A late bloomer. That's who I am. A step behind in mastering things. But shows skilfull mastery once the idea sync within my inner self. It becomes part of me and I never let go nor consider quitting.


I try to be passionate in everything that I do. Most of the time I tend to have a short temper. When I fail, I see to it that I know my learnings and share them to my friends.


I value a lot of things. One of which is my family. I grew up in a family where there are enormous rules - which can be summarize in these words - The mother and father are always right. But into this kind of enviroment that I learned to be a responsible person that I am today.


Now that I'm begining to build my own family, I have no second thoughts of creating the same world for my wife and kids.


I'm crazy for basketball. I've learned to play when I was only a little boy. I love watching live games. And one of my bucklist is to watch NBA preferrebly a game between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. I follow the local basketball league which is the PBA. Just like any other Filipinos, I dream that someday our basketball team will qualify on the Olympic event.


 I love what I do for a living. I'm passionate about it. I'm happy doing it. Enabling business through IT is so fulfulling that sometimes I lost track of time that I spent in my work. The value I contribute in our business is easily felt and appreciated by my customers and colleagues. However, just like any worker I experience frustrations brought about things that I can control and things that I cannot control. I do my best to address those things that I can control. At the end of it, I always have it in mind that there is more to life than my work. So I see to it that I put balance to the important things in my life's journey. I always prepare for everything. So that when it begins I'll get all that I can and leave out the rest to our God All Almighty.