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10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency - Frank Addante's Founder Blog

10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency - Frank Addante's Founder Blog | Kantamanee Pluphrach | Scoop.it

1.  Sanebox (Email Organization):

Service that uses algorithms to organize your email into what’s important and what’s not.  I was skeptical and had a lot of issues with giving up control of my inbox, but I’m hooked now.  It works amazing well.

Tips:  Trust it.  Check @SaneLater twice a day, @SaneBulk whenever you feel like reading newsletters, promotions, etc. and use @SaneBlackHole for all of your junk that you never want to see again.



2.  Evernote (Notes Organization): 

Service to store your notes in the cloud and access on any computer or mobile device.

Tips:  Use for both business and personal.  I take all of my meeting notes directly in Evernote.  I scan/fax documents to Evernote that I want to keep.  On the personal side, I take photos of wine that I like and store them in a notebook called “Favorite Wines” and keep copies of all of my critical documents (driver’s license, passport, insurance documents, etc.) in a notebook called “Wallet.”


Download App: iPhone | Android


3.  DropBox (Cloud Document Storage):

Service to safely store documents in the cloud so you can access from any computer or mobile device.

Tips:  I created the following two folders and have them in my Finder Favorites and my Dock (on Mac) and set the default sort order to be by Date Modified (so your most recent documents show up at the top of the list) so I can quickly drag things to them and/or access documents:

-       “~ Working Drafts” (I use this as my Desktop, never store anything on the desktop, always store them here)

-       “~ To File” (when I’m done working on a document, I drag them here and every once and a while will go into this folder and file them into folders that make more sense long-term)

Note:  the tilda “~” is there so that when sorted alphabetically, these folders always show up at the top.


Download App: iPhone | Android


4.  Action Method: (Todo List):

Simple tool that organizes todo lists.  You can also delegate and track tasks.

Tips:  Use the three color codes to set priorities.  Use orange for tasks that –must- be done on the scheduled day, blue for tasks that should be done on that day but can push a day if necessary and grey for tasks that you’d like to get done on that day but will push if there are other priorities.  I also color code my calendar to using these priority colors and it has become the basic prioritization system for me overall.  The website is great, but definitely download the desktop app (and set it to open at login), iPad and mobile apps.  Start every to do with an “action” word (hence the name, read their best practices)  

The only con with the web application is that it can’t be used offline.  I use either the iPad or iPhone app while on a plane and sometimes will print a PDF of my todos before I take off and leave it on my desktop.


Download App: iPhone | Android


5.  TripIt (Travel Organization):

Service that stores all of your itineraries in one place, you can even have it automatically share your itineraries with your significant other, your kids or even your always-worried mom.  The Pro version will alert you of flight delays and gate changes.

Tips:  Download the mobile app and put it on your home screen.  Create a contact for plans@tripit.com and forward all itineraries to that contact.


Download App: iPhone | Android


6.  YouMail (Voicemail Automation):

Voicemail service that transcribes your voicemail into text and sends you an email and/or text message.  The mobile app makes it easy to view, listen, read and forward your voicemails.


Download App: iPhone | Android


7.  HootSuite (Social Networking):

Application to consolidate all of your social networking into one place (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, etc.)

Tips:  I tend to have pockets of time to read and post.  Try their new “auto schedule” feature to not flood your networks with multiple posts in a row by spreading them out.


Download App: iPhone | Android


8.  Yammer (Internal Communication):

It’s like a private twitter for your company.

Tips:  Get everyone in your company to use it.  Use it as your primary source of communicating information to your team and it will gain quicker adoption because people don’t want to miss out.  Allow people to post things that are “business” material and “fun” material.  The fun materials make it more entertaining and therefore the business material is more likely to be read.


Download App: iPhone | Android


9.  miCoach (Fitness):

Exercise keeps your mind sharp.  The miCoach iPhone app acts like your personal trainer.  I lost 20 lbs. using this app and use it at home and while on the road (great for hotel gyms or running.)

