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Five Ways To Attract New Clients To Your Store

Five Ways To Attract New Clients To Your Store | Interests |
In a country with growing businesses, it’s always important to consider exciting ways to attract fresh client to your store. Here are few ways to attract clients.
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DIY Tips To Disinfect Your Garbage Disposal

DIY Tips To Disinfect Your Garbage Disposal | Interests |
Many people don’t regularly remove all the food particles trapped in the nooks and crannies. Here are a few tips to keep your disposal free from bacteria.
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Awesome Examples Of Chalk Illusion | Grassroots Advertising Inc.

Awesome Examples Of Chalk Illusion | Grassroots Advertising Inc. | Interests |
Chalk illusions, are drawn in a distorted way that seems normal when viewed from the right angle. Here we share how it is created and some examples.
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Canadian Housing Market Forecast: Cooling Down

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) reports that this year's upturn in house prices will slowly wear off over the next two years. CHMC forecasts that end 2015 will see national home prices 7.2 per cent higher. However, this rate of increase is not expected to continue.

Canadian home prices will continue to rise. Yet, the rate of the climb will be slower. CMHC predicts a 1.3 per cent rate for 2016 and a 1.4 per cent rate for 2017.

In addition, new home construction will also begin decreasing. This year saw 186,990 housing starts. The coming year will see almost 9000 fewer (178,150) with new construction even lower in 2017 (173,650).

Some say that this will mean a glut of unsold condos. They think that in such a situation, builders will try to satisfy customer demand for new housing with already built units.

With a nod to regional housing markets, CMHC predicts the following for 2016-2017:

Atlantic Canada: Residential starts expected to fall. Price rises of Halifax homes to be lower than the rate of inflation. Home buyers in St. John's benefit from 2 per cent fall in prices.

Calgary: At year end, detached home construction will be at 1988 levels and home sales will fall by almost 30 percent with a downward turn to resale home prices – a 2.1 per cent fall this year with barely a 1 per cent rise in 2016. Multifamily starts in 2016 will decrease about 43 per cent in comparison with 2014 highs.

Edmonton: There were about 10,000 starts - primarily condos and rentals. However, 2016 will see a downturn to only 5,500 starts. Home resales should decline by 12 per cent this year, recovering in 2016 and 2017.

Montreal: New home buyers will cause home prices to increase by 2 per cent each year. Rental vacancy rates will also rise due to oversupply of newly constructed rental accommodations.

Quebec City: A surplus of homes, both new and existing, will cause housing starts to be reduced. Resale home prices are expected to be up by 1 per cent in 2016 and 1.5 per cent the following year.

Saskatchewan: End 2015 figures show that overall detached house construction plummeted 30 per cent this year with multifamily residence starts reduced by 34 per cent. On average, home prices are expected to be lower by about 0.7 per cent, increasing modestly in 2016 and 2017.

Toronto: The trend towards multifamily residences rather than one-family detached homes will cause 5 per cent fewer housing starts in 2016, with even 10 per cent fewer in 2017. High house prices will mean fewer first-time buyers. This year's figure of 100,000 home sales will fall to 87,500 by 2017.

Vancouver: Only a slight cooling during 2016 and 2017 with housing starts remaining high. Each year should see the construction of 20,000 units. End 2015 will see home resales soaring to decade highs (up by 9 per cent), tapering off in the coming two years.

Windsor and London, Ont.: Housing starts in both cities are expected to rise by 6 per cent next year due to house purchases by millennials.
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Aspire Federal Credit Union :
How to Handle Holiday Leftovers

Aspire Federal Credit Union :<br/> How to Handle Holiday Leftovers | Interests |
When it comes to holiday food, leftovers are inevitable. Some may be excited about this, but others may not know what to do – and no one wants waste! We’ll walk you through how to manage the holiday mess to ensure you’re getting the most out of your holiday investment. Get Leftovers Put Away Promptly... Read More
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Understanding Green Lighting

Understanding Green Lighting | Interests |
Green housing is a term that encompasses environmentally friendly building and renovating procedures, strategies to help you reduce energy and water use.
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A History of NBA MVPs

