have the same question- where does aluminium come from? This metal is abundantly available in the earth’s crust, and it is obtained from the bauxite ore. The purest form of aluminium is the one which can resist corrosion and has a tenacity. It is not really put into use on a large scale; the alloy of this metal is used instead. So, what is aluminium alloy?  Aluminium alloy is formed by generally mixingaluminium with some other elements like zinc, magnesium, copper, etc. The most useful property of aluminium alloys is that it can be recycled innumerable times and yet it does not tend to lose out on its original properties.

Well, a lot of products that we get in the market today under the name of aluminium are actually alloys of this metal. For instance, the tins and cans which are mostly used to store beverages are not the pure form of this metal; they are alloys. Also, these alloys are put into use in a lot of fields like agriculture, defence, military, household items, transportation, construction and many other fields.


Because these alloys are lightweight, anti-rust, they are used on a large scale and aluminium alloy can resist bad temperatures and climatic conditions as well. In fact, aluminium is the only product that has the capabilities of replacing other metal for future shortages. Aluminium alloy scrap is hence highly valuable. Because it can be recycled umpteen numbers of times, a lot of entrepreneurs are investing in this business. Also, recycling keeps the prices of this metal stable in the global markets. Also, it helps in reduction of pollution, saves energy and reduces carbon footprint. Apart from this, when aluminium scrap is recycled, it saves a lot of energy. To extract this metal from the bauxite ore, a huge amount of energy is consumed. On the other hand, when it is recycled, in comparison, a very small amount of energy is utilized.


Whatever the difference between aluminium and its alloys is, it is essential that the metal be recycled.

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الدودج دارت الخطيرة لعام 2013 « Dodge Al Arabia

الدودج دارت الخطيرة لعام 2013 « Dodge Al Arabia | Lucky Group of Companies in Dubai |
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الدودج دارت الخطيرة لعام 2013
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Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals: Know the Difference

Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is hugely beneficial economically as well as ecologically. Non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic in nature and are more sought after than the ferrous ones.

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Scrap metal recycling is a great trend followed by many people all over the globe. It is not only environmentally beneficial but also economically profitable. Typically, scrap metals are separated into two different categories- ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. These are two distinct types of metalsand it is extremely important that these metals be correctly identified in the recycling process.

Ferrous Metals:

These are the metals like iron- cast iron and wrought iron, steel- mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel.  Well, these ferrous scrap metals are basically known for their tensile strength. Besides, these metals are extremely durable and robust.These metals are found in construction works, simple household tools, machines, piping works, etc.These metals are also known to have huge amounts of carbon in them. Hence, the alloys manufactured from these metals are known to be prone to rust. Oxidization is highly common in such metals.However, stainless steel is resistant to oxidization and thus is one exception to this rule.Apart from this, these kinds of metals are highly magnetic in nature. You can test if the metals are ferrous if they get pulled towards the magnet. Again, stainless steel becomes an exception to this rule. This is because it has high quantities of nickel present in it.

Non-Ferrous Metals:

Metals like aluminium, brass, copper, nickel, lead and zinc are some of the most common non-ferrous metals. These metals are more malleable in nature.These metals do not have iron content. Thus, non-ferrous metals are non magnetic in nature. They do not get attracted to magnetsand this is one distinct characteristic where they can be separated from the ferrous ones.These metals are known to be free from rust and corrosion. These metals are thus highly used in making water pipes, road signs, etc. Also, these metals are used in manufacturing smaller parts of electrical appliances.


The Price Factor:

Ferrous metals are found in abundance. The demand for these metals is fairly low. Steel and iron alloys undergo recycling constantly. Thus, these metals fetch lower prices than the non-ferrous ones. The latter is difficult to obtain and therefore the demand for these metals is higher. Aluminium for example is one of the most recycled metals all over the globe. The demand for such metals is always constantand they fetch high prices when it comes to recycling.

Recycling of metals, whether ferrous or non-ferrous is the need of the hour and is of high importance to the ecology and environment today.

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All You Need to Know About Scrap Recycling

Vehicle recycling is a phenomenon which is gaining trend these days. It is beneficial for the environment. Also, it isprofitable bargain as it lets you make money out of what you thought was junk.

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now. How about disposing it a bit more morally than the usual? Why don’t you consider vehicle recycling companies? These firms dismantle your scrap car and then put it through recycling process carefully, disposing the hazardous parts in a more accountable manner than the usual. However, you may not know how to go about the entire process. Here are a few tips you might want to consider:


®     Why consider a Scrap Recycling Company:

Well, apart from the fact that recycling is tremendously beneficial to the environment, it can also bring you decent monetary gains. Instead of spending hefty amounts for maintaining a vehicle which has already reached its shelf life, it is better that you put it up for recycling. There may be times when the parts that your vehicle needs, won’t be available in the market anymore. By making an allowance for recycling, you will get a good value for this vehicle. So, do not delay recycling as this might ruin the metal further making it unfit even for recycling.


®     Benefits that a Recycling Company Offers:

Mainly, these services are highly advantageous as they are environmentally positive. Recycling metals helps in saving the landfills space. Also, it is highly profitable for the car companies as they can put the recycled materials into usage, instead of manufacturing new ones. Apart from this, the efforts, time, energy and cost that are put behind manufacturing of the raw materials are saved, and can be directed in some other positive manner. Another benefit that you have is that no matter what is the condition of your vehicle, the recycling companies readily accept it until it is fit to undergo the process.


