Increasing Volume of Calls
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Rescooped by Sheryl Roberts from The MarTech Digest!

Rethinking Marketing - Harvard Business Review

Rethinking Marketing - Harvard Business Review | Increasing Volume of Calls |

(We're revisiting this article from a few years back so as to make the point regarding ownership of digital marketing...)



B2B companies, for instance, use key account managers and global account directors to focus on meeting customers’ evolving needs, rather than selling specific products. IBM organizes according to customer needs, such as energy efficiency or server consolidation, and coordinates its marketing efforts across products for a particular customer. Instead of focusing on short-term product sales, IBM measures the practice’s performance according to long-term customer metrics.


Large B2B firms are often advanced in their customer orientation, and some B2C companies are making notable progress. Increasingly, they view their customer relationships as evolving over time, and they may hand off customers to different parts of the organization selling different brands as their needs change.




Customer relationship management has been increasingly taken on by companies’ IT groups because of the technical capability CRM systems require, according to a Harte-Hanks survey of 300 companies in North America: 42% of companies report that CRM is managed by the IT group, 31% by sales, and only 9% by marketing. Yet CRM is, ultimately, a tool for gauging customer needs and behaviors—the new customer department’s central role. It makes little sense for the very data required to execute a customer-cultivation strategy to be collected and analyzed outside the customer department. Of course, bringing CRM into the customer department means bringing IT and analytic skills in as well.


Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, April 29, 2013 9:53 AM

The supposition is that the B2B sales environment is not customer centric, and it’s been our experience that it is anything but that. However, the strange ownership of CRM by 42% of companies by IT is open to interpretation, e.g., do they wholly own it or the implementation and ongoing management of it? Ditto any marketing technology. It goes back to the point regarding Chief Digital Officers, the supposed bridge between IT and Sales & Marketing: who owns the thought process behind the marketing technology? Marketers: do not cede thought ownership. Improve your marketing technology acumen, and lead.

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Scooped by Sheryl Roberts!

Best Buy Sells Europe Business Back to Carphone Warehouse - Wall Street Journal

Best Buy Sells Europe Business Back to Carphone Warehouse - Wall Street Journal | Increasing Volume of Calls |
Wall Street Journal
Best Buy Sells Europe Business Back to Carphone Warehouse
Wall Street Journal
Best Buy Co. is getting out of Europe.
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An Office Built in the Clouds

An Office Built in the Clouds | Increasing Volume of Calls |
Sheryl Roberts's insight:

A lot of businesses have been using and taking advantage of the features of having an 800 number. Traditional 10 digit numbers are being replaced with the cloud phone system. This allows the business to build an office in the clouds. In the advent of the internet, all data are being stored online. So, instead of getting several business phone lines, answering machines, and tons of wires in the office, the cloud phone system can store each detail digitally. In this way, budget, time and energy is being reduced.


Entrepreneurs prefer to get an 800 number because of its features and the advantages. It is inexpensive and effective way to provide customer service. Other than that, the cloud phone system allows the marketer to determine the status of the business should there be a need to improve or create another product or not.


There is no need to purchase and install software, setting up a virtual phone system is simple. All it takes is to choose a vanity number, set up then it's good to go.


Upon getting a vanity number, an increase in the number of incoming calls is expected. It allows the customer to contact the business anytime and anywhere. What about those time of the day where there isn't any available staff or employee to receive the call? This is where the cloud phone system come in. There are two ways in receiving incoming calls.


The IVR (interactive voice response) and a live receptionist.


Either way, whenever customers and prospects call in, each need has to be met. Callers will be able to hear a pre-recorded greeting. This is part of the feature of the cloud phone system where a marketer can record his voice or hire a professional to greet customers calling in. A caller menu will be heard which provides options for the caller to choose from according to his concern. At this point, the IVR works as a virtual receptionist. Unwanted calls will be reduced. Callers who call to inquire or simply to ask for store location can be assisted by an automated phone system. Thus, holding time will be reduced. An IVR can transfer the call to an automated phone system depending on the concern. Callers can still have their needs met even without talking to a live receptionist. Callers just follow on the instructions and the call will be resolved.


Sometimes, business owners decide to partner with a call center to assist in resolving each incoming calls. The live receptionist, with the aid the virtual phone system will have an overview of each customer with its detailed displayed on the screen. In this way, live receptionist will have an idea and knowledge on how to handle each call providing quality customer service.


The cloud phone system not only works for the customers but works for the business as well. It allows the business to receive multiple calls at the same time. The need of hiring more staff and employees will never be an option. 

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The Next Generation of Business Leaders

The Next Generation of Business Leaders | Increasing Volume of Calls |

MBAs–both the degrees and the people who have them–are an obsolete waste of time and money. An irrelevant recipe for failure. At least that’s what all the cool entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are saying. So what’s next? Learning to code and “lean startups.” Accelerators are the new b-school.


There’s just one problem though.


While creating a product and starting a company have never been easier, building and sustaining a business have never been harder. And lean is not everything. That means business education has never been more important. But first, both b-schools and companies need to learn some new tricks.

Via The Learning Factor
Robin Martin's comment, May 1, 2013 12:40 PM
Wow...will we ever find the real "balance?"
The Learning Factor's comment, May 1, 2013 6:12 PM
Hmm, finding the real "balance"?? The illusive goal!
michaelpohl360's curator insight, May 3, 2013 4:03 AM

Though I don't like statements such as one "must" and companies "have to", I believe that the overall view is correct. The world's changing, business environment is changing as well. New leadership skills are required that were not taught in public schools at all but neither at business schools yet.

Scooped by Sheryl Roberts!

Business: More Information!

Business: More Information! | Increasing Volume of Calls |
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