..."Growth in online education is slowing in the US with 33.5 per cent of college students taking at least one course online in 2012, up just 1.5 per cent in 2011 to 7.1 million. However 90 per cent of surveyed chief academic officers believe a majority of students will study at least one subject online in five years time. The report, by I Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman, is published by the Babson Research Group finds that while institutions already online remain committed those that are not, generally smaller, specialist private providers, are more resolute in their opposition to e-teaching . However the majority of higher education providers have not made up their minds on MOOCs. Just 5 per cent of institutions have MOOCs, with another 9 per cent planning them. MOOCs appeal to universities with established on-line expertise as a way of building the brand while others get into the game to build recruitment..."

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