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American Idol's use of IMC | "Buy the Way…" Insights on Integrated ...

American Idol's use of IMC | "Buy the Way…" Insights on Integrated ... | IMC Mika de Wet 1138307 |
American Idol has created an engaged audience that uses multiple mediums; I can't think of a brand that has created a higher level of user engagement and a successful IMC plan. Thank you for sharing this example of IMC!

Via Mike Kirkwood
Mika de Wet's insight:

Idols uses social media to attract their audience globally.Fans of the show is able to tweet about the show ,follow the show and get information about their favorite contender and judges.The brand gets major exposure through social media and other brands involved gets exposed too.

Parambir Singh's comment, August 21, 2013 11:07 AM
Parl Harrington has brought forward a very interesting article on how brands practices IMC as a very effective measure for engaging the target audience through different available medias. The article views that how American Idol did used IMC for integration and engaging its audience for making it a grand success. It provided its audience with a vast choice to vote for the contestants through different social mediums like cellular networks, facebook, twitter and many other web portals. This single article focuses on many different dimensions of Integrated Marketing Communications.
Savanna Steele's comment, August 22, 2013 5:11 PM
What was interesting was that they mentioned that they receive both negative and positive feedback via social media, but most were entertaining. Even when there are negative comments made, the audience is encouraged to express their views, as interacting with the website and posting comments is the main focus. This article stated that American Idol began in 2002, and when we think about what social media was like back then compared to now, there has been dramatic changes, and the show has moved with that change integrating avenues for social interaction through the social media. Social media is the key the show to create a more personal connection with their audience.
Anna Bairstow's comment, August 22, 2013 11:38 PM
American Idol is the perfect example when it comes to the use of effective intergrated marketing communication (IMC). This is a good choice of article, Finau. Not only is the entertainment factor the key to it's success, but one of the main reasons American Idol has top ratings is because of it's clever marketing strategies. Like Savanna mentioned, the way it communicates to audiences and allows interaction and viewers to participate through voting, helps to generate interest and keep the attention of loyal viewers. It's Facebook, app, website, Twitter and other social media platforms all help to engage with viewers and to keep the experience of watching the show fun and almost addictive.
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Marc Jacobs Leverages Social For Luxury Consumer Engagