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Recently (in 2014) Deloitte carried out a survey which attempted to do exactly that. The survey was administered in the USA to 2,000 respondents. The findings were very interesting, particularly with regard to the obsession that people apparently have with their devices. Indeed, the survey found that:

-  “Nearly 40% look at their phone within a mere five minutes of waking up.

-  Nearly 75% check their device within 30 minutes and almost 90% of consumers report waiting no more than an hour to look at their smartphone.”

Not only that, but the US consumers were also asked how many times a day they check their phones. Almost 10% were found to do this in excess of 100 times a day, and 25% check it more than 50 times a day. Three percent of the respondents said that they check their phone more than 200 times a day. All of this shows the very important role that mobile is playing in daily lives, and the importance of companies finding ways to leverage this....

Via Jeff Domansky