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These are articles relating to IMC about branding and other relevant topics.
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PSY's New Video 'Gentleman' Sells Beer ... and Farts: Oppa!

PSY's New Video 'Gentleman' Sells Beer ... and Farts: Oppa! | Integrated Marketing Comms |
The Korean pop star's latest music video is ridden with bizarre product placement — but he's not the only offender.
Clare Chen's insight:

This article describes how Psy's new video Gentleman is filled with product placements which isn't a bad or unusual thing. It's been happening for a long time with other celebrities as well. In one scene you can see the advertising of Double A paper and in another of Hite beer. However the most obvious one of all is that of the game Candy Crush Saga. Many companies pay a lot of money, sometimes millions, to have a 3 second show on a music video. 


The article states that advertisements alone don't cut it anymore as a source of funding. In such a competitive world, you can't always rely on advertising to work. What does work though are celebrities as people cannot get enough of them. When a brand is associated with a celebrity, there is a chance that fans of that celebrity will also become emotionally attached to the brand. Take Justin Bieber for example, he could wear a particular brand of socks and his fans will buy the same brand. At the same time, ad placements are a source of cash for celebrities as well.


This article proves that today, marketers need to start getting creative to capture their audience even if it means paying a big hefty fee.

Dong Wook Han's comment, May 9, 2013 7:12 AM
think this article is a good example of creative media strategy in marketing. This article proves that media, especially YouTube, has grown big in IMC and has become a significant role in advertising products and brands.
Gillian Ye's comment, May 9, 2013 7:54 AM
I really enjoyed reading this article because yes I've watched videos and noticed brands that popped up here and there but I never realised how much that small bit of exposure could do for a brand. I also didn't realise that Psy's new gentlemen video served as a commercial for three brands because I never noticed it when I initially watched the video. This article has made me more aware of product placement in music videos because brands have utilised this outlet for quite some time now. I think its a great and creative way to market brands as celebrities have huge fan bases with millions viewing their videos.
Cindy Cao's comment, May 10, 2013 12:15 AM
I thought this article was very interesting. To be honest, I did not notice how much products we were being exposed to when we are watching a music video. I recognise some big brands but never notice the small ones. I didn't think that the artists were notified of these activities and thought it was done by the producers. This shows that marketers today are using as many channels to create maximum product exposure.
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A Basic Game Plan For Content Marketing Done Right

A Basic Game Plan For Content Marketing Done Right | Integrated Marketing Comms |

Why today's content marketing requires constant care and feeding
SUMMARY: The key difference between the content marketing of old and today's tactic is that it is now "an ongoing, continuous process," writes Wendy Marx. So "kicking out the occasional white paper or case study or article or blog piece" won't cut it, she writes. Marketers have to figure out where their prospects are, arrive with something of value in hand, nurture the relationship with thoughtful care and feeding, and maintain a relationship with those prospects, even if they're not immediately receptive, she writes.

Clare Chen's insight:

Very interesting article about how it is no longer enough to just update your content marketing every now and then. It is a constant process that needs lots of love and care. Especially now with the advancement of new technology it is even easier to this. Integration comes in here because now you can use integrated methods to market your content. The article tells us four basic things to know when creating a marketing plan. Firstly, do your market research and know your audience. Know where they spend time and where they would most likely see the advert. Secondly, provide them with something they can actually use and have interest in. Third, do not simply throw something at them and expect them to understand. Take your time, guide them and explain to them.And finally, have patience and give them a chance. These are great steps to get content marketing right and using IMC to target your audience.

Gillian Ye's comment, April 5, 2013 12:39 AM
Yes that is very true, your content marketing should always be tweeked, updated and worked on in order for it to be successful with consumers. The four basic things to consider in the creation of your content marketing plan are all very valid and important.
Cindy Cao's comment, May 10, 2013 12:32 AM
I think this article is very accurate, content marketing in my opinion allows the audience to link the brand to thinks that represent them. A common one now is Campbell's stock in which Australian MKR chef Manu is currently representing. The stock is used for cooking and with the popularity of the celebrity chef, it can be easily identifies and linked. I think that marketing information have to be relevant and that the spokesperson does not commit to too many brands which can be confusing for the audience later on.
Rescooped by Clare Chen from Social-Business-Marketing!

The ROI Of Social Media

The ROI Of Social Media | Integrated Marketing Comms |

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

That’s the question being asked as more and more businesses are investing in increasing amounts of social media marketing. 

With no standard means of measurement, there’s a wide variety of goals and metrics used to define the ROI of social strategies.


