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Every person in the world knows that mice love cheese. Many cartoons use this fact in comedic fashion wherein the mouse defies all odds just to get the cheese. This has proven to be a box office hit with shows like Tom and Jerry amusing people from both old and new generations. This form of entertainment was used as the basis for the creation of a game known as Transformice. The name is taken from the ability of the mouse to transform into Shamans and the shaman’s ability to create and manipulate objects.

Background of the Game       

This game was released in 2010 and was created and developed by French designers with aliases Melibellule and Tigrounette. It is a browser based online multiplayer game which is free to play. Users must log on to their accounts in order to purchase from the in game store. Users may also log on as guests but will not have the ability to upgrade their characters.


Transformice is fairly easy to play and uses only directional buttons and the space bar button in order to be played. The game begins by placing all of the players together in one location, a cheese in another location, and a mouse hole in another location. The objective of the game is to get the cheese and bring it into the mouse hole. Doing so would give the player one point. Bonus scores are also given to the first three players that finish a stage. Each stage only has a two minute time limit in which all players are allowed to do the objective. A new map is loaded after the two minute time limit has elapsed or if all the players either finish or die.


The player who earns the highest point in the current stage will be the shaman for the next stage. Shamans are a different class whose objective is to help the other players reach the cheese and bring it to the mouse hole. Shamans may summon objects and anchors which the other players can use. Shamans earn “saves” each time a different player completes the objective. Shamans may also decide to troll other players by summoning objects which are impassable for the other mice games. Shamans may also push other players by summoning cannon balls and a flash of light. There is no penalty incurred upon pushing other mice to their deaths.