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Scooped by Barbara Day!

Left-wing policies have promoted the rise of barbarism

Left-wing policies have promoted the rise of barbarism | Immigration |

THE fashionable progressive agenda is wrecking our once stable, free society. In the name of tolerance, the craven political establishment has promoted barbarism in our midst. For decades, our rulers have presented mass immigration and multi-culturalism as forces for social advancement.

But in the aftermath of the Woolwich atrocity, the malign consequences of this strategy are all too clear. Far from bringing harmony and compassion, the politically correct state has achieved the very opposite. The transformation of our social fabric has led to segregation rather than integration, distrust instead of unity, fear in place of freedom.

Multi-cultural diversity might be portrayed as a liberal policy but in practice it has led to discrimination, misogyny and oppression across our urban areas, while encouraging the growth of extremism.

In a speech in 2011 David Cameron proclaimed that “a genuinely liberal country believes in certain values and actively promotes them: freedom of speech; freedom of worship; the rule of law; and equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality.”

His rhetoric was laudable but has hardly been matched by the actions of the Government, which has long shown a craven reluctance to uphold the liberal traditions of Britain.

OBSESSED with the ideology of diversity, our political masters have not only allowed the immigration rate to reach more than 500,000 arrivals every single year, but also have refused to demand that newcomers accept the British way of life.

Instead immigrants have been encouraged to cling to their own cultures and customs.

During their 13 years of misrule, Labour was particularly enthusiastic about enforcing this destructive strategy, partly through their instinctive loathing for their own country, which they liked to portray as outdated and racist, and partly through their desire to expand their client army of supporters, given that 80 per cent of immigrants vote Labour.

What is so tragic is that a party of the Left, trumpeting its supposedly liberal credentials, should have pursued a policy that is so fundamentally illiberal. Labour’s fixation with identity politics and mass immigration had led to the import of deeply reactionary, anti-democratic, superstitious tribalism on an epic scale.

There is nothing liberal about what is now happening in many of our inner cities. Tower Hamlets in east London, where white Britons make up just 30 per cent of the population, has seen patrols by Muslim vigilantes who have attacked women for dressing “inappropriately” and put up stickers declaring the area “a gay free zone”.

The same spirit of misogyny can be also be seen in the growing number of sharia courts, which treat women as second-class citizens, and in the gangs of Muslim men in such places as Oxford, Telford and Derby, preying on young white girls. The same collapse of liberal values can be seen in the urban breakdown of democracy.

Fraud perpetrated by ethnic minority “community leaders” and politicians is now rife, helped by lax rules on postal voting introduced by Labour.

At the same time political correctness has fuelled the thuggish far-Right as seen last weekend in the English Defence League marches in Newcastle and London.

Freedom of speech is also in danger, thanks to the constant threat of violence from Islamic extremists at anything they regard as blasphemous.

In this disturbing climate of fear, where publishers can be firebombed and writers subjected to fatwas, self-censorship about Islam is almost universal.

It is the same story with the principle of equality before the law. In the cowardly world of political correctness, double standards are rife. Christians are regularly subjected to institutionalised bullying over the symbols of their belief, yet the state bends over backwards to accommodate other faiths.

Similarly, the state does nothing to stop Muslim extremists such as Anjem Choudary spouting often violent slogans but would not dream of tolerating such hate speech in others.

The destruction of liberalism also works on a deeper level.

Precisely because the multicultural experiment is failing so disastrously, the machinery of the state is now used to enforce the official orthodoxy and suppress dissent.


SO in addition to the
police, who seem now to regard themselves as the upholders of diversity creed, the institutions of government employ vast numbers of equality officers backed up by a panoply of laws and regulations.

“We will shine a light in every workplace,” said Harriet Harman of the 2010 Equality Act, with the fervour of the true zealot.

Just as worrying is the loss of liberty caused by the very extremism that the state has allowed to flourish through its neurotic attachment to multiculturalism.

In the wake of the Woolwich killing, the Government is now talking of yet more security controls, bureaucracy, crackdowns on free speech and even a law that would allow the authorities to monitor all email traffic, texts and phone calls.

Stella Rimmington, former head of MI5, says that such a move is justified because: “We are at war with a hostile enemy.”

What is so outrageous is that the British government deliberately imported this enemy into our country.

Now we are all paying the price for this treacherous folly through the loss of our freedoms.

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Rescooped by Barbara Day from The Indigenous Uprising of the British Isles!

EDL announces event in Slough in memory of Lee Rigby

EDL announces event in Slough in memory of Lee Rigby | Immigration |
An event organised in Slough in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby has been promoted by the English Defence League (EDL) on Facebook.

Via Infidel Patriot
Barbara Day's insight:

As many marches as possible need to happen and the british public who care about the islamisation of the UK need to join in before its too late

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