A History of NBA MVPs | Interests |
Out of all the awards in professional sports, the NBA MVP is one of the most prestigious and respected awards of them all. When players win this award, they not only know they have done something right, but they know they’re likely going to make their way into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Most Valuable Player award has been given out every year since the 1955-56 basketball season, and since its conception there have been tons of surprises, let downs, and back-to-back winners. But the guy who walks away with the trophy is getting more than just that; winning MVP brings many perks and notability for both the player and their teams, and the honor will go down as a part of NBA history.
Most Recognized NBA MVPs
Being recognized as MVP isn’t something that many have the honor of being awarded, yet some are fortunate enough to have claimed the title several times throughout their careers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has won more Most Valuable Player Awards than any other basketball player in history, and the awards were rightfully earned seeing as he has blocked more shots and scored more points than anyone else in his time. Kareem left the NBA in 1989 at an impressive 42-years-old.
Other players to have come close to earning as many MVP awards as Kareem include Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and most recently Lebron James. With James being as young as he was when he entered the NBA, he has a chance at beating Kareem’s record for most MVPs.
In 2015, the MVP title went to Stephen Curry, a guard for the Golden State Warriors based in Oakland, California. He won the award partially for his impressive shooting skills on the court, and recent headlines have been naming him the best shooter of all time.
About the MVP Award
When a basketball player is elected as MVP, they receive a trophy as well as other gifts and incentives. It is a greatly celebrated event and much praise is given to the player for their hard work during the previous basketball season. This also makes the player more valuable to the NBA organization as a whole, which is why they often get additional perks from the association (you didn’t really think LeBron paid for all of his cars himself, did you?!).
Now that this year’s winner has already been claimed, there is already heat under several players to bring up their game for next season. Anyone have ideas on who will take the trophy next year?
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How To Organize Your Children’s Bath Toys

How To Organize Your Children’s Bath Toys | Interests |
It can be a real challenge to convince your little ones the importance of hygiene and taking regular baths. Many parents may find that introducing toys to bath time might just be the trick. You’d be shocked at how easy it is to get a toddler in a bathtub when you treat it like play time, but unfortunately, bath toys generally cause one common problem: unwanted clutter.


Not to worry—we’ve got you covered with our round up of innovative ways to store your child’s bath toys when it’s not play time!

Shower Caddy

Most people use shower caddies to organize their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but why stop there? Caddies are available in all shapes and sizes, from corner units to over the showerhead hangers, to caddies that can be installed on the wall by suction cups. They’re perfect for keeping bath toys out of the way, streamlined enough to fit in with your bathroom design, and accessible when you need them.

Unlike most store-bought items that specifically store children’s toys, the Dispenser caddies offer a sleek design that will maintain a stylish atmosphere in your bathroom. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your bathroom’s style!
KidsKit Pelican Bath Storage Pouch

This storage pouch is a toy itself! Having an item like this isn’t just appealing for children, but it’ll also help encourage them to clean up after themselves. The company’s promotion for the item includes parents to promt their l kids when bath time is over by saying “Mr. Pelican is hungry,”. This will inspire your little ones to put their toys away and with this pouch hangs over the side of the tub, the unit will drain and dry properly to avoid mildew and mold!

Hang Planters or Fruit Baskets
You likely won’t find one of these in the bath and shower aisle, even though they make a perfect holder for bath toys. Simply purchase a hanging planter or fruit basket, and latch it onto the shower rail. It’s a great solution to avoid clutter of toys, and can also be used as a toiletry storage!

Dish Rack
A standard dish rack is the prefect environment for toys that need to be dried. Leave it on the edge of your bathtub if you have room, or transfer it to your bathroom counter until the toys are dried before storing it under the sink.

Stowaway Bath
This is a great solution for those planning on undergoing a bathroom renovation. The Stowaway Bath utilizes the unused storage place under the tub to keep toys, shampoo and conditioner, or whatever else you keep in your bathroom out of the way!

No matter how many toys your children bring into the tub, there are easy and effective storage solutions available to you. If you have a favorite place to hide your tub toys that isn’t on this list, share it with Better Living today!
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Do You Need to Tidy the Home Before the Cleaner Arrives?

Do You Need to Tidy the Home Before the Cleaner Arrives? | Interests |
We all have those anxious moments when we feel that our home is being judged by those who visit. This is true of many people who hire home cleaning services.

Oftentimes, you might feel that you should prepare your home ready for your cleaner to arrive and complete the work. But you don’t have to give in to this temptation!

Let’s examine why you don’t need to clean before inviting your cleaner over to the home:

It’s the Professional’s Job to Clean the Home

As specialists in the marketplace, our team has cleaned thousands of properties across the region. We’re used to the clean-up work and committed to comprehensive service!

