Christmas in Le Marche: Christmas Dinner | La Cucina Italiana - De Italiaanse Keuken - The Italian Kitchen |
In Le Marche, La Vigilia on 24th December has an equal importance to Christmas, and is celebrated with a huge feast of at least 7 courses that usually includes fish. A typical Vigila dinner begins with antipasti of different fish dishes such as smoked salmon, lumache (snails in a tomato sauce), seafood and marinated anchovies.

The first course (primo piatto) consists of pasta or risotto with a fish sauce for example. Fish is also the order of the day for the main course or Il secondo, baked trout, langoustines, or baccalá (dried salt-cured cod). Plus either eels, red mullet, or, fried whitebait. Then comes...

Via Mariano Pallottini