Virtual field trips for hospitality and tourism students. I'm using these resources with my English language students who work in this field. Great resources including text and video interviews.
Collections | Unsplash
A beautiful collection of photos here with the right licence for remixing and sharing i.e. CC0. So you and your students can use these in diverse projects.
Global Closet Calculator Educator Guide
There are diverse games and resources on the National Geographic site that can be used for language learning. They are interactive and can be used as part of a larger class project. 
Sentence Shuffle Beta
Great tool for shuffling texts. You can choose to have them broken down into paragraphs or sentences. I'm finding this useful with my English language students especially when exploring how and why language is used for sequencing and ordering; for comprehension activities and for examining how arguments are structured. 
It's very easy to use. Students can access the tasks you've created through a URL and you also have the option of downloading a pdf.
Implementing the Writing Process - ReadWriteThink
There are some very useful templates here to assist students with the writing process as well as tips and strategies.
Jisc Digital Media | Finding
Great guide and tips from Jisc for finding and using digital media.