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Finding fashion inspiration in everyday items…that is my challenge. More specifically, Gray Chandler Murray (my potential fictional boss) sent me three bags of pretzels to inspire me. While I didn’t want to create an outfit with food hanging, or I’d have the dog chasing me all over the place, I decided to instead take my inspiration from the wrap-around shape of the twisted pretzel.


Those who know me in real life (and from pictures online), know that my fashion signature is wearing scarves. I’ve been wearing them since high school (over 40 years). I can’t imagine going out without one around my neck, draped on a jacket or even just tied to my handbag. Just like my Costes perfume, it’s my own personal tagline.


So, what better to do with the pretzel inspiration than take my favorite accessories and come up with a fabulous new way to twist them into a summertime top.


Beginning with an purple/gray scarf on one side and a black one on the other, I criss-crossed the scarves until they met on one side ad pretzel twisted them in a tassel down one side. While I show it on the mannequin “as-is” – a simple black tank or camisole underneath would take all of the worry out of any wardrobe malfunction (as these scarves are fairly see-through).


Voilà! Of course, this is best left for summertime or for your vacation to the tropics – unless like me you live in the south.