Is your baby born in May?
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Is your baby born in May?
Studies show that they could have a higher risk of MS Is Your Baby Born in May? | Possible MS Risk Did you know that there is new research that states babies born in May can have a higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS)? So how is that possible? Well, vitamin D levels and the immune system can vary depending on what month a baby is born. Current research suggests that babies born in May have a higher count of auto-reactive T-cells. These studies believe that excess T-cells are linked to MS. Now personally, studies that make these kinds of claims make me slightly anxious. MS is a rather debilitating condition. The new research from Queen Mary and the University of Oxford (published March 9 in JAMA Neurology) says that babies born in May had higher levels of auto-reactive T-cells and lower levels of vitamin D. Compared to babies born in November, May babies had 2 times more T-cells. The Research The study used blood samples from the umbilical cords of 50 babies born in May (between 2009 and 2010) and 50 babies born in November. The research involved evaluating levels of white blood cells and vitamin D. The studies showed that babies born in May averaged 20 percent lower vitamin D compared to babies born in November. Babies born in May were also found to have greater levels of the T-cells responsible for multiple sclerosis (MS). Their research uncovered a relationship that linked birth month to vitamin D levels and higher risks of MS. On the other hand, the studies did not prove cause-and-effect. Past Research Many studies in the past have linked MS to sunlight exposure. The research suggested that low vitamin D levels are connected to MS risks. In fact, numerous experts believe that sunlight can improve MS and its condition. Nonetheless, the cause of MS is still unknown. However, many experts also believe that MS is directly related to the environment and genetic s. T-cells Although T-cells are the white blood cells that assist in fighting viruses, to many can be auto-reactive. An auto-reactive T-cell attacks your body’s healthy cells. Many researchers believe that this may be the cause of autoimmune diseases such as MS. Currently there are ongoing studies on the prevention of MS with vitamin D supplements especially during pregnancy. However, there is still need for long-term research. At BabyFloret, we believe that every company, and every individual has a social responsibility. In addition to carrying eco-friendly products and organic baby products, BabyFloret encourages their vendors and associate companies to adopt green philosophies whenever possible, including installing automatic shut-off lighting and using recycling packaging materials. Resource :
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