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Vital Keto  Losing weight as a teen is tough sometimes. I know, as a fat teen I had a lot to deal with. Not only was I fat, but I also had acne to add to the problem. But that's another story. The acne I eventually had to see a doctor for, but losing weight was something I did for myself. Here is how I did it. If you are an overweight teen, you can follow these steps to lose weight as well. I guarantee it.

If you think you can Vital Keto  lose weight and keep it off by avoiding all fats, youre sadly mistaken. In fact, if you think that low fat eating is the only way to go, you might as well just quit now. Your Slim Body (and your brain) needs fat to survive! This is why the scientists call them essential fatty acids Omegas 3, 6, and 9. These fats have been stripped from many supermarket shelf items, and its your responsibility to put fat back into your dietary plan. Dont avoid eating fat, embrace it equally.