Tips:  Setup your workouts in advance.  I selected “Get Lean” for running and “Get Fit” for gym work outs.  Buy the heart rate monitor and stride sensor, it’s worth it.  What gets measured gets done.


Download App: iPhone | Android


10.  iSleep (Sleep/Meditation):

It’s important to get a good night’s rest.  If you’re like me, your mind is constantly racing and the day’s work never ends.  The iSleep meditation app helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.  It’s particularly helpful on those trips where you have jet-lag and/or can’t fall asleep.  I use the “Deep Sleep” playlist at the end of a long, stressful day.

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Myanmar's president grants 452 prisoners amnesty - CNN.com

Myanmar's president grants 452 prisoners amnesty - CNN.com | Kantamanee Pluphrach | Scoop.it
Hundreds of prisoners in Myanmar have been granted their freedom, according to the state-run newspaper, just days before President Barack Obama is scheduled to become the first sitting U.S. head of state to visit the fledgling democracy.
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France is tops for tourists, Germans spend the most...

France is tops for tourists, Germans spend the most... | Kantamanee Pluphrach | Scoop.it
...and 2012 is set to break tourism records...

Some 705 million international tourist arrivals were recorded over the first eight months of 2012, leading to the prediction of hitting the one billion tourists benchmark for the first time ever by the end of the year.

That's all according to the United Nation's World Trade Organization (UNWTO)'s latest tourism report (download), which also also detailed tourism highlights from 2011.

In 2011:

There were 983 million international tourist arrivals (overnight tourists).  The most popular tourist region was Europe, with over half of all international tourist arrivals. Intentional tourism receipts surpassed US$1 trillion.  Most popular destination

European countries dominated the most popular destinations list. France headed the list and five other European countries were in the top 10.

The second most popular destination, the United States, had the largest international tourism receipts. Spain had the second biggest income from tourism and France rounded out the top three.

China (third overall) was the most popular destination in Asia and Malaysia (ninth) was the second Asian destination with the most tourist arrivals.

More on CNN: Which country has the best reputation?

German tourists spent the most

There weren't many major changes from 2012 in the list of nation's whose citizens spent the most on tourism. Germans again topped spending with US$84 billion in 2011. 

Tourists from the United States were next with US$79 billion worth of expenditure, followed by China with US$73 billion. China also had the highest growth -- 18 percent -- from last year's figures.

The only differences in the chart from last year were from Japan and Russia. Russia rose to seventh place while Japan replaced Russia, slipping to ninth.

This fall was due to a decline in outbound Japanese tourism after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, according to the report.

The report predicted the international tourism market will continue to grow -- an average of 3.3 percent annual increase -- until at least 2030. The report projected international tourist arrivals worldwide will reach 1.8 billion by 2030.

Another prediction: emerging economy destinations will become more popular travel spots than advanced economy destinations (which currently lead the industry).

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After the election, a new push on Syria - CNN.com

After the election, a new push on Syria - CNN.com | Kantamanee Pluphrach | Scoop.it
The United States and its allies are gearing up for a new push to unify the Syrian opposition and topple President Bashar al-Assad.

They are looking to exploit battlefield gains by the rebels and change the trajectory of the conflict before Syria collapses into a patchwork of local fiefdoms -- and the violence explodes rather than seeps beyond Syria's borders.

With the U.S. election out of the way and growing concerns about the rise of jihadist groups within Syria, Western powers are now engaging groups fighting inside Syria, rather than the exiled and ineffectual Syrian National Council. The ultimate goal may be to create a safe zone -- a slice of liberated Syria -- where the opposition can form an interim government.

U.S. and British diplomats are concerned that over the last year, the initiative has been yielded to countries like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and to "nonstate actors" from countries like Libya. They have been picking sides among the diverse brigades of the Free Syrian Army, paying the salaries of FSA fighters and sending weapons.

Peres: Israel wants no part of Syrian war

There is also great anxiety about a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis, with food and fuel shortages compounded by colder weather and inadequate access to those most in need.

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