New reading passages and question sets for grades K-8 | intermediate social academic activities |

We are adding 900 new non-fiction, fiction and original reporting reading passages to our current library of 1,200 non-fiction passages. Each passage has 10 evidence-based questions that build in complexity, model good questioning, and are ideal for student independent practice. Questions focus on close reading of important information, inference, main idea, text structures (such as cause and effect),  vocabulary-in-context, author’s craft, and syntax. The question sets are a combination of multiple-choice and written response.


These new passages are based on essential STEM and social studies topics, along with authentic fiction. In response to your suggestions, we are excited to add passages that are appropriate for 7th and 8th grade. All the passages are lexile-leveled to make it easier for you to differentiate instruction for individual or small group uses.


Via Deb Gardner