®     How to Select a Recycling Company:

Well, since you’ve decided that you would want to dispose off your vehicle is a responsible manner; you wouldn’t want to do it half way. There are many companies in the market today who are into this business. However, you need to choose the best. Make sure the company you are planning to hire has a valid license for its services. Also, ensure that they have a good reputation; ask your family or friends if they have any references. If not, look out for testimonials on the company’s website; this should give you a fair idea on the company’s services and its background.

Vehicle recycling companies are a boon to the society. This process is highly profitable in many ways and should without doubt be considered on a large scale.

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How and Why To Recycle Your Vehicle

It is important that your junk vehicle is disposed properly so that it does not create any environmental hazards. You can either contact a scrap metal yard or have removal services to deal with your vehicle. -

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Do you see your old vehicle unused and lying around in your yard? Is it gone to a state where there are no hopes of restoration or repairs? Have you thought of disposing it off? Well, if yes, you should definitely go for scrap recycling. This is an excellent way to get rid of your old vehicle and has become a very easy process. Vehicle recycling is not only environmentally friendly, but also profitable in the economical department. There are many ways you can get your vehicle recycled.

Removal Services:

The easiest way to dispose your vehicle is contacting a vehicle removal service. There are so many such firms in the market; you can easily consult one that is nearby your place. There are many options open to you and internet can be a great help. You can easily locate the best service available in your area. Also, these kinds of companies make it a profitable bargain for you as they buy vehicles on weight. Being smart enough, you need to make sure that you use a company that is reputed and is legally registered with the required government bodies. You don’t want your vehicle to go to a bogus company or worse case, know that your vehicle has been taken away and your bank account isn’t credited with the right amount.


Scrap Metal Yard:

Another sensible option is the scrap metal yard. These yards deal in taking in old metals and selling them to companies who turn the scrap into new items. The scrap metal is weighed in pounds and you are paid accordingly. You can simply ask these dealers to pick up your vehicle or you can dump them yourself. Locating these dealers is not a big issue. Moreover, you can drop off your vehicle yourself to these yards.

It is the moral and social responsibility of every citizen to make sure that their vehicle is disposed in a manner than is not hazardous for the environment in any form. It is important to keep our surrounding areas clean and unpolluted. Having a junk vehicle is not just adding to your clutter but also can be extremely polluting. Such vehicles are known to release highly dangerous fluids and oil into the earth. They are also responsible for releasing some extremely dangerous gases into the atmosphere which results in air pollution.

Not only does junk vehicle recycling help the environment but also gives you a chance to grab some extra money.

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Top 3 Reasons to Recycle Aluminum

Aluminum recycling is of utmost importance as it saves a lot of resources. Also, it is economically great as well as it saves on a lot of costs. Recycling of aluminum tends to make people aware about how they can contribute towards the society and environment.

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Even after knowing that aluminum recycling has a lot of benefits and is also obligatory in many cities, aluminum portions still manage to be found in garbage cans and arrive at landfills on a daily basis. Aluminum recycling is known to have many advantages besides the ecological facet.


People need to be more socially responsible and should opt out for aluminum recycling services to ensure that the benefits of this practice are truly realized. This process apart from being environmentally affable, has many other advantages that of being highly economical. It also saves time, energy and natural reserves. For public at large, it is a course that helps them be a part of generating more jobs and being morally responsible.


Environmental Concerns:

This is one of the most resourceful progressions in our environment.  Cans made of this material are wholly recyclable and reusable. In about two months’ time, the cans are right there on the shelf! The amount of energy that is saved in this process is tremendous and is highly noteworthy to the environment. Also, this practice leads to fewer amounts of emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides which are known to hamper the environment in many ways such as caustic contamination of earth, water pollution and air pollution. The energy that is saved through this procedure can be positively used in generating power for a million houses and can also save a substantial amount of oil.


Economically Sound:

 Aluminum is one metal which can be recycled innumerable times and yet its original quality remains unhampered. Thus, it is extremely economical to recycle this metal. This can in turn lead companies to use the capital saved while the recycle is into action, for other things that could make the business better. A lot of countries as a whole unit can save billions of their currency by taking up this practice seriously.


Community Awareness:

Through recycling centers, community projects can be brought to light and can be taken to the masses. People can be urged to bring their recyclable metal to these stations and this can also give rise to awareness amongst the masses. Not only this, these programmes also help to generate more and more employment opportunities. Be it a small or a large business, this practice proves beneficial to all. Having tie-ups with these centers, companies can build their goodwill and do their bit towards the society thus giving them a good name among the public.


So basically, this is one process that needs to be followed at large by masses over all the world as it is an option which is ecologically, economically and morally excellent.

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Scrap Metals – Know them Right!

Metals can be broadly classified into two types, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They can be determined by scrap metal dealers on the basis of magnetic attraction and rusting qualities.


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Scrap metals are generally bifurcated into two large categories - Ferrous and Non- Ferrous metals.  However, it is vital to know the correct characteristics and proper difference between the two.  If not known in a detailed fashion, the scrap dealing could go for a toss.

Let us first have a look at what exactly are ferrous metals. Ferrous metals basically comprise of metals like steel (mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel) and iron (cast iron and wrought iron). These metals are generally used to make appliances like dryers, washers, freezers, refrigerators, electric stoves, etc. These metals are mainly put into usage for their known strength and durability.


Non-ferrous scrap metals, the more malleable ones, are those like aluminum, zinc, copper, stainless steel, lead, brass and platinum. These are most commonly found in various day-to-day appliances like lawn mowers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. and also in the plumbing fixtures like faucets, plumbing pipes, valves, drains, etc. Another most common place to find these metals is cans, tins, window trims, car parts, radiators, etc.

