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Tech Tools for Teachers

Tech Tools for Teachers | Learning Commons in the Library Learning Center | Scoop.it

Some of you may be working in a technology-rich environment where you have interactive whiteboards and students have access to the internet in the classroom, or a computer lab that you can take students to. Some of you may only have a single computer in your classroom or, perhaps, like the majority of schools around the world, you may have no computer access in school at all. Whichever is the case, this series will still have something to offer you and will enable you to offer something more to your students, either in class or through the development of more motivating homework tasks that students can access outside of school.

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Malachy Scullion's curator insight, March 15, 2013 11:18 AM

Good place to start for all you technophobes out there.

Shona Whyte's curator insight, March 16, 2013 10:51 AM

NIce set of tools organised by topic and annotated to help teachers get started.

Lyndsay's curator insight, April 3, 2013 10:29 PM

This resources is extremely valuable for educators when teaching digital technologies. It allows students to learn how to design and implement  visual programs, use a range of digital systems and use safe online communications (ACARA, 2013). It provides many explanations surrounding many available digital technologies for the classroom which is titled 'Tech Tools for Teachers' and would allow educators to effectively implement digital technologies into their planning.




Australia Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (2013). Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Retrieved from, http://www.acara.edu.au/verve/_resources/Draft_Shape_of_the_Australian_Curriculum_Technologies_paper_-_March_2012.pdf

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Common Core and Educational Technology

Common Core and Educational Technology | Learning Commons in the Library Learning Center | Scoop.it
Find and discuss 'best of class' ed tech resources to integrate in Common Core curriculum.

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Looking for Some Action in Your Library? Launch a Minecraft Club

Looking for Some Action in Your Library? Launch a Minecraft Club | Learning Commons in the Library Learning Center | Scoop.it

"Lately, there’s been more drama than usual in our library. At the moment, one of my students is swapping some diamonds—yes, diamonds—for a hefty amount of railway ties. Another is secretly plotting to swipe an unsuspecting classmate’s body armor. And a group of friends can’t believe their luck: they’ve just stumbled across a trove of valuable chests in an abandoned mineshaft. Welcome to our Minecraft club. Every Friday afternoon, 28 middle school and high school kids get together in our library’s computer lab to feast on candy and play one of the world’s hottest video games."

Jen Baker's curator insight, March 12, 2013 8:00 PM

I've hosted Gaming Group at our library for a few years & it's the easiest and most popular program I do.  Expanding into coding is my next move! Will be encouraging more Minecraft play at our next meeting.  (Related craft fyi:  Perler Bead phone charms/key chains - the pixelation is perfect!)

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Six Steps for Planning a Successful Project

David Grant, who guides the school's technology integration and curriculum development, has put together a six-step rubric for designing a project. He says Fading Footprints, which became a model for King and Expeditionary Learning Schools, doesn't take an entire school, or even a team of twelve, to plan and carry out; one or two teachers can tailor this one to fit their time and resources.

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Courtney Nicolou's curator insight, March 21, 2013 11:06 AM

A school librarian writes about changing the librarian stereotype and making the school media center a fun place for students.

Library Staff's curator insight, March 22, 2013 7:01 PM

A methodical and practical approach to project-based learning, aligning well with the real world aspects of guided inquiry.

Dafina Westbrooks's curator insight, June 24, 2013 4:47 PM

We need to make this a priority this year!