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When I need inspiration for content that delights, email campaigns that actually work, and social media interactions that are genuinely fun ... I turn to one source: an online clothing store called ModCloth. My closet is proof that their marketing works. (Perhaps a little too well.) And watching them grow has been a master class in what a customer-driven company should look like.
Ask any inbound marketer, and most will name a company whose marketing inspires them like ModCloth inspires me. One they turn to when they need to re-ignite their fires, so to speak.

For this post, that's exactly what I did, with a particular focus on blogs. I asked other inbound marketers to name companies they think are rocking their blogs the way we'd all like to. I left out the obvious suspects -- we all know Moz, KISSmetrics, and other, similar are amazing at the whole inbound thing. But if I’ve left out your favorite company, please share it in the comments or on our thread on Inbound.org.
Via Jeff Domansky