Differentiation between these metals can be done by:

1.       Usage of magnets:

Ferrous metals normally get attracted towards magnet because of the presence of iron ore in large quantities. However, an exception to the same is stainless steel because of the presence of nickel in it. Stainless steel does not get attracted towards a magnet. Non- ferrous metals do not carry iron ore or if there is any presence, it is in low quantities. Thus, these metals do not get attracted towards a magnet.


2.       Presence of rust on the metal:

The next determinant whether a metal is ferrous or not can be easily decided if rust is found on the surface of the metal.  Ferrous metals are prone to rusting. So rust can be a very strong determinant of whether a metal is ferrous or not. Non-ferrous metals, due to the absence of iron ore in them, are rust-free and also are highly resistive to corrosion. These metals however, can undergo oxidization, but that too can be detected and differentiated as rusting creates a reddish, porous looking film whereas oxidization displays flaky and white layers.

Apart from the above mentioned differences, non-ferrous metals fetch higher prices than ferrous metals. This is because ferrous scrap is recycled on a larger scale as compared to non-ferrous scrap metals.

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Aluminum Recycling: A Wiser Trend

Aluminum is highly recyclable. It is most sought after for recycling as it does not lose its inherent qualities after undergoing recycling and this makes it economical and environment friendly. Visit us for more info -

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Aluminum is a metal that is has been in use for a long time now for a variety of reasons and manufacturing a wide array of materials.  Aluminum has been into the process of recycling almost after a few years of its manufacturing. This practice has especially taken speed and importance after the usage of aluminum cans came into being. The amount of aluminum that is used on daily basis is humongous.  It is a metal that can be continually recycled without being affected in the quality areas. Also, recycling it saves a lot of place in the landfills as it is an extensively used metal. Recycling of aluminum can have the below listed advantages:


1.       Curbing environmental hazards:

Aluminum, being an extensively used metal, if not recycled would require vast landfills. Through the process of recycling however this space can be saved. Apart from this, aluminum is not easily bio-degradable. It takes around 400 years for aluminum to break down. Also, mining and extracting of aluminum is a process that releases lot of hazardous gases and is very much polluting. So recycling is definitely a smarter option as it barely requires about 5% of energy. And not just the can recycling, aluminum in the form of even aircraft parts and aluminum foil that is cleaned of food residue can be recycled.


2.       Saving the buck:

Since the prices and value for scrap metals has increased greatly over the years, aluminum scrap has been one of the most purchased materials. Manufacturers are keen to purchase this scrap and recycle it to make new products, instead of using fresh aluminum. Also, recycling of aluminum is extremely economical as it never wears out. This is also due to the high intrinsic value that aluminum has. Aluminum is known to hold the most cost-effective status amongst all the other metals. Aluminum is also cost effective as it is not restricted in the area of structure or function. For instance, the aluminum which was an electric cable can be used and made into a soda can as well.

With the growing of aluminum recycling centers, it has not only become a trend but a smarter way to get rid of waste aluminum. Lucky Group in Dubai is one of the leading companies that supports and conducts the aluminum scrap recycling.

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All You Needed To Know About Alloys

The properties of an alloy are much stronger than the properties of the individual components itself. Alloys can be made through many methods. Today alloy manufacturing companies in Dubai use electric induction furnaces unlike the olden days. -

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Alloys are basically a combination of one metal with another metal/non-metal. This combination is usually stronger than its components. In other words, it can be said that the properties of an alloy are much stronger than the properties of the individual components it is made of. For example, steel. It is made up of iron and carbon and has more properties and is a lot stronger than iron itself.


Production of alloys: Production of alloys can be done in several ways. Two of the most common procedures are the hot and cold processes. However, the kind of process used depends solely upon the intricacy of the metal that is to be produced along with the metals or non-metals used as its production components. In fact, alloy manufacturing companies in Dubai are known to use electric induction furnaces unlike with the help of muscle and flame technique that was used in the olden days. 


Types: Depending upon the number of metals that are combined to make alloy there are a few types of them:


Binary alloys: These include bronze and brass i.e. the composition of 2 components.


Ternary alloys: Similarly, ternary alloys involve the combination of 3 different elements.

In the same way, the ability of the alloy so as to hold its physical shape gets classified as:

Refractory alloys: Alloys that have higher melting points and are very hard to roll out.Non-refractory alloys: These are malleable and can be hammered to change their shape easily.

Lucky Alloys in Dubai is one of the leading aluminum alloy manufacturers known in the Middle East. They produce alloys for various leading industries all across the globe as per custom specifications and chemical analysis.

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Recycling Gains Strength in the UAE

One of the main factors that have been propelling the scrap metal trade in the UAE is cheaper energy prices. This has resulted in an increasing number of domestic buyers entering the fray.


Visit us to know recycling facilities:

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The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) stated that the Middle East scrap metals market differs from its international counterparts with a predominant focus on trading and processing. However, BIR’s regional membership is second only in size to Europe. One of the main factors that has been propelling the scrap metal trade in the UAE is a lot more cheaper energy prices. This in return has resulted in an increasing number of domestic buyers entering the fray.


The process of remelting and refining aluminium makes use of a mere five percent of the energy required to produce fresh aluminium and produces five percent of carbon dioxide emissions as compared to the primary production of aluminium. It also helps to reduce the amount of landfill waste. Scrap metal recycling can also be constantly repeated without the degradation of base its properties, unlike other recyclable materials such as paper and plastic. For each tons of steel recycled, 113 kilograms of iron ore, 454 kilograms of coal and 18 kilograms of limestone are preserved. According to statistics, recycling one kilogram of aluminum saves up to six kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products, and 14KW of electricity.