Fortunately, this enlightening Infographic, developed by MDG Advertising, helps clear up the confusion by outlining the objectives, benefits and factors that affect the success of social media marketing.


By MDG Advertising.


Via maxOz
Clare Chen's insight:

This article shows the effectiveness of Social Media. In the last few years social media has exploded into the business scene. It all really started with Facebook and now it almost seems like businesses cannot survive without it! But how effective is it? In IMC, one of the most important aspects of marketing is the evaluation part at the end where you determine whether your campaign was successful. This is an evaluation of social media on businesses. In this article it clearly shows that businesses tie their success to social media and most are beginning to look beyond sales goal to identify the value of social marketing efforts.Social media also improves businesses appearance in search engines. It is also founded that most businesses did not have social media 3 years ago but started about 2 years ago so we can see what a quick growth this is. However the most important thing before using social media is to identify the businesses objectives since every business is different. In IMC we learn that objectives provide a benchmark against which the success or failure of the promotional campaign can be measured. By identifying objectives, the business will be able to use social media smartly. 

maxOz's comment, September 7, 2012 5:03 AM
William Thanks for sharing
Gillian Ye's comment, April 4, 2013 11:53 PM
It was great to see all the facts and figures relating to the effetiveness of marketing through social media. Its pretty evident that social media is now a huge element in promoting companies especially on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It really is the future as more and more companies are planning to increase their social media efforts as they can see how successful it can be.
Dong Wook Han's comment, April 6, 2013 9:47 AM
Social network has become so powerful over the recent years and it gives opportunities for brands to communicate with their consumers or customers and market and promote their products. I wonder how long it would last as a platform and tool for marketing, promotions and communications.
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Not-For-Profit Brand Management - The Livestrong Foundation Loses Lance

Not-For-Profit Brand Management - The Livestrong Foundation Loses Lance | Integrated Marketing Comms |
Livestrong's Bold Re-branding Strategy In the competitive world of not-for-profit, the rules of brand apply just as they do in the corporate universe. As cycling's black sheep Lance Armstrong conti...
Clare Chen's insight:

I really enjoyed this article because it shows just how one bad move can completely change everything. With the scandals hitting Lance Armstrong, his Livestrong Foundation has had to do a rebranding, The Livestrong Foundation is already a recognizable brand so what can they do to turn this scandal into a positive thing? What they do is remind others that the foundation isn't about one person (presumably Lance Armstrong) but it's about the millions of people facing Cancer.They are asking people to focus on the bigger picture and realize that they are more important. This connects with their target audience in a heartfelt way and thus take the attention away from Lance Armstrong. Very clever PR and marketing. 

Cindy Cao's curator insight, March 21, 2013 9:55 PM

This article really reinforces the important of brand building, After the scandal, it is easy to see that the mistake is magnified and frowned upon. The foundation is for a good cause, people has high expectations for the foundation as well as the role model Lance Armstrong. the disappointment is devastating when the scandal broke out and cutting the celebrity endorser would be the wiser move.

Dong Wook Han's comment, March 21, 2013 11:04 PM
Like Clare mentioned earlier, it is hard for a brand especially non-profit organisation, to recover its brand image to where it was and what they have achieved, once it is involved in a scandal that gives a bad reputation to its loyal customers. I think Livestrong Foundation is still on the long way to bring their customers back as well as its brand image.
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The Dilemma for Direct Marketing in a Social Media World

The Dilemma for Direct Marketing in a Social Media World | Integrated Marketing Comms |
In the age of social media, and marketing transparency, some direct marketing tactics seem completely out of place.
Clare Chen's insight:

The simple act of putting our details online to sign up for a website like Facebook or the bank can cause our personal information to be directed to direct marketers. So many times we have put our name and email address down without thinking but we never know where this would turn up. I've received so many newsletters and calls from people I never even remembered I contacted. In this article, the author talks about receiving a package from a marketer who tells him to set up a meeting with him to hear about their product and he will get the toy remote from him after the meeting. That sounds like bribe but it works much of the time. However the point is that now it is easy for marketers to target us based on our preferences and being able to identify what our interests are. However the author writes that consumers want respect and to be dealt with as individuals. So the question is can this tactic still really work? In this society of choices and freedom, would that cause us to be driven away more from marketers like them because we want more respect and we are now wiser to the tricks? And how much of our personal information is really being used to their benefit?

