5 Gut Instincts You Don’t Want to Ignore | Leadership and Spirituality | Scoop.it

Instincts are not some weird mystical power that are only found in the animal kingdom.


Gut instincts are degind as: an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli.


We are born with instincts to help us survive.  As much as we may pretend we are not, we are very much animals; why do we try to deny this?


That is not to say that we aren’t incredibly smart or that we aren’t capable of complex thinking. But even though we are very intelligent, our minds are also very clever and like to try to trick us.


Instinctually we know when to run from predators; when we are babies, we know how to feed from our mothers and we know when something just feels ‘off’. The problem is when our sixth sense shouts a warning, we stall and we think.

Via The Learning Factor