Around 70,000 to 100,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals are refined and re-exported by the UAE every month. This results in an annual turnover of over US$4.5 billion. The many economic and environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling appear highly appealing with sustainability presenting a major challenge and opportunity for local and regional governments committed to fast-tracking infrastructure development over the next five years. The UAE’s geographical location makes it an extremely ideal place to import aluminium scrap from Africa and Europe, refine or sort it and then re-export it within the region, as well as to countries like China, India and Pakistan. These factors contribute significantly towards increasing metal recycling in UAE and making the gulf region a hub for scrap metal recycling.


The UAE’s position as a major hub for the global multi-billion dollar scrap metal recycling industry was a key feature of the inaugural Green Middle East exhibition and conference. This special event was held from the 17-19 October 2011 at Expo Centre Sharjah. Green Middle East, which is one of the region’s leading integrated environmental and waste management organizations, also addressed regulatory, legal and commercial issues facing the industry and the wide-ranging environmental issues affecting Sharjah, the UAE and the broader Middle East.


About the Author:

Jenny is Writer who contributes articles to Metal scrap recycling companies in Dubai. Lucky Group Dubai is one such company he trusts in. He does his best to inculcate Eco-friendly behaviour among people. As Lucky Group - is one of the best Trading and Manufacturing Fortune Metal scrap recycling service provider in Dubai and Supplying Scrap Metal to the World, he enjoys yielding ideas on scrap metal recycling topic.

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Plastic Fashion Is Here To Stay

Plastic Fashion Is Here To Stay | Lucky Group of Companies in Dubai |
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Plastic accounts for nearly 12% of the total waste that is produced and it also causes irreversible damage to the earth. It is extremely important to not only recycle plastic but to also purchase products that are made from recycled plastic. Plastic is recycled in an efficient and simple way. It is first gathered, compressed, baled, and then shipped to processing facilities. It is then shaved into flakes after which it is melted into tiny white pellets that are then reduced again and spun through shower-like nozzles into a viscous fibrous yarn. This yarn can easily be used to knit fabric and used to create elegant pieces of clothing. Astonishing as it may seem, this process uses 30% less energy than manufacturing clothes from virgin polyester.


These relatively recent developments have raised a very important question for designers and fashion affectionados. Is it in fact possible to be both fashion- conscious and eco-conscious? Thanks to increased efforts on the part of clothing manufacturers to improve sustainability in the fashion industry, it is now easier than ever to find on-trend clothing and accessories that fit into a sustainable lifestyle. Making use of post consumer plastic bottles to make recycled plastic fabrics is one of the most innovative ways of making fashion more sustainable. Thanks to modern technology, a beautiful fabric that is both soft as well as durable is woven from thread that is made once the plastic is melted and stretched. This technique is made possible only because of the advances in recycling technology.


Initially recycled plastic fabric was used only for the heavier, outdoor clothing, but now manufacturers can produce fabrics that have a variety of weights and textures. The fashion world is now awash with dresses, skirts and blouses that are manufactured from recycled plastic by both established and upcoming designers. Eco-chic is a green fashion movement that has been steadily growing for the several years now. This trend is not just some passing phase and is much bigger than a just a few collections. Due to the use of recycled plastic fabrics by mainstream designers, eco-chic has slowly entered the fashion world—so that now, entire brands are built around sustainability.


It is quite an ingenious idea to re-purpose plastic than to have it discarded and consequently pollute out land and oceans. It is definitely a win-win situation for the environment and the world of ecologically advanced apparel.

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Why Recycling Is of Utmost Importanc

Recycling is pretty much beneficial to the environment as it saves landfills space, reduces pollution, saves energy and also helps in saving a lot of money. It is something that needs to be considered seriously and acted upon.

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Recycling has many advantages and can help the environment in many ways. The minutest thing you do for the environment has a considerable impact. While everyone is busy promoting that ‘recycling is the need of the hour’, what people actually need to proliferate is why it should be done.

Well, you might hear it a lot many times that recycling something as small as a used beverage can is important. But has the thought crossed your mind as to why be it so important? Well, isn’t it better to know why to do something? You will be all the more interested in doing something good when you know what positive results it yields. So, let’s look at how recycling actually benefits the nature:


All over the world, every government is hugely concerned about the space landfills are using. This is a difficult issue to fix. The more waste disposed in these landfills, the more the problem increase. Those products which take a long time to decompose or are completely non-biodegradable stay in the landfills for ages together, occupying that space. Now, if you throw away what can be recycled in these landfills, such waste occupies a lot of space that can be utilized for throwing away non-recyclable goods.



We have certain finite, conventional resources. These resources need to be used wisely in order to be able to utilize them over a long period of time. Extracting ores for making products consumes a lot of energy. You can help saving this energy if goods are recycled. This process consumes very little energy and is much profitable. It is also beneficial to manufacturers as they do not need raw material every time a new product needs to be manufactured; using recycled raw materials does the trick!



Whatever waste is dumped in landfills, if not bio-degradable, start emitting poisonous gases as it rots. These gases in turn pollute the environment. Well, if anytime, you happen to pass a landfill, you will smell an awful stench; these are actually polluting gases. Well, if you reduce usage and recycle goods, emission of carbon is reduced, thus resulting in reduced carbon footprint.



One of the most important benefits of recycling is that is generates a lot of capital and saves a lot of money. You can actually earn a significant amount of money while you recycle scrap metals. There are many metal recycling companies which offer a good price for scrap metals. All you need to do is collect all your scrap and take it to a recycling center or you could even ask the recyclers to pick it up from your place. So, recycling is beneficial environmentally as well as economically.

So, help the environment become a better place and start recycling today!

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What Can Be Recycled By An Average Household?

