indian astrology
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indian astrology
Astrology Course Syllabus for Crash Course in Vedic Astrology: Study of Panchanga: - Tithi, Karan, Yog, Nakshatra, Vaar. Gochar planetary positions, Retrograde planets, Planetary aspects/ Relations, Indian Characteristics of rashi and planets. Different types of horoscopes, Western, South Indian, East & North - East India, Northwest India, Surya rashi, Chandra rashi, Lagna rashi, Navamsa kundli & other types of kundli & K.P.Padhti ( K.P.Jyotish) Vimsottari dasa, Maha dasa, Antra dasa, Prati antra dasa & other types of Maha dasa’s. Mangal dosh, Pitroo dosh, Kal - sarpa dosh, Gandhant Nakshatra Dosh, Nadi dosh. Different types of yogs, Shani Sade - sati, Shani small panvati. Significations of twelve houses. General Predictions, Match matching. All Kundli with Prediction To Register For The Free Session in mumbai Please Like This Page and also call 9769625327
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