Cindy Cao's comment, May 10, 2013 12:29 AM
I agree with Clair's view, but in my case I no longer use my real name and has created a dummie e-mail address for the things that I have signed up to in which I think that I may not be interested later on. However, I do believe that with creating and leaving information for the companies that later on contact you, it opens up various options that I personally may rethink later. The important thing here is that you have to be confident with the amount of information that one has given.
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5 Ways Retailers Are Monitoring Your Every Move | POPAI | Consumer Behavior in Digital Environments

5 Ways Retailers Are Monitoring Your Every Move | POPAI | Consumer Behavior in Digital Environments | Integrated Marketing Comms |
Shoppers are quickly catching on to the fact that retailers monitor their every move throughout the path to purchase.
Clare Chen's insight:

In IMC, we talk about the consumer behaviour and their motivations for purchasing a product or service. Motivation is about a process that energizes us. But how do businesses discover what their consumers motivations are? Some new techniques have surfaced in clever and indirect ways that many shoppers including myself would not have been aware of. The methods in this article are simple and done without the consumer having to really think twice or think beyond what businesses could do with their actions. For example giving the business your email address in exchange for free WiFi. We wouldn't think much about it but the next thing we know, we are receiving promotional emails from them. Another tool, Smartphone Tracking is also really smart in a sense that we don't even know what our smartphone is capable of yet its feeding our likes and dislikes to businesses. These methods are contemporary information and motivation searching tools which really show the integration of marketing tools.

Gillian Ye's comment, April 5, 2013 12:18 AM
After reading this it really opened my eyes to what brands are doing to find out information on shoppers. It got me thinking about all of the ways in which companies can obtain information about consumers and their buying behaviours. I was quite shocked to read that some retailers have mannequin cams and how your phone can get tracked on all the websites you visit. It has made me more aware of my privacy and that I have to be more careful with technology as its advancements are opening new doors for people/companies to follow and track consumers buying habits.
Dong Wook Han's comment, April 6, 2013 10:04 AM
I was shocked too at the fact that retailers monitor the patterns of consumer behaviour literally. I thought it was invasion of privacy as they track down the smartphones without consent from customers as well as monitoring them through the cameras which is inside the mannequins. It is quite scary that they would do such thing to do marketing in a wrong way.
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The 15 Most Influential Instagram Users Advertisers Are Dying To Work With

The 15 Most Influential Instagram Users Advertisers Are Dying To Work With | Integrated Marketing Comms |
A who's who of the Instagram elite.

Via Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
Clare Chen's insight:

I found this incredibly interesting. Nowadays advertisers are going through a whole different channel to get their message across to their audience. This article highlights the 15 most influential instagram users whom big brands like Audi, Burberry and Nike to name a few, want to work with. Instead of going through agencies, they simply hire one of these guys to do some photography work for them using instagram and it works. They travel all over the world, posting photos on the advertiser's behalf using the advertiser's account. I think that this shows how IMC has evolved over the years and how digital marketing is even more important now.

Cindy Cao's comment, March 21, 2013 8:33 PM
I agree with Clare on this article, it is very interesting as it allows people to create their own artistic view of the world through this social media. It allows individual to choose what they want to engage in rather than being forcefully exposed to it. (ie advertising on the bus a person may catch everyday)
Gillian Ye's comment, March 21, 2013 11:36 PM
I also found this article really interesting because it proves that through sites like instagram where you are simply expressing and showcasing your photography, you can actually get a job through it. I think it is a unique and fairly smart way for big brands to recruit and source out talent.
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Marketing agency for branding, brand management, positioning, 1010 Vienna - Lisa & Giorgio

Marketing agency for branding, brand management, positioning, 1010 Vienna - Lisa & Giorgio | Integrated Marketing Comms |

We develop a coherent marketing concept with positioning for your brand: market analysis, marketing plan, marketing strategy, marketing activities, marketing consulting - your marketing agency in Vienna, Austria.

Via grace dallas
Clare Chen's insight:

This is a great article from The Kitchen that clearly identifies the usefulness of social media in branding. With the whole world using social media, it is almost impossible to be noticed and only have a 'presence' available. Therefore as mentioned in the article digital marketing is now the next big thing. Having a visual and verbal personality is important and this connects in with Integrated Marketing Communications. With the client PureGear, The Kitchen brings on giveaways and celebrities to entice their audience along with catching up with latest trends such as Instagram. I like that they also use humour and professional elegance as the flavour of their campaign. In this campaign, The Kitchen has managed to successfully communicate with the target audience, streghten bonds, deliver the branding message and build customer relationships.

Cindy Cao's comment, March 21, 2013 11:07 PM
Like Clare said, a good marketing agency is able to build a company with its desired image in the minds of consumers. therefore it is essential that the company chooses the right marketing agency to position themselves in the market from the beginning.