Materials like glass, plastic, metals, organic wastage and paper can be considered for recycling. It is essential that we recycle these things and help in reducing the environmental concerns.

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Recycling is a highly positive step towards making the world a better place to live in. Well, with so many people encouraging this practice, recycling is gaining a lot of attention and is being practiced on a large scale. Let’s take a look at which things can be effectively recycled:

1.    Paper:

Cardboards, card papers, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, books and magazines, so on and so forth, there are so many things made out of paper that you can recycle. Paper is easy to recycle and doing this will save a lot of trees from being slashed. You cannot recycle all types of paper. However, whatever can be recycled should definitely be recycled.


2.    Glass:

So, what happens when your favourite glassware item is down to pieces? You simply throw it away in thrashand it ends up in the landfills. Well, take an extra effort of collecting this scrap and dumping it in a recycling center. Glass recycling is efficient and conserves a great deal of natural resources. Also, recycling glass is very simple. In fact, glass is said to be one of the easiest materials to be recycled.


3.    Plastic:

Plastics are used on a wide scale all over the world. Right from manufacturing pens to bottles, toys, kitchen ware, grocery bags, food containers, and the list is endless. Imagine what happens if we just discard every plastic item and it ends up in the landfills? It would simply consume so much of space. Moreover, plastic is slow to decomposeand some plastics are completely non-biodegradable. Thus, it is essential that plastics are recycled.


4.    Metals:

Yes, metals can be recycled too. There are innumerable metals and their alloys like aluminium, brass, copper, steel, nickel, tin, and iron amongst many others which are used on a large scale in our everyday lives. Metal recycling is a must today. There are many scrap metal trading companies in Dubai and these companies effectively recycle aluminium scrap, stainless steel scrap, copper scrap and other ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals.


5.    Organic Waste:

What do you do of all the leftover food? And how about those orange or cucumber peels? Well, don’t you just throw them away in the garbage can and forget about it all together? However, have you thought of utilizing this waste positively? It’s not some rocket science that needs to be involved. Simply turn this waste into manure in your garden and then use the same for fertilizing your plants.



So majorly, these are the materials that you can recycle. Recycling is of great importance to our planet. On an average, these are the things which every household can consider for recycling.

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What Are the Positive Effects of Recycling?

Don’t we all want a better planet to live in? Well, what’s a better option than recycling to make the world eco friendly? There are many materials like paper, plastics, glass, cloth and metals that can be recycled efficiently. A lot of entrepreneurs have realized the same and thus many metal scrap recycling companies are coming up.

Recycling of metals is highly beneficial to the environment in many ways. Here are a few of them:


     Reduction in Landfills’ Space:

If you keep dumping everything you think that is rubbish or trash in the landfills, there’s going to be a day when all the landfills just overflow and there will be no space to discard the thrash. Moreover, products that are non-biodegradable are as it is a threat to the nature as they take a long time to decompose. However, recycling helps to maintain a check on the landfills. Metals are difficult to decompose and recycling them makes it highly beneficial to the planet.


     Reduction in Energy Consumption:

Extracting ores to get metals and their alloys is a process that consumes a huge amount of energy.  However, recycling doesn’t really require a lot of energy. In fact, recycling of alloys like aluminium will require much lesser energy as compared to the energy that is required to extract the bauxite ore and then derive aluminium from it. It is vital that energy be saved.


     Reduction in Pollution:

Whatever waste is dumped in the landfills, starts emitting hazardous gases after sometime. These gases are highly dangerous and cause pollution. Pollution is a very serious issue that we have been battling for a long time now. Recycling products will preventemission of these hazardous gases, as fewer products will be thrown into the dumping grounds.


     Reduction in Cost:

Well, who doesn’t want to save money? We all look out for opportunities to save that extra buck. Scrap companies offer a good bargain for scrap metals. So, it is time to sell of that old iron garden furniture and the old aluminium panes lying in the garage. This process is not only profitable to individuals but is also hugely advantageous to manufacturing companies. Recycling scrap metal and making a new product out of the same saves capital that is otherwise invested in purchasing raw materials.


Recycling is thus one of the many noble deeds that we can do to help the environment. A greener planet is what we are looking forward to and recycling scrap metals would be a great way for propagating the same. 

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Recycling has a very positive impact on the planet. It helps in reduction of pollution, there is lower energy consumption, a lot of money can be savedand it also saves the landfills space.

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Unique Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is a highly advantageous process.  It has many unique advantages than the usual. It is beneficial to manufacturers in reducing production costs, de-clutters your premises, conserves energy and earns you good money.

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So, you know that recycling is one trend that is constantly gaining pace and eyeballs all over the world. More and more people are regularly following this practice and why not! It is highly beneficial in many ways. It is a widely known fact that recycling helps the environment by a great deal. However there are a few unique benefits of recycling:



Well, when you decide to recycle something, it automatically clears up a lot of space which the recyclable materials were consuming. You would want to get rid of the vehicle that has been lying in a dead state in your garage or the old, metal furniture which lies abandoned in your garden or backyard. Apart from this, there could be a lot of old junk like rusted screws, pipes, window panes and so on and so forth which are otherwise simply occupying a lot of space in your rooms. You can thus make your house clutter free once you decide to recycle.

Make Some Money:

Well, all said and done for the environment, recycling also is one good chance where you could earn some good amount of money by simply clearing out your old stuff. There are a lot of metals which are constantly in demand and fetch extremely good prices in the market. So why not make some money while you clear out your junk?


Energy Saving:

You might know that recycling saves a lot of landfills space and thus helps the environment from too much of garbage. However, it also benefits the environment by saving up on a lot of energy which is otherwise spent while extracting metals from the core of the earth. For instance, when Aluminium is recycled, it takes only 4 percent of the total energy that would otherwise be required to extract aluminium freshly.


