Lacrosse Player Charged with Murder | Lacrosse player charged with murder |

"A jury recommended 26 years in prison for former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely, convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny."Former lacrosse player George Huguely was charged of second degree murder of his ex- girlfriend. George Huguely was found not guilty on the most serious charge which is first degree murder, but was charged with second degree along with many more crimes. His sentence ranges from 5 to 40 years. The writer thinks the man is guilty and should be put in jail. The writer emphazizes the wrong doing and extremity to this crime. The columinst is very opionated but also has his facts. A person who is in to mysteries will love this column. I think the writer offers enough evidence because he has an abundance of quotes.


Michael Christian "Lacrosse Player found Guilty" CNN 23 Feb, 2012