When you hire a professional to clean your home, that professional should be ready to clean all types of residential waste. When a homeowner hires our staff for the work, they can rest assured that our staff is trained to complete their cleaning work to the highest of standards. They take pride in their work and don’t require the home owner to pre-clean the home for them.

You Can Use Your Time More Effectively

When you’ve hired a specialist to clean your home, that time has been allotted to the service specialist and will be used to complete all cleaning processes.

When you complete pre-cleaning work, you’re actively adding further time to the process. This will take time out of your busy schedule and reduce the value of your investment within professional cleaning work.

The leading companies use trained specialists who can complete comprehensive cleaning work far quicker than the average homeowner. It’s why you hire cleaning specialists in the first place.

Complete Small, Easy Tasks but Leave Tough Jobs to the Professionals

While you might wish to complete easy tasks such as loading the dishwasher and moving dirty towels into the laundry, it’s more than okay to leave the tougher cleaning tasks to your professional home cleaner. De-cluttering the space can help the service expert to focus on the more challenging work, but you should only complete small tasks that won’t detract from your daily routine.

Professional home cleaning work can transform an untidy residential property into a highly functional and appealing living space. Make sure you’re getting full value for your residential cleaning work – sit back and leave the tough jobs to the professionals. You’ll be able to relax while gaining many hours in your day-to-day schedule!
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How to Prevent Mold Growing Around the Bathroom

How to Prevent Mold Growing Around the Bathroom | Interests |
Mold is prevalent within bathroom spaces because these areas provide the warm and damp conditions mold requires for growth. This mold growth can become both a structural issue that impacts the home’s ceilings and walls, and a health issue that affects the entire family.

It’s important that homeowners understand the factors behind the growth of mold and what they can do to prevent mold growth within their bathroom spaces in future. We’ll look at preventative measures you can take in this latest blog.

Spread Your Shower Curtain to Prevent the Trapping of Moisture

Mold is commonly found on home shower curtains. That’s because the crevices in between the shower curtain folds create the ideal growth environment. To prevent moisture from being trapped in these crevices and forming mold, try to spread the shower curtain out across the rod. This will help ensure the curtain dries faster and limit moisture retention.

Repair Bathroom Leaks

Another common reason for mold growth within the modern home is leaks from faucets and showers.

You can proactively stop this type of leak from causing mold by examining your bathroom for leaks. You can then contact a local repair expert to fix any areas of water intrusion you find. Most leaks can be repaired in days, thereby preventing mold growth from occurring.

Review Drainage Issues

The slow draining of water into plugs can also cause mold to grow within baths and sinks. Try to examine these issues carefully and use a plunger or toilet snakes to improve drainage. It’s important to be careful during this process as snaking drains can cause damage to the internal structure of the pipe.

Improve air circulation

A leading cause for mold growth is a lack or air within the space to dry the walls and shower curtains. You can improve the air circulation within the space by turning on the bathroom exhaust fan during showers and opening doors and windows afterwards. This will help bring in fresh air to the room and reduce instances of moisture retention.

Use Semi-Gloss Paints

If you’re continually experiencing mold growth issues within the bathroom, repainting bathroom walls could offer a lasting solution to the problem. Using semi-gloss paint can help create a harder surface that is more resistant to mold growth.

These simple actions can help keep your family and your home protected against the dangers of mold in the coming years. Remember to contact a local specialist the moment you suspect a mold growth issue.
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Untreated Sobriety - Bellwood Health Services

Untreated Sobriety - Bellwood Health Services | Interests |
There is a difference between being abstinent and engaging in recovery. Dealing with the underlying emotions associated with addiction through therapy and treatment is key to a healthy, happy and sober life.
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What is Low-E Glass?

What is Low-E Glass? | Interests |
Thanks to its high versatility, glass has become one of the most widely used and popular building materials of the age. This is partially because it’s aesthetically pleasing and partially because humanity has been using glass for such a long time that we have gotten rather good at it. Constant improvements in technology and understanding of thermodynamics has given us an excellent understanding of how – and why – heat is transferred through windows.

The full spectrum of light is far broader than what we can see. In fact, the light spectrum includes something that many people do not even think of as light because we don’t see it, we feel it: heat.

