India’s ballot battle will also run through Facebook
So far it like it only reinforcing the class alliance already overtly evident. Nevertheless, plurality of voices are more necessary today than ever before. It is good to see people of progressive persuasions recognising the power of social media, however belatedly.
Indian media and entertainment industry grew by 12% to touch Rs 920 billion in 2013: Ficci-KPMG r...
With elections this year, it should only get better.
Internet remains unaffordable for the masses: Ajit Balakrishnan
"The Founder & CEO highlights the stark realities of internet penetration, which stands at 10% in India, & says that for it to reach critical mass, it should be made available at Rs 100 per month." But the media never did rely on hawkers and the like. It's always been about the elite, ...
Cong Forms 3 Media Units to Counter Opposition Attack

It would be interesting to read the 'Process Manual for News Response Team' of the Congress party. Anybody have a copy? 

What would still go against the grand old party of India, nevertheless, is that that the so-called Research Team is headed by Sandeep Dikshit, son of Sheila Dikshit, while Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Hooda's son, Deepender Hooda heads the social media team. 

Leave it to the "vile" creativity of social media mavens to lampoon the two's best laid out strategies.

Text of Justice Katju’s letter to Maharashtra governor asking him to pardon Sanjay Dutt

Justice Katju is an good man. He is an angry man as well. He often has used rather blunt language to deride the media for its various omissions and commissions, and rightly so! The tirades go more or less on the lines like the media being more bothered about celebs and not toiling masses of India, and so on and so forth.
But this must come as an bit of an embarrassment to all fans of Justice Katju -- his support for a troubled film star. The good judge says, "The event happen in 1993 i.e. 20 years ago. During this period Sanjay suffered a lot, and had a cloud hovering over his head throughout. He had to undergo various tribulations and indignities during this period. He had to go to Court often, he had to take the permission of the Court for foreign shootings, he could not get bank loans, etc."

But sometimes media can throw up some uncomfortable facts, like this investigation by Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja in the Tehelka: How The Star Escaped TADA

It is quite likely that he hasn't had the time to read this article. But it is not too late to go for it now at least.
Although it is a bit too late for Justice Katju to withdraw his missive.

On computer literacy and education - 8 holes CAG picked in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development plan

According to Narendra Modi, the internet is a game-changer. He says, "Common citizens (can) now directly engage in policy making process." With  Modi one can't be sure if "common citizens" means those who belong only to  his faith or only those who have faith in him. Nevertheless, one is entitled to be flummoxed when his eloquence about the benefits of technology doesn't quite add up in audit figures. This "minor" discrepancy wouldn't dent his image with the faithful, that's for sure.

Internet the gamechanger, technology key to good governance: Narendra Modi