Should students learn how to write copy? | John Spencer
Yes to Spencer's question. If only because it would improve Twitter.
Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Settings You Should Know for School or Classroom Facebook Pages
Important info for all teachers these days! Take the time.
Words to Describe Hair

Important resource to keep in your writing toolkit - images, lists, links. Something to get right.

ThingLink Live & On Demand: Digital Differentiation | Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

This is important professional development for MS and HS teachers - in any subject area. Grow your instructional literacy!  

Black Girls Matter: a YA Reading List

If you are as woefully out of touch as I am, click through this and select a few to read, even if you have to judge by the covers.  We have to start somewhere!

Shanahan on Literacy: Please Be Charitable for Literacy

A highly selective list of charities to consider.  Any one of these would be a great target for a student designed and led fund-raiser.

It doesn't get more "real" than that.

Learnalytics | What Kids Are Reading

Pick a state and a grade. Are you surprised that Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are tops in most states in grade 6? In your state? They all Lexile over 1000 - hmm - but they are also short - and illustrated. This is worth a deeper look.

Star Wars Characters Will Now Teach Your Kids To Code

I know, I know - many of you don't believe that coding is a literacy. But I do. Don't like the male-appeal of this image, though. 

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Good Typing Instruction and Practice Sites for Kids

Don't pretend that typing (keyboarding) is not necessary in our schools. These online game apps pay off - more than SSR - if they are consistently allowed time and monitored.

Black Girls Matter: A YA Reading List

Short annotations as well as titles.  Keep this one handy.