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Can't Buy Love Rant
Are you as tired of the locust swarm offering 10, 000 or 100,000 followers for $5 as we are? We get it. We are AMERICANS damn-it and that means we get shit done FAST.

I used to be a Director of Ecommerce and worried about my job daily especially this time of year when plans moved from white boards to website and either came in or they didn't. Not coming in meant FAST pivots or look for work. My team and I got good at dancing for our means (lol).

EVEN if you could buy things that matter in today's new world of content is king, authority is queen and context matters you can't fool mother nature or Google. The math always wins. Think inflating your following by 10x in a few days might send up a red flag?

As much as I can RELATE and APPRECIATE our desire for a free lunch, better drugs, job security and love from millions I'm come today to bury Cesar not praise him. Cesar is old and left over and needs to GO.

Cesar is our belief in BIG IS BETTER even if big isn't real, true or honest. Cesar is our western belief in out ability to buy love. Our friends in the east know better.

Love comes from doing the no free lunch ditch digging that makes better people (we lucky few Internet marketers). We've long felt the real and most important "product" any website creates is a team capable of understanding how to win hearts, minds and loyalty online.

TRUST ME we keep looking for the shortcut too. The take this pill and lose 20 pounds or drink this magic potion, kiss a frog and become a prince is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Fairy tales were cool when we were 5. Believing in and subscribing to the most damaging fairy tale - that you can buy love - will hurt your marketing, brand and online trust.

If you can FOOL THEM, many still think, more power to you. The problem is the web is the world's biggest lie detecting amplifier. Would we love to have millions of connections, fans and supporters? Of course if only because such a following confirms our sweat equity and belief system - the karma of good people helping other good people.

We too can be tempted by the devil on our shoulder. We see and ascribe to the "Greater Good" theory instead of the Greater Fool theory. The greater good theory says karma gets repaid. Help others and you too will be helped. Treat others better than you want to be treated and you win the love you need to thrive.

The greater fool theory says a sucker is born every minute and so we should use the tools of mutually assured destruction or risk being left standing in the most important duck, duck, goose game of our lives.

The web is a daily battle between these two opposing armies. Hope you join team Curagami in the Greater Good army. If you are in the "Greater Fool" army you may win, but we still wouldn't want to live the SINGLE and ONLY life any of us are granted based on "a sucker is born every minute". Worked for P. T. Barnum until Cirque du Soleil leveled their circus karma so completely its never coming back (lol).M 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith