Language Arts Grade 8
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8 Back-to-school classroom activities that will get students laughing and learning - Daily Genius

8 Back-to-school classroom activities that will get students laughing and learning - Daily Genius | Language Arts Grade 8 |
Yesterday, we looked at some of the things that are weighing down teachers’ to-do lists during this back to school season. Some of the items that showed up on the list? Classroom set-up. Establishing activities for the first few days of school. Setting expectations for your classroom. Lesson planning. Community building. Figuring out how to …

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8 Back to school activities!

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In today's school English classes, there is only a main objective which is based on the teaching of grammar structures. It is very sad the fact that many language teachers don't invest time on having students interact with each other and develop the communicative competence in depth. This article reflects the importance of having ice-breaking activities, even in the middle of the class, in order to motivate students think and produce in the target language.

Camilo Toro Arias's curator insight, March 23, 2017 2:00 PM
In my opinion, these kinds of activities are important to be addressed in the classroom since teachers must be on the students's side, and having them laugh and enjoy will help. We as teachers need to understand that, in order to have students learn, a full lecture is not necessary, but bringing funny acitivities with crossed language aims might remain in their brains for long. 
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Teaching Students Better Online Research Skills

Teaching Students Better Online Research Skills | Language Arts Grade 8 |
Many educators are explicitly teaching such skills as how to evaluate a website's credibility, how to use precise keywords, and how to better mine search engines.

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Great skills for our student's and support CCSS.

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Good article to share with your teachers who are looking to improve student research skills to meet standards.

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A number of great points that are both practical and theoritical in terms of how to assist students' understanding of digital literacy skills, preparing them for the future, increasing their understanding of what the future might bring! 

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50 Favourite Websites for the Middle Grades

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There are some great ideas here with short descriptions - from apps to websites to Twitter handles to group blogs. The whole document has been uploaded here  :)