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Description by The Scout Report


"PlayDecide is a free card game in which players learn about a particular topic, engage with different perspectives, and discuss the topic to refine their opinions and seek group consensus. Each 90-minute game can accommodate 4-8 players (recommended for ages 13 and up), which makes PlayDecide an excellent classroom resource for teachers or a team-building tool for professionals, organizations, and administrators. The gameplay (which is explained in a handy PDF guide, found by clicking "PlayDecide basics" on the page linked above) consists of three phases. In the first phase, players familiarize themselves with the issue at hand (e.g., "Young people in the media," "Future food systems," "Plastic pollution"). In the second phase, players share their opinions, listen to others, and refine their perspectives. In the final phase, the group approaches the issue together and players vote on their positions. PlayDecide games cover more than 350 topics and are available in 30 languages. The game is available under a Creative Commons license and materials for different topics are freely available to download (note: to download games, users will need to create a free account). PlayDecide was developed as part of a project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Ecsite, the European network of science centers and museums."


Jim Lerman's insight: This could be very engaging and productive for students, as well as a welcome change of pace.

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