Seeing in Black & White | Kate Lockhart | leica monochrom |


Back in the summer, when I was spending time in New Hampshire, I talked about my inability to “see” in black & white. While I do convert a shot to B&W every now and then, it’s not something I do with any regularity. Funny thing is, I LOVE black and white photography when it is done well. When the Leica Monochrome was announced this spring, I found the concept of a digital camera that can only shoot in B&W fascinating. While the cost of the camera is crazy high, especially for a black and white ONLY camera, I’ll admit that there’s something appealing to me about only being able to shoot in black & white. I’m convinced that after a period of time with the Leica Monochrome, I would be able to see in B&W and my B&W photography would improve as well. Fortunately for me, I can use my X-Pro 1 set to “monochrome” as a “poor man’s Leica Monochrome.” Given my recent disenchantment with the X-Pro 1, setting it up as a B&W only camera for a period seems like a good way for me to continue to use it. Fortunately for me, I have one of the world’s most gorgeous models at my disposal every day. So, with the X-Pro 1 set to monochrome mode, I grabbed my girl and commenced with a portrait session. What’s so cool about the X-Pro 1 is that using the electronic viewfinder (EVF) I can see the photo in black and white as I compose it. So I LITERALLY get to see the shot in B&W before I take it. It’s sort of like cheating, but I found it helpful. I’m very happy with the results from this “shoot.” In fact, I think these are some of the best shots I’ve taken of Fenway. I’m confident that if I keep using the X-Pro 1 in monochrome and I become more comfortable shooting in black and white you’ll begin to see more monochromatic shots on the site.

Via Thomas Menk