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Dorothea Lange

English and italian version -- Quality 1080p HD) - Messaggio Fotografico di Sandro Sansone (21/12/2013) "AMERICA'S GREAT DEPRESSION) (in esclusiva per POP ...
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iPhoneography: quello che i fotografi non hanno capito

iPhoneography: quello che i fotografi non hanno capito | lavoro fotografo |
Mentre i grandi fotografi snobbano gli smartphone, qualcuno comincia a usarlo per riprendere eventi sportivi, guerre e Giochi Olimpici.

Via Nicola Carmignani
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noi l'abbiamo capito...

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['Marcel and me' - Issue #04] Italian, young & talented photographer, Sara Mautone is also our special guest, today...

['Marcel and me' - Issue #04] Italian, young & talented photographer, Sara Mautone is also our special guest, today... | lavoro fotografo |

Photo: Elisabeth Vandenbergh (WhyNot Models) shot by Sara Mautone
©® Sara Mautone - All rights reserved


Hello, Sara! We’re very happy to welcome you for this 4th issue of ‘Marcel & me’.

Good afternoon, Hervé! Thanks for your invitation.

For our readers who don’t yet know you, may you introduce yourself ?

With pleasure. I spent my childhood in Porto S. Stefano, a small town by the sea. There is where my passion for photography began to develop. I started shooting at live music concerts, music is my other great interest.

As I turned 18 I moved to Florence and started studying Art History. I started to be interested in fashion right away since I figured out that I could find professional opportunities in this field. Anyway, I never thought photography could become my job but I ended up getting more and more requests for shootings month after month and so i began to dedicate myself full time to this activity.

The thing I like the most of working in fashion is that I get continuous incentives and ideas: every work is different from the other, I get to meet people from all around the world and I’m always traveling. At the moment I work in Florence and Milan most of the time, even though I have started working abroad too. Last September, I have been shooting for Cosmopolitan in London.

Here are some really interesting experiences! So, all we only need to do from now is to wish you an amazing career.

Thank you! 

Sara, as you told us, you’re currently based in Italy. Could you recommend three places you love most?

Well, if you happen to be in Florence, you must go to the Mostodolce and order a ‘Martellina’, which is my favorite beer in the whole world. Leaving food behind for a moment, I would say that the Guggenheim Museum in Venice is one of my favorite places. I went back there several times, there’s something magical about the atmosphere that place has. Also, there you would be able to see some of my favorite paintings, such as Max Ernst’s “The Robing of the Bride”.

Another special place for me is the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome [click here for a virtual tour], I’ve seen many beautiful live shows there (such as Wilco or Atlas Sound). I think that a beautiful location is fundamental for a live music performance and this is why I always try to go and see my favorite bands play there instead of other venues that may be closer to the area in which I live.

Sara, I think many of us envy you. Italy is definitely a gorgeous country. Thanks from us all! Now, are you feeling ready to answer the famous Marcel Proust’s questionnaire?

Sure! With a great pleasure.

So, let’s roll…



The principal aspect of your personality: perseverance.The quality that you desire in a man: sense of art.The quality that I desire in a woman: elegance.What you appreciate most about your friends: each friend has something different and special.Your main fault: I’m messy and lose everything.Your favorite occupation: making pictures, traveling and meeting new people.Your dream of happiness: doing the job I love for the rest of my life, with the people I want to work with. And shoot Codie Young! :-)What would be your greatest misfortune: doing another job and losing my Marc Jacobs glasses.What you should like to be: blonde!The country where you should like to live: Italy. I like north Europe but it’s too much cold for me.Your favorite color: grey.The flower that you like: tulip.Your favorite bird: owl.Your favorite prose authors: None. I’m more into poetry.Your favorite poets: Cesare Pavese. I’m fascinated by the visions of country and nature in artYour favorite heroes in fiction: Agent Cooper from ‘Twin Peaks’.Your favorite heroines in fiction: I don’t like heroines.Your favorite composers: The war on drugs, Neil Young, Yo la tengo and DeerhunterYour favorite painters: Max Ernst, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Joseph Mallord William Turner and Francis Bacon.Your heroes/heroines in real life: Lars Von Trier and Bradford Cox: fool and genius.Your favorite names: AnitaWhat you hate most of all: I hate the cold.The gift of nature that you would like to have: not being always cold and so much scared of the spiders. My life would be better.How you wish/want to die: listening to ‘Smoke ring for my halo’ by Kurt Vile ; I usually listen to his music before sleeping.Your present state of mind: an big appetite for change in my life.Faults for which you have the most indulgence: fear.Faults for which you have the least indulgence: laziness.What is your motto?: "Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future"


I cross my fingers for that your ‘motto’ become a reality, Sara. However, before this happens, I’d like to than you very much for your answers, your patience and your kindness. It was a great pleasure to meet you and I hope we’ll have other opportunities to chat soon.

Thanks, Hervé. It was a pleasure to me as well. Thanks to ‘Fashion Models News’ for having me and see you soon!


And please U all, have a look on Sara’s website!

©® Fashion Models News™ 2013 - All rights reserved

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Street Photography Secret Techniques And Equipment

Street Photography Secret Techniques And Equipment. Street photography is the most difficult art in photography because people in public places most often do...
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The Simple Secret To Getting More Opportunities At Work

The Simple Secret To Getting More Opportunities At Work | lavoro fotografo |
If you want to be on the fast track to projects and promotions, this one habit will help you get there.

Via Barb Jemmott
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