What a great question! ... What actually is MLM Success? I believe that the term success is a relative term anyway. What do I mean by that ... well, what is success by one person's standards is not success by anthers. We always hear that to be success you have to achieve this certain amount of income or live in a certain type or style of house or drive a certain type of vehicle. Who came up with those definitions? Just because I don't live in a 10,000 sqft home or drive a $ 250,000 Aston Martin does not mean that I am not successfully. I call that, trying to live up to someone else expectations when all I really have to do is live up to my own expectations ... and let me tell you that can easily me hard enough! In some cases I set goals, expectations or whatever you want to call them, on myself that after a day or so I began to question why I set them that high in the first place. Don't receive me wrong, I believe in setting high goals for yourself because if you don't I feel like you will not achieve what you are aiming for. Where I come into fault is in not, setting them high enough, it is setting them in an unreasonable amount of time to accomplish them! I believe that mlm success is not any different than any other type of success in any other business ... its just that we have been around other people that place their idea of success in our minds and if we don't achieve their type of success we think we have failed! MLM Success Example Here is a great example ... if you have been around network marketing for any amount of time you have been asked to produce a dream board and put the things on there that we would like to have. Now, there is nothing wrong with that and I think it is a great way to set goals and remind yourself on a daily basis why you are doing all this work to begin with. The problem lies in the fact that sometime we are told we can easily reach those goals and have those things in an unrealistic amount of time! Some leaders actually make it sound like it's going to be a "walk in the park" to reach those goals when in all reality there is a lot of hard work that will go in before we start to see any return. Now maybe before we got in the business, success would have been to make enough money to help pay or mortgage or rent for the month or to make enough money to put away to send our kids to a great college without having to worry the tuition or even for those that don't have kids or mortgage, just to make enough to go on a nice vacation. Now to me, if you can easily accomplish those goals, that would be mlm success or any other type of success! You don't always have to live in the biggest house or drive the most expensive vehicle to be successful. Don't receive me wrong all those things are nice but also being able to pay your statements for one month without having to worry about it is nice also! MLM Success Your Way MLM Success can easily be whatever you want it to be! Whether it is paying off statements or buying new vehicles, the choice is really up to you and what you desire out of life. Don't let anyone take away what you are working for and put their dreams on you! I am a firm believer that you should set practical, manageable goals that are attainable! So once you reach one goal and you know it is possible, you set another one right after that that will be a little bigger and a little harder to reach. What you are doing is building a solid foundation to accomplish anything you set your mind to! Once that foundation is built and it is solid, you start to gain more confidence and belief in yourself. And when that belief in yourself starts building ... let me tell you one thing ... there is no stopping it! You can easily do what ever you want to do whenever you want to do it! You just have to start and reach that first goal! MLM success or any type of success is just right around the corner waiting on you. SO GO AFTER IT WITH A VENGEANCE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!