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The motivation is always the best incentive to make the enterprises the more impossible. An enterprise worthy of the approval of all your friends, achievable without leaving the kitchen at home, is certainly learning a foreign language. If you saw the movie Julie & Julia certainly you know the history of the legendary Julia Child, masterfully played by Meryl Streep, struggling with a tome on French cooking. Just cooking Mrs Child was able to learn, with great satisfaction the hostile language of the start.

If Italy is your favourite Country and you are looking for an emerging cuisine, than your choice must fall on Le Marche traditional recipes and "La Cucina delle Marche" is the book to achieve the tremendous task to acquaint, at least, a wonderful italian culinary dictionary.

Petra Carsetti, with a great enthusiam will introuduce you to the gastronomic well kept secrets of the best travel destination in 2013: The Marche Region. Here some of the dishes you can start to love while playing both roles of Julie and Julia:

Brodetto di San BenedettoFrecantòVincisgrassiCinghiale al finocchio selvaticoFaraona in salmìFritto misto di paranzaGuazzetto di pesceStoccafisso all’anconetanaOlive all’ascolanaPane marchigianoTorrone di CamerinoCiambellone o ciambellottuBiscotti alle viscioleVino cottoAnisetta


and much more.

The book is strongly suggested to all food bloggers, expecially from outside Europe, who want to rule in internet with a great culinary niche.

Buy here http://www.newtoncompton.com/libro/978-88-541-2306-9/ ;

Via Mariano Pallottini