Beneficial to Manufacturers:

Companies which run the business of metal manufacturing treat recycling as an extremely profitable phenomenon. They can easily recycle the junk metal and manufacture new products out of the same. The products are as good as new. Apart from this, there is marginally less requirement of fresh raw material. Thus, this reduces the production cost by a decent margin and is highly cost effective for the business.

Thus, recycling is not only beneficial to the environment but it also has a lot of hidden benefits which are generally not realized. Read More about Benefits of Recycling

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Know the Metals You Can Recycle

Metal recycling is a trending activity. Metals like copper, aluminium, steel, brass can be considered for the recycling process. This will benefit us both ecologically and environmentally.

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You may be a commercial body or an individual household who is keen on getting scrap metals recycled. However, you need to understand which metals can be recycled. The prices of common metals have generally increasedand people have taken recycling these metals on a serious note. Here’s a list of metals that you can recycle:


ü Brass:

This heavy duty metal is generally found in pipes, screws, taps, locks, bolts, door knobs, ornaments and many such things. It is broadly classified as red brass, semi-red brass and yellow brass. The yellow brass is abundantly used and thus can be put up for recycling. One amazing quality of brass is that it does not rust. It is also far more malleable that copper is. Thus, recycling brass is highly beneficial. It is usually found clean i.e. it is not mixed with any other metal which makes it easier to recycle.


ü Copper:

It is one of the most hunted and sought after metal. Also, it is one of the most expensive metals in the world. It is a widely and much commonly used metal; right from gas stoves to plumbing devices, from construction tools to coins, copper is anywhere and everywhere. The demand for copper has increased tremendously over the years and thus, recycling this metal is a wise thing to do. Copper can be used over and over, again and againand it does not make a difference to its authentic qualities.


ü Steel:

One glance in and around your apartment and what you find out is that steel is the most abundantly found metal at your place. It is the most popular metal which is abundantly used in our everyday lives. It is pretty easy to detect steel in two easy steps- it rustsand it is magnetic. It is easy to weld and is thus uncomplicated to recycle. Also, steel is one of those metals which can be recycled time and again and yet, it does not lose out on its original properties. Stainless steel, on the other hand is more sought after that regular steel.


ü Aluminium:

This is one metal which can be recycled innumerable times and still retains the same properties. It is widely available in our surroundings. From soda cans to window panes, aluminium is found in profusion. Aluminium, being the most widely used metal is the favourite of metal recycling companies.

Well, metal recycling is a great option when you want some extra cashor you are simply looking for clearing out space.

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All about Brass Recycling

Brass recycling is a trend that has been gaining a lot of eyeballs. It is highly beneficial towards the environment, as it reduces pollutions, saves up on the landfills space, and lessens the requirement of fresh raw materials. -

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Recycling of metals is a trend which has gained a lot of popularity. There are many companies which are environmentally concerned and take the recycling of metals seriously. These companies recycle a lot of metals and alloys like iron, steel, lead, copper, etc. Brass is one metal which is recycled on a large scale as well. In fact, the whole of brass industry all over the world is mostly dependant on brass recycling for its survival. Brass is basically alloyed from copper and zinc. It is wasteful to keep making this alloy metal as it is nothing but wastage of finite resources to do so.


Also, this alloy is widely used in our everyday lives. Screws, pins, locks, taps, bolts, door handles, ornaments, light fittings, etc. so many things are made from brass. Now to manufacture these things on a daily basis would consume a great deal of raw materials. However, recycling the old materials and making them into new products is a smarter option. Brass is also of different kinds.


Broadly, brass is classified into the yellow brass, red brass and the semi-red brass. Yellow brass is the most commonly used brass of all.  This type of brass is more commonly used in household plumbing, keys and faucets. Red brass is generally used for making sprinklers and shut off valves. It is also put into use for many other things. Semi-red brass has been put into use for a long time now and has gone on to replace the red brass and it is used to make a lot of brass items that are not so common.

Recycling brass is highly beneficial. It is a metal that does not really lose out on its original properties, no matter how many times it is recycled.


Hence, many companies are following this trend. People are realising the importance of recycling and not just aluminium, iron, steel, etc. but also brass recycling is a trend that is gaining attention. This process is highly advantageous as it reduces the need of fresh raw materials and diminishes the wastes by a great deal as well. The scrap brass, which was otherwise going to end up in the landfills, is recycled as is made as good as new. This process also reduces pollution and saves a lot of energy on a large scale.  Also, it reduces the release of many hazardous gases which are emitted while extracting metals from the earth’s core.


All in all, brass recycling is a wise trend. So, if you have scrap brass at your house or workplace, drop it off at your nearest Brass recycling centres and be a part of this ecologically positive practice!

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Aluminium Recycling – A Lucrative Measure

Aluminium scrap recycling has become the need of the hour. It not only is eco-friendly, but also saves a lot of capital and is a great deal for both the companies and the customers. It generates a great deal of job opportunities as well.

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Recycling has been a phenomenon that has been widely accepted worldwide. A lot of nations are making this practice mandatory. The importance of this process has finally been realized by many and thus these practices are gaining a lot of vitality and are being promoted in many areas of the world. Many companies are considering aluminium recycling as a business opportunity and are actively engaging these trade practices. Not only this metal, but there are many other materials that are recycled.   There are a lot of advantages of alloy recycling.


