Five easy to use and free desktop social networking tools | La R-Evolución de ARMAK |

Having the proper tools allows users to keep their organisations on top of social networking and keep them one step ahead of the competition.


Social networking has become a necessity. Not only to spread the word about Functional Skills, academic courses, vocational courses, etc., but for keeping their own finger on the pulse of education.


It’s free PR with serious payoff.


There are problems e.g. the standard browser-based clients don’t always offer all of the features users might want or need.


From aggregation to easy photo posting, in order to make the most efficient use of social networking efforts, users need tools that make the job easy.


This post identifies five desktop social networking clients that are not only easy to use, but free too.


Find out about...

   1: Sobees
   2: Tweetdeck
   3: Gwibber
   4: Google Talk
   5: MetroTwit

Via John Dalziel