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Stevie Wonder Surrenders to Hate and Prejudice against Jews

Stevie Wonder Surrenders to Hate and Prejudice against Jews | Truth Revealed |

Stevie, you have disappointed the world with surrendering to pressure from those who hate and whose prejudice against the Jewish people is pure evil. You have shamed yourself and all who value truth, freedom and democracy..

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Taliban are inhumane, illiterate, stone-age people: Altaf Hussain – The Express Tribune

Taliban are inhumane, illiterate, stone-age people: Altaf Hussain – The Express Tribune | Truth Revealed |

KARACHI: Taliban are inhumane, illiterate and people from the stone-age, said Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday in Karachi.

Hussain was addressing the participants of a conference held in honour of Malala Yousafzai.

The 14-year-old child rights activists was attacked by Taliban gunmen on October 9 when she was on her way home from school.
Hussain said that if the armed forces fail to apprehend these culprits, then the nation will be left with no other option but to look towards the international community for the safety of their children.

“May I ask where are Pakistan’s armed forces, and its high-ranking personnel who utilise up to 80% of the country’s resources?” the MQM chief questioned.

He further questioned the role of the political and religious parties. “Why are they quiet, why don’t they fight against the Taliban?” he stressed.

“See their wealth, their property; see how much they have gained through politics. Unfortunately, they are not fulfilling their national obligations and responsibilities,” he said.

Female education and Islam

Calling Malala a beacon of hope for millions of girls in Pakistan, Hussain asked if acquiring education was a crime.
He further said that the Taliban’s stance on female education was against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Hussain added that there are very few religious scholars who preach the correct version of the religion, while the rest are all “religious thugs” whose agenda is to “sell Islam”.

“I am humbly requesting all the genuine religious leaders and scholars to speak up now. It is your duty. If you remain silent then you are similar to the terrorists,” he said.

Speaking about the injustices taking place in the country, the MQM chief said that his party has always condemned oppression regardless of the consequences – be it the attack on Malala, the blasphemy case against Rimsha Masih or attacks on churches and temples.

The MQM chief called on Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice of the brazen attack on Malala.
“We don’t want a favour, we want justice,” he said.

While speaking to the gathering, MQM Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said the event is the first step in a movement to mobilise people against extremism and militancy.

He stated that Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan is engulfing into the darkness and everyone needs to unite in order to save it.
Commenting on the attack on Malala, Sattar said that it was an attack on Jinnah’s Pakistan, Allama Iqbal’s vision and the ideology of the country. “The attack on Malala was an attack on Pakistan’s conscience,” he stressed.

He further said that a handful of militants wanted to enforce their way of life on the people of Pakistan.

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Egyptian judges strike against Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian judges strike against Mohamed Morsi | Truth Revealed |

Since Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi gave himself sweeping powers last week, the entire country has been in an uproar. Protests are occurring more frequently, especially considering how polarized the political atmosphere was before Morsi’s decrees. There was heavy tension between the Islamists and secular groups, as Morsi (the Islamist candidate) had only taken the Presidency with a 51% majority.

So, when Morsi hoped to create an autocracy for himself, 49% of the country of Egypt went up in arms, including other branches of the Egyptian government. Judges, outraged by the power-grab, have gone on strikes in protest against the Morsi regime. This, says the New York Times, is often an effective move to spark more protests:

As the Judges Club met in the High Court building, a small crowd of protesters outside chanted that Egypt’s judges were “a red line.” When another group armed with the flares favored by hard-core soccer fans tried to force their way into the building, the police fired tear gas.

Under the old tyrant, Hosni Mubarak, Egypt saw the first of the revolutions that eventually spread through the Middle East. The country, however, still seems to be at war. Even though a ‘government’ was put in place by the US State Department, it has not yet achieved peace and stability in the country. Now, Morsi’s new actions are threatening any diplomatic progress that had been made. The struggle seems to be ongoing and growing worse, as the country’s judges pound the regime with open protest:

The condemnation came from an array of organizations. The Supreme Council of the Judiciary called the decree “an unprecedented attack on judicial independence” and urged the president to rescind it. A major association of judges, the Judges Club, called for a strike by courts across Egypt. The leader of the national lawyers’ association endorsed the call.

With such outrage, it remains to be seen if Morsi will retract the decree, or whether or not the Obama administration will openly condemn Morsi’s new actions, as the EU and UN have done already.

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