Environmentally Considerate:

Alloys like steel are highly recyclable. But manufacturing of steel leads to the emission of hazardous gases into the atmosphere which hampers with the environment severely. Emission of greenhouse gases can be prevented through this practice. Not only this, the release of gases like nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide which are responsible for polluting and ecologically harmful events like smog and acid rain can be avoided. Also, these metals if simply discarded all the time, end up taking a lot of space in the landfills causing them to be occupied. The recycle process also helps to save on a lot of natural resources and also saves on the energy that is required to produce these alloys.


Money Matters:

This procedure eliminates the need for raw material to produce the desired products. Thus, it saves a considerable amount of money on this end. Not only this, but this also eliminates the capital required to make fresh products. Steel is known for its quality. It can be recycled incalculable times and yet it will not lose out on its quality. Creating virgin metal goods is expensive as compared to creating goods from recycled metals. It is not only the companies who save money through engaging in these activities but also the customers who sell of the scrap to these firms, gain money for the scrap they sell. Thus, this makes the metal a valuable commodity.


Employment Opportunities:

Due to the increasing number of industries that have started undertaking aluminium scrap recycling, a lot of employment opportunities have been generated. A lot of effort and hard work goes beyond this process. So, an entire set up generates a lot of job vacancies, not only in the main plant where this process is done, but also in those places wherein the scrap is collected. Therefore, this gives rise to new employment prospects and reduces unemployment.

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Vehicle Recycle A Beneficial Bargai

Recycling of older vehicles, those nearing inoperable stages, is an extremely profitable bargain as it not only is environmentally sound but also provides the owners with monetary benefits if the recycling is handled by an expert company.

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Disposing off an unwanted vehicle is a major concern for many vehicle possessors. If the vehicle cannot be put into any more usage or if the car is simply inoperable, it is advisable to send such vehicles for recycling. It is an environmentally responsible manner to get rid of your vehicle. Also, recycling scrap metals has a lot of benefits. Some car removal companies provide a lot of options to the car owners for the clearance.


Environmental Benefits:

Cars that are not going to be used, if recycled can provide the owner with many advantages. In some vehicles, the parts that are still functional can be put into use again. For those parts, which cannot be used again can undergo the recycle process and protect the environment by saving out on the natural resources. By cutting down the requirement of freshly manufactured parts, we can ensure that the parts that would need to be otherwise discarded in a hazardous manner. This also saves the space in landfills. A firm that handles the recycling of scrap materials ensures that these vehicles are disposed in a way that is ecologically friendly.


Efficiency Value:

The cost of driving a vehicle that is enduring a lot of mechanical problems is dreadfully high. The amount of money that is required to maintain such a vehicle is higher too. Apart from this, it leaves the owners of the vehicles with an unsatisfied experience. Those engines and other parts of the vehicles that are dead and will near the inoperable stage, tend to emit more hazardous substances than their newer correspondents would do. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the old vehicle with a new, more efficient one. This can make a huge difference in the fuel costs and is also more environmentally friendly.


Capital Building:

Benefits of recycling are not limited to the environment. A lot of cash benefits can also be gained through recycling unwanted scraps. The companies handling this process can give the old vehicle owners a great deal for their scraps. The only thing that these owners need to know is who to deal with. Choosing the right company to get the car recycle done is of extreme importance. Not only do these firms fetch a good price but also are more ecologically sensitive while disposing the vehicles.


Thus, it is extremely important to get rid of your old vehicle in a right fashion. It is not only environmentally but also monetarily vital.

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Scrap Metal Recycling-Need of the Hour

Scrap metal services are provided by many environmentally friendly firms. Recycled metal is a strong way to conserve natural resources and support the earth. visit us: -

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Scrap metals are hosted by individuals as well as industries. They could be anything between beverage cans to huge machines or even vehicles. Having these metals recycled is a brilliant idea as it would be a great way to handle such scraps which otherwise is very difficult to manage.  Also, this practice is beneficial for the preservation of earth. It saves a lot of space in the landfills area. Also, emission of hazardous gases that is generally caused during mining and extracting of these metals is curbed. Metals like copper, aluminum and brass are used on a high scale. They are known to be highly recyclable as they retain their original properties even after being recycled for innumerable times. Let us have a look at the benefits of recycling these metals individually:

1.       Copper:

Copper is extremely valuable. Mining of copper releases sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere which can otherwise be limited if it is recycled. When recycled, copper retains up to 90% of its original cost. Most of the times, it is impossible to distinguish between original copper and recycled copper.


2.       Aluminum:

Aluminum can be continuously recycled without getting affected in the areas of quality and durability. It is also important to recycle aluminum as it takes about 400 years for aluminum to naturally breakdown as it is not easily bio-degradable. If recycled aluminum requires barely about 5% of the energy that is originally required to mine or extract it.


3.       Brass:

Brass is judged highly on its grade. Brass is extensively used as well, especially in the arms and ammunitions manufacturing. Brass is also another metal which can be recycled many times and be put back into use as efficiently as its original form.

Recycling scrap metals is a must these days as it supports a lot of pro-environmental activities. However it is not a practice that is only benefiting the environment but also saves money and is hence very economical for many manufacturers. Scrap metals trading has also gained a lot of interest amongst many traders as it is an extremely profitable venture. People are now realizing how important it is to recycle these metals and these practices are being followed in many developed parts of the world. Scrap metal services are provided by many environmentally friendly firms. Recycled metal is a strong way to conserve natural resources and support the earth.