Beyond the range of wavelengths that we can see – wavelengths of about 380-780 nanometers – there are both larger and smaller wavelengths. UV light, at a wavelength of about 310-380 nanometers, is the type of light which fades interior finishings and may cause damage to the eyes. At the other end, at 780 wavelengths, there is infrared light which we feel as heat energy.

By blocking the light which we cannot see, Low-E glass coating allows us to protect our furniture from fading, taking some of the load off our heating and air conditioning, and still have a beautiful, unobstructed view of the outdoors.

The coating also prevents another common cause of heat transfer through windows, which is radiant energy. When the surface of the glass heats up, it naturally passes on some of that heat to the air around it, on both sides of the pane. By preventing the glass from heating up, the coating also prevents this radiant heat transfer.

Low-E coatings come in two types, but both are microscopically thin, transparent coatings that reflect long-wave infrared energy (heat) instead of absorbing it. The constant reflection of heat back into the home will also help maintain the correct temperature during cold winters.

Hard Coat

Also known as passive Low-E coatings, this type is applied to the glass surface during production using the pyrolytic process. It is fused to surface of the glass while it’s hot, creating a very strong bond that remains durable throughout fabrication. The glass is then cut to shape and turned into windows to be sold. This style of coating is best for cold climate as it will allow for some of the sun’s energy to enter the home, assisting with heating.

Soft Coat

Solar control Low-E coatings – or soft coats – are applied to pre-cut sections of room temperature glass in a vacuum chamber. They are then sealed in IG or a laminated unit and offer a lower level of heat emissions and improved solar control. Ideal for warmer climates, these windows work best for those who are trying to keep hot air out, not in. For those living in Canada, a hard coat would be better suggested.
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Cataract Surgery | Bladeless Cataract Surgery Clinic - Evergreen Eye

Cataract Surgery | Bladeless Cataract Surgery Clinic - Evergreen Eye | Interests |
Evergreen Eye Center is a recognized Eye Cataracts Treatment Center in cataract surgery with dedicated cataract surgical facility staffed with caring professionals.
Sandra G.Otoole's insight:

Eye opener: What do you know about Cataract and its treatment.

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How Guerrilla Advertising Can Transform Your Business | Grassroots Advertising Inc.

How Guerrilla Advertising Can Transform Your Business | Grassroots Advertising Inc. | Interests |
Guerilla marketing tactics are an effective way to grow your business with minimal cost, and here we share how guerilla advertising can transform your business.
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Aspire Federal Credit Union :
Car Sharing, Auto Refinancing, and Insurance: Ways to Cut Your Car Costs

Aspire Federal Credit Union :<br/> Car Sharing, Auto Refinancing, and Insurance: Ways to Cut Your Car Costs | Interests |
Aspire FCU and NerdWallet team up again to share how you can save more money.
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Pay Off Your Debts - The Financial Forum

Pay Off Your Debts - The Financial Forum | Interests |
Debt keep accumulating and pushed over the tops over the holidays? Go over all your options and learn how to consolidate your debt yo pay it off.
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Quitting Caffeine? 3 Alternatives To Staying Awake | Truck Loan Center

Quitting Caffeine? 3 Alternatives To Staying Awake | Truck Loan Center | Interests |
When driving long distances, especially at night, it is important to stay awake. Here are some alternative ways to show you how to stay awake while driving.
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Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse? | Interests |
If you are married and need to claim bankruptcy, you may be concerned as to how your assignment into bankruptcy will affect your spouse.

If your spouse is joint on a co-signed debt, then a creditor can legally pursue your spouse for repayment of that debt even if you file for bankruptcy. The only assets included in a bankruptcy are those assets that you own. If assets are owned jointly with your spouse, then it is your potion / percentage of the assets that will be considered.

Your trustee needs to be completely aware of any joint assets that you own so that they can all be reviewed on an individual basis. Any assets that are in your spouse’s name are not affected by your bankruptcy; those assets are theirs and will remain so.

If you claim bankruptcy, your spouse does not have to. They can decide how to proceed based on their personal finances. There are times when it makes sense for couples to file jointly, and there are other times when it is more reasonable for only one partner to file for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. This is something that should be thoroughly discussed with a trustee before moving forward with any final decisions.

When you choose to file, all of the debts that are in your name will not affect your spouse’s credit or their personal debt obligations. More importantly, your bankruptcy will not appear on your spouse’s credit report because their credit report only contains information about them personally.

