IMC: The power of ideas : integration across all media. Direct marketing : the ultimate in consumer engagement?
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Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever | IMC: The power of ideas : integration across all media. Direct marketing : the ultimate in consumer engagement? |
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.
PHAM THU NGA's insight:

This article is relevant to IMC concept.

It stated that" Direct marketing has taken on greater relevance for marketers with the growth of social media and other online interactions. Successful marketers today are reaching more and more customers directly, on a personal level, than ever before. If used effectively in combination with this type of data, direct marketing tools can enable marketers to develop and enhance emotional bonds with individual customers, and customer groups, to grow the value of their customer base in real time." which I totally agree.

Along with social media, I think direct marketing is another powerful tool to commnunicate and interact with your consumers. It helps to increase engagement, loyalty and enhance the long-term relationship between the brand and the consumers, the business and the clients. In my opinion, it's effective , efficient and flexible tool to deliver a message, reach target audience , develop the brand , generate short-term return as well as it's a good way to collect significant information. 

Overall, I agree that direct marketing is important marketing mix along with digital media and online media .

Norman Vaz's curator insight, September 26, 2013 7:49 PM

This article was very interesting as it talked about the increased importance of direct marketing and how it engages the consumer.The article states 'direct marketing tools can enable marketers to develope and ehance emotional bonds with individual consumers, and customer groups to grow the value of their customer base in real time'. In my opinion this statement could not be further from the truth as building a relationship with a brand and its consumer is key to growing their custpmer base and with that would come increased coustomer loyalty and soo forth.

Anna Kong's comment, September 26, 2013 9:33 PM
goood article jianwang
Ahmed Salman's comment, September 26, 2013 9:39 PM
I agree with your insight shay. i like how this article is relevent to imc concepts
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10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook | Jeffbullas's Blog

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook | Jeffbullas's Blog | IMC: The power of ideas : integration across all media. Direct marketing : the ultimate in consumer engagement? |
Facebook is the social network preferred by most businesses when planning and implementing their social media marketing strategy. It is the most powerful social network on the planet.

Via Ali A. Sabkar
PHAM THU NGA's insight:

Very interesting article and totally relevant to IMC concept. 

It gave few helpful tips on how to plan and implement social media marketing strategy using facebook in the effective way to communicate with their consumers and increase fan engagement.

Learning how to use the powerful tool like Facebook in the right way to achieve the best media objectives , marketing and communication objectives are crucial to any businesses nowadays.

The effective media planning will help to boost fan engagement, deliver the right message to the right target audience at the right time as well as  achieve satisfied reach and frequency.

Gregory Farr's curator insight, September 26, 2013 9:19 PM

This article is very good for those interested in marketing through Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media website and can be successfully used to attract a large audience. This article gives great pointers of how you can use the built in Facebook stats to maximize the potential of your marketing. Using Facebook is a good place to start but to get the most out of it you need to work out what timing of which days is best to reach which consumers. If your posts are being released at midnight most the potential market may be asleep and never see your advertisement where as you might gain an exceedingly large viewer base on a Friday night. Using coupons and promotions are other successful ways to get more viewers to your product. Overall i think this article is excellent for any company thinking about using social media as it gives that more in depth look into how to fully maximize potential 

Ashleigh Nicol's comment, September 26, 2013 10:24 PM
I think those companies and brands that are thinking about marketing through Facebook need to be careful. This is because some of their efforts may go unnoticed by users of the site. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms however from personal experience I know the adverts and marketing can be tiresome and annoying. I at times find myself completely ignoring them because I'm not on that site to shop, I will specifically go to online shopping sites for that sort of media.
Dallan Milich's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:25 PM

The article would be in my opinion the best article to read for a company wanting to explore the social media network called Facebook. The article gives 10 tips on how, when and what kind of posts you should be creating in order to achieve maximum engagement on your Facebook page. The tips that made the most sense to me were based around the time of posting, which was during the week, normally when people are bored as we all normally have busy weekends. The other tip was about how much to post, like emails your don’t want to receive too much otherwise you’ll most likely end up getting annoying and deleting them, they say 1-4 posts a week produces 71% higher engagement than if you were to post 5+.