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Scooped by Larry Levenson!

72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 | Business 2 Community

72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 | Business 2 Community | Inbound Marketing Wonk |
Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers.
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A 6 Step Process for Keyword Research

A 6 Step Process for Keyword Research | Inbound Marketing Wonk |

Excerpted from article:

"Any good SEO campaign starts with proper keyword identification and categorization. The following keyword research process will provide a good structure and solid foundation for identifying, expanding, and prioritizing the keywords in your universe.


1. Identify Your Keyword Universe:

Use your intuition, PPC data, competitor insight, analytics data, internal search data, Google suggest data, and any historical data from your client or your company to construct your initial "seed word" list.


2. Expand the List:

Use the Google Keyword Tool (along with tools like Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery if you have access) to expand the seed word list and to understand relative search volumes of all your keywords.


3. Prioritize Your List:

Your new expanded list is your "keyword universe." It is then appropriate to prioritize your keywords and choose the most important keywords that you will be targeting with your campaign.


4. Categorize Your Priority Keywords:

Once you have a priority list of keywords for your campaign, you should categorize the keywords into segments specific to business goals. This allows for more granular reporting and understanding of performance.


5. Identify Preferred Landing Pages:

You may find as you begin to do the on-page optimization (page titles, meta descriptions, H tags, and content) for your preferred landing pages that a particular page may be relevant to only one or two priority keywords.


6. Refine Your Keyword List Over Time:

It's good practice to review these data sets monthly to identify any new opportunities that should be integrated into your SEO campaign.


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Scooped by Larry Levenson!

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