If you file for bankruptcy, any debts that you and your spouse have jointly will be the sole responsibility of your spouse. Your spouse will be automatically obligated to repay that debt fully even though you are in bankruptcy. If you and your spouse have a lot of joint debts, you may consider the need for both of you to file for bankruptcy so that all of the family debts are handled.

If you and your spouse have separated or are divorced, your spouse is still responsible for any debts that you incurred during your marriage as long as you both signed the loan paperwork. For more information or help on where to go from here, contact our team today.
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Can you Get Insurance Coverage for your Possessions during Cross Border Moves? | Armstrong Moving

Can you Get Insurance Coverage for your Possessions during Cross Border Moves? | Armstrong Moving | Interests |
It is possible to get insurance cover for your valuables during cross-border moves, only if you're going with a professional relocation company like Armstrong Moving.
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Timeline Photos - Paulita J. Schram | Facebook

Timeline Photos - Paulita J. Schram | Facebook | Interests |
#Watchout for the new #episodes of Landmark Home Solutions Sponsored #IWreckedMyHouse in HGTV Canada
A Landmark Home Solution
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5 timeless kids’ bathroom designs for your little ones

5 timeless kids’ bathroom designs for your little ones | Interests |
Do you have a bathroom in your home that is used primarily by your children? You probably want to design the space to blend with your home's overarching style aesthetic, but maybe your children would prefer the room to feature cartoon characters or big rubber duckies. There's no need to fret! Consider these five timeless bathroom designs that both you and your little ones will love:

Nautical - Nautical themes capture the imagination of kids and adults alike with beautiful blues paired with stripes and other seaworthy accessories, such as anchors, stars, boats, whales and rope. This design transitions well as kids age, working just as great for a 2-year-old as it does for a 12-year-old. To achieve a nautical vibe, start with a palette of blues and match them with crisp, clean white. Finish with splashes of red or orange.

Up north - There's something special about being a child and exploring the great outdoors. Bring the cabin feel to your home by designing your kids' bathroom with an up-north theme. A plaid shower curtain, evergreen paint accents and wood accessories are enough to transform the space. Go on a hike and find branches with your kids that can be incorporated into the design. Small ones can be stacked or placed in a vase; a big one might make for the perfect towel rack!

Patterns - Sometimes all you need to transform a bathroom with eye-catching appeal for both young and old family members is the addition of pattern. For kids' bathrooms, you can't go wrong with chevron. Those uniform zig-zags are fun and sophisticated, adding just enough whimsy to the space. A chevron shower curtain is an easy upgrade, but another awesome option is adding chevron wallpaper to a focal wall, such as behind the mirror or above the tub.

Bold color and chrome - If you've always wanted to play around with color in your interior design, now you have the perfect excuse! Kids love colors, so brainstorm some lively options like vivid turquoise or grass green and incorporate them into the bathroom. Then, pair them with cool chrome accessories that will keep the space clutter-free, such as a toilet caddy or a towel stand.

Pretty pastels - If your little lady is begging you for a girly bathroom for her daily primping, think about redoing the space in pastels. It provides the perfect feminine touch without the princess overload. That doesn't mean you have to stick to soft pinks, though, because mint greens and sunny yellows are ideal for the bathroom. Let her help pick out new towels and accessories, and she'll feel like she had a say in the design process and will feel proud when the project is complete.

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Can A Broken Window Seal Be Repaired? – Clera Windows & Doors

Can A Broken Window Seal Be Repaired? – Clera Windows & Doors | Interests |
Normally a window seal can be replaced if broken so here we explain whether a broken seal can repaired or not.
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30+ Websites to Download Free Photos

30+ Websites to Download Free Photos | Interests |
Last updated – January 14, 2015   If you are a blogger looking for free photos to use in your blog posts or a designer looking for free photography to use in your designs, then check out the websites below and you will find the best free stock photos.   All of the photos that […]

Via Susan Grigsby @sksgrigsby
Susan Grigsby @sksgrigsby's curator insight, January 27, 2015 3:24 PM

Since we're always looking for good image sites to share with teachers and students, this is a good page to bookmark!

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Can Rhinoplasty Help with Chronic Sinus Infections?

Can Rhinoplasty Help with Chronic Sinus Infections? | Interests |
A lot of patients who experience frequent sinus problems and are also planning a rhinoplasty wonder if their surgery will help relieve those other symptoms. It is a reasonable question to ask! After all, nose and sinus congestion often go hand-in-hand as they are adjacent areas of the face.

