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Sabiduría para la vida es la meta. Su busca es philo-sophia, trabajar juntos buscando la Sophia-Sapientia-Mahat que nos permita vivir más humanamente. Pero para lograr esta meta hay que saber aprender, es decir incorporar a la vida todo tipo de conocimientos a traves de la formación.
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10 reasons Finland's school system is better 

10 reasons Finland's school system is better  | INTELIGENCIA GLOBAL |

Many people are familiar with the stereotype of the hard-working, rote memorization, myopic tunnel vision of Eastern Asian study and work ethics. Many of these countries, like China, Singapore, and Japan amongst others routinely rank in the number one spots in both math and science.

Some pundits point towards this model of exhaustive brain draining as something Americans should aspire to become. Work more! Study harder! Live less. The facts and figures don’t lie – these countries are outperforming us, but there might be a better and healthier way to go about this.

Finland is the answer – a country rich in intellectual and educational reform has initiated over the years a number of novel and simple changes that have completely revolutionized their educational system. They outrank the United States and are gaining on Eastern Asian countries.

Are they cramming in dimly-lit rooms on robotic schedules?  Nope. Stressing over standardized tests enacted by the government? No way. Finland is leading the way because of common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment that strives for equity over excellence. Here are 10 reasons why Finland’s education system is dominating America and the world stage

Via David Hain
David Hain's curator insight, September 11, 2018 5:59 AM

This article on the future of education is written from an American perspective - but it could just as easily be the UK that is the laggard when compared to Finland.

Jose Luis Yañez's curator insight, November 18, 2018 5:35 AM
10 reasons Finland's school system is better
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The World Might Be Better Off if We Rethink Education

The World Might Be Better Off if We Rethink Education | INTELIGENCIA GLOBAL |
Educators—at all levels, including and maybe especially college—need to take a hard look at themselves and understand how they teach affects the results they are hoping to achieve. They need to know who they are teaching. They need to stop shaming their students and blaming them for not learning, especially when the way they are teaching students results in the lack of learning and understanding that they decry in their students.

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