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Four Totally Insane Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

Four Totally Insane Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked | Lances IMC Milestone 3 Communication Mix |
Marketing takes on a lot of different meanings around the world. Here are a few wild campaigns that caught on globally and turned into advertising...
Lance Holland's insight:

This article highlights the key to a successful marketing campaign. In creative marketing we learn the basic processes to implementing a strategy: identifying audience, identify a basic problem/opportunity, then come up with a major selling idea/key benefit and finally include any supportive information. However these steps alone are not enough to ensure massive success; brands like Nike have proven it takes more than just a good idea to build and generate massive brand equity. This article gives four examples of campaigns that have gone right outside the box into completely  new and original territory in order to reach higher levels of brand awareness. What is amazing is that even though these campaigns are seemingly ridiculous, the marketers have managed to still integrate the brands attributes into them; for example with Red Bull, the sky fall breaking world records supports their brand image of pushing the boundries and being very sporty - their 'Red Bull gives you wings' is almost literal in this campaign. I find it great that not only are these ideas original, they are highly successfull - the Youtube advertisement of the Sky Jumper has over 33 million views and made news headlines across the world.

Norman Vaz's comment, May 9, 2013 8:54 AM
This article sums up how a marketing campaign has to be very creative to be most effective. Itss four step creative marketing way shows us how to use four important steps to ensure a successful campaign however the article states that that wasn't enough something unique has to be brought to the table as well to increase brand awareness and gave examples of brands who did these unique campaigns and like lance mentioned linked it to the brand image hence creating a creative but yet successful brand campaign that communicates to the public
Courtenay Poihega's curator insight, September 26, 2013 7:19 PM

This article lists four successful marketing campaigns that went viral globally and became advertising gold by using a successful communication mix.


Each campaign utilised unique strategies, tactics and had an originality all of their own. Inspired by the surge in popularity for zombie themed shows,  American company OpticsPlanet developed a Zero Zombie Kit containing everything you needed to survive in the occurance of a zombie apocolypse; which in turn showcased the large range of products OpticsPlanet manufacture: weaponry, protective gear, first aid, lab equipment etc. This campaign caught the imagination of internet users and word of the zombie survival kit spread like wildfire.


Overall I think this article provided some very helpful case studies for anyone searching for successful marketing campaigns and also contains examples on how important the creative strategy and creative tactics are. Although the campaign had very little factual evidence of the products listed in the OpticsPlanet gallery, the campaign garnered enough attention and sparked interest in consumers to seek for more information about the products.


Labroye Tauevihi's comment, September 26, 2013 10:28 PM
This article was very enjoyable to read as it managed to discuss how a brand is to successfully create an engaging communication mix. Using real life and intriguing examples made it a lot easier to understand. One thing that was common with these brands is that they formed an idea of originality that would seperate them from their competitors. It also involved their customers and got them to either participate or view it from their own pleasures and at the same time evoking mixed emotions.
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Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples

Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples | Lances IMC Milestone 3 Communication Mix |
Open University, Corning and SAP have been killing it with optimized, creative content marketing. Learn from their most successful campaigns.
Lance Holland's insight:

I found this article useful for IMC as it establishes how to go about implementing a firms 'big idea' which is a part of the communication process. Businesses need to learn how to effectively communicate their big overall idea once it has been thought up. In IMC we learn that campaigns must be interrelated, coordinated and integrated using different forms of media in creative and unique ways specific to our audience. This article highlights three key considerations in producing content: DISCOVERY (work out how consumers discover your content), CONSUMPTION (make the experience relevant) and ACTION (ability to convert social fans into literal buyers of your product or service). These three considerations will help marketers ensure their campaigns are loved rather than hated, and helps to explain why in the big picture, even with a creative 'big idea' some marketers still manage to get it so wrong.

Gavin Lionheart's comment, May 6, 2013 8:15 PM
This article I personally found hard to understand, it mentions content producing without a purpose in an effort to capitalize on the trend. The following contents the writer claims to give most success in business content are discovery, consumption and action. The writer strongly believes brand features are the post to success the transition in role of publisher.
Kasem Tanom's comment, May 9, 2013 3:28 AM
I agree with Gavin this article was pretty difficult to understand but it states the the three steps to creative content marketing success and they are discovery involving businesses to understand their audiences, consumption which brands optimize for an experience that resonates with their audience and lastly action where companies inspire their audiences to take action. I also agree with Lance the three steps will help marketers ensure that their campaigns are being appreciated by consumers.
Norman Vaz's comment, May 9, 2013 8:08 AM
This article was interesting as it stated the three steps of creative content marketing which are discovery consumption and action and how if these steps are included the companies would get it write specially when it came to marketing campaigns being liked rather then marketers getting it wrong
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The Future of Marketing – Adapt And Be Creative! | Business 2 Community

The Future of Marketing – Adapt And Be Creative! | Business 2 Community | Lances IMC Milestone 3 Communication Mix |
In our last Future of Marketing interview, Scott Brinker riffed off the Marketing and Big Data idea by asking if the future of marketing was all about “Big
Lance Holland's insight:

This is a short article of a marketers view on what the future holds for marketing. I found this useful and related to the communication mix as she adresses the growing pace of technology and how marketers are struggling to keep up - predicting the future is becoming ever more difficult. Technology has had a massive role to play in modern advertising and how we communicate with consumers. While it is important to address all forms of media, the latest trend, social networking, has come out of the smartphone revolution. Statistics show that more and more businesses are now focusng on social networking than any other platform, with a future focus on mobile/cellphone advertisements and tablets as people are using them more and more on the move. The increase in technology allows marketers to come up with new ways of implementing their creative 'big ideas' and connecting with their consumers. Social networking has shown to be a very effective way to convert social fans into actual customers, and allows rapid growth of brands social awareness. The communication mix as we know it is constantly changing and marketers need to be aware of what the future holds.

Gavin Lionheart's comment, May 6, 2013 8:05 PM
This article gives good insights to how the smartphone generation works and it's good to understand how they work. The smartphone industry is becoming increasingly large on daily to daily use and purchased. This article also talks about technology as an opportunity in terms of launching new social media plans and platforms. I agree with Lance that technology allows marketers to come up with new ideas to implement and create ideas.
Kasem Tanom's comment, May 9, 2013 3:11 AM
This article predicts the future of marketing and mentions the increase use of technology in the future. I agree with Lance the increase in technology allows marketers to come up with a variety creative marketing strategies to communicate and connect with consumers.
Norman Vaz's comment, May 9, 2013 6:40 AM
This article pretty much talks about how technologically advanced our world is, and how quickly we as consumers are adapting to it. also how social media platforms is the key to how companies can keep up with this technologicaly developed world.