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Cracking the Quantum Safe - New York Times

Cracking the Quantum Safe - New York Times | In My Place |
New York TimesCracking the Quantum SafeNew York TimesTHIS summer, physicists celebrated a triumph that many consider fundamental to our understanding of the physical world: the discovery, after a multibillion-dollar effort, of the Higgs boson.
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Social Marketing Automation

Social Marketing Automation | In My Place |

In this  Infographic, Social Marketing Automation is defined, providing  various use cases for marketers to explore.

Marketers can use Social Marketing Automation to identify brand advocates, customers who are ripe for an upsell, and prospective customers.

To learn more about Social Marketing Automation download Awareness' new white paper Social Prospecting & Scoring: A Disruptive Process to Identify Leads, Generate Demand and Target Influencers [PDF]

By Awareness.


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