Let’s take a look at what rhinoplasty does and how the sinuses are affected.


By now, you probably know that rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is a procedure that reshapes your nose. An incision is made either inside your nostrils or across the small piece of skin in between your nostrils. With access to the inside of your nose, your surgeon will move, add, or remove tissue and cartilage in order to achieve the desired shape.


Perhaps you’ve experienced (or at least know someone who experiences) frequent headaches that feel like pressure building in the areas of your face around your nose, commonly referred to as sinus headaches. But what exactly are the sinuses? What is being affected when we feel this way?

Your sinuses are actually empty spaces behind your facial bones around your nose, in your forehead, and in your upper cheeks. They have a number of biological functions related to breathing, but in order to function properly they need to be clear of blockages.


When the internal openings of the sinuses become blocked and backed up, bacteria can start to grow inside of them and cause an infection – along with all the symptoms that entails, like excess fluid, mucous, and headaches.

There are a few different ways that your sinuses can become blocked and clogged, like nasal congestion from allergies or the common cold. Anatomical abnormalities, such as a severely deviated nasal septum can also be the culprit.

In certain situations a CT scan can help diagnose the area of anatomic obstruction contributing to sinusitis. In specific situations, opening the sinuses drainage with a procedure called FESS is necessary in addition to septoplasty to improve sinus drainage.

How can rhinoplasty help?

While rhinoplasty usually does not involve any alterations to the sinuses themselves, there are still times where it can help cases of chronic sinusitis. It all depends on the root cause of the recurring sinusitis. If it is being caused by an obstruction from a deviated septum, then rhinoplasty could be a viable solution.

The nasal septum is the part of your nose that divides the two airways of your nostrils. In some people, the septum is not centred. Sometimes this is harmless, but other times it can obstruct breathing or cause sinus blockages.

Since rhinoplasty can correct a deviated septum, it would help relieve chronic sinus infections in these types of cases.

It is a good idea to consult with your primary doctor and your rhinoplasty surgeon ahead of time to determine the specific cause of the sinusitis. If it is indeed an obstructing deviated septum, then you can proceed with the rhinoplasty as planned. If it is from a different source, then you will need further treatment in addition to your rhinoplasty.
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Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup

Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup | Interests |
Makeup is one of those things that we end up buying and tucking away for special occasions, only to find it months down the road, unused and forgotten about. At that point, it’s expired, no longer useable, and a big waste of money.

The best way to get the most out of your makeup is to keep it sorted and put it into plain sight so you’ll remember to use it. Here are some of the best ways to organize your makeup:

Get creative with magnets

Try attaching magnets to the back of your makeup containers so you can stick them to the inside of a cupboard door. You can purchase adhesive magnetic strips from most home hardware, convenience, or dollar stores to which you can stick to the back of the door. Makeup with magnets means you’ll be able to see everything you have with a simple glance, not to mention the amount of clutter it will eliminate!

If you don’t have cupboards in your bathroom but have counter space instead, you can jazz up this idea by making yourself a display using a mirror or an old picture frame. Remove the glass and frame a magnetized sheet so you can keep all of your makeup easily displayed within the frame.

Hang it up

A perfect way to set up your makeup without taking up any counter space is to hang it in baskets from the ceiling. This can be a really fun activity and you can decorate the baskets to match the decor of your bathroom perfectly.

Hang your brushes in one basket, your everyday staples in another, and your only-for-special-occasion highlights in a separate place so you know just where to look when you’re dressing to impress.

Divide and Conquer

Perhaps the simplest way to successfully organize your makeup collection is to purchase a divider for your countertop so you can separate brushes, blushes, and liners. They’re an extremely inexpensive option and a simple solution to your home makeup mess! If you can, avoid choosing an opaque divider as you’ll inevitably lose some small little thing at the bottom if you can’t see it. Keeping it clear will give it a clean look and functional purpose!

Pick a Home

When organizing any items in any room in your home, the best thing you can do is pick a home for your belongings and stick to it!

If you decide you’re going to put your makeup in a specific drawer, be sure to make a habit of always putting it in there. If you think your brushes work better in a separate location, avoid mixing them in with other beauty products.

Always return things to where you found them and before long you’ll have forgotten what it was like to have a disorganized makeup collection in the first place!
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