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Recycle To Have a Greener Environment

When you think of metal recycling, aluminium and steel is what generally comes to mind. Both aluminium scrap in Dubai and steel scrap in Dubai have a high recycling value. Thus the more these 2 metals are recycled, the more money and energy can be saved. - metal recycling companies in Dubai

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When you think of metal recycling, the first metals that come to mind are aluminium and steel. However, it is surprising that the rate of recycling these two very important metals has had a drastic drop of over 20% over the past couple of years considering aluminium scrap as well as steel scrap has a high recycling value. A lot of money can be saved if the metals are given for reprocessing at regular times. Let us understand how products are made directly from ores (without recycling):

An aluminium product is made by separating oxygen from aluminium extracted as a mineral. This is done by passing electric current through the metal. When the metal has cooled down it is melted and accordingly shaped into the desired product.Similarly, steel is made by exposing it to the hot furnace with the help of different chemical reaction processes. Through this process also, oxygen is separated from the ore melted and shaped as per the preference.

Studies and practical activities have proved it that tons of energy can be utilized effectively, if the manufacturers are to make aluminium and steel products by recycling them alone.

An overview of the benefits of recycling aluminium and steel:

Recycling aluminium uses about 5% of the energy that is needed to create aluminium from bauxite; the amount of energy required to convert aluminium oxide into aluminium can be clearly seen when the process is reversed during the combustion of thermite.You can put a major stop to land, water and air pollution. It can also be a major help in cutting down the damages that are involved in the process of mining ores.

Furthermore, you can also trade in your metal scrap at several Dubai scrap yards or try out metal recycling companies in Dubai and get a good deal out of it.

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Mandatory Recycling for every Household in the UAE by 2014

A new waste management draft law has been drawn up that will make recycling in UAE households mandatory. This new draft law is currently being drawn up to make provisions for a sustainable economy in the immediate future

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The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association has estimated that the GCC produces 82 million tonnes of waste annually, out of which the UAE contributes to five million of that number. Of these five million tonnes, only about eight percent is actually recycled while the rest of the waste finds its way into landfills where it takes up valuable space. In most other developed countries, up to 70 per cent of that waste makes its way into recycling centres.


 These alarming revelations have brought to light an urgent need for a way to add value to waste management policies that will work as a driver for every household to come on board this waste management initiative. This urgency has given rise to a new waste management draft law that will make recycling mandatory by 2014. This new draft law is currently being drawn up to make provisions for a sustainable economy in the immediate future. This new plan is a standardized recycling initiative that will enforce recycling in UAE households and will aim to significantly diminish the reported 5 million tonnage of waste the country produces annually. The effort is part of a long term plan to create a five-year shift into a more sustainable economy. The aim is to create a value-added waste management program within the region, with the UAE already pioneering in this drive with a new draft law being drawn up to add new provisions to the Federal Law No 24 for the protection and the development of the environment.


However, like every effort towards environmental sustainability, this too faces many a challenge.   The UAE’s Ministry of environment and water is hoping to overcome these challenges by drawing up provisions in the draft law that will target every household in the UAE.  A representative from the ministry stated that they are working on a standardized recycling plan that should apply to every home in the country thus enforcing Mandatory recycling in UAE. The problem is that the initiative will only come into play with a fair public awareness campaign to educate residents on the benefits of recycling.

Therefore there it should not be long before recycling becomes a mandate for every UAE household by 2014.As grand as it may seem, putting such initiatives into practical life requires time and monetary investment. Examples of sustainable revolutions and efforts in European countries and The US can be used as an inspiration. There is of course the question of the initial investment that involves a substantial monetary figure to set up similar systems.

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Save The Planet; Recycle

Save The Planet; Recycle | Lucky Group of Companies in Dubai |
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As environmental awareness has grown, it is quite common and fashionable for eco-friendly households and communities to carry out recycling activities. There are many everyday houseold items that can be reused and recycled. 


As environmental awareness has grown, it is quite common and fashionable for eco-friendly households and communities to carry out recycling activities. Recycling efforts have broadened their horizons due to advancements in technology and marketing and thus there are greater opportunities to recycle these days. There are an infinite amount of reasons to recycle, such as saving valuable space in landfills, creating jobs, reducing waste and conserving natural resources to name a few. Recycled products fit into one of three categories: recycled content, post-consumer content or recyclable products.


Glass: Glass can be recycled at curbside collection cans, bottle recycle centers or in local trash bins supplied by local communities. A report by the EPA states that 34.5 % of glass beer and soft drink bottles and 28.1 percent of all glass containers were recycled in 2007.Although there are many types of glass that can be recycled, certain glass items that have a chemical treatment cannot be recycled.


Electronics: Electronics can be recycled at country recycling centers, television repair shops, charity organizations and local electronic recycling companies.  Electronic manufactures even offer electronic recovery services for households and smaller businesses. These items can be recycled into digital c cameras, cell phones, rechargeable batteries etc.


Paper: Paper can be recycled into a many different items such as news, print, paperboard, insulation, paper towels, writing paper and tissue paper. Even recycled corrugated cardboard creates new paperboard and boxes, used for personal moving as well as fruit, vegetable and other heavy product transportation. Other recycling programs reuse paper products, such as magazines, junk mailings, telephone books and catalogs.


Rubber: It is estimated that over 250 million rubber tires are recycled each year. Rubber is quite hazardous when not handled properly at the end of its use therefore it must be recycled for the sake of safety and to save space in landfills.


Water filters: Water filters are composed of a mixture of materials so it is important to inquire with the company’s website to see if they have recycling capability. These water filters can be recycled into items such as cups, tooth brushes and cutting boards. The carbon filter and ion exchange resin contained in the filter is converted into energy.


Metal Bottle caps: Recycled Metal bottle caps can be used to create interesting crafts and jewellery.They recycled metal caps can also be sold to companies who use them to manufacture fishing lures. 


It is your responsibility as a member of society to check with your local department of public works regarding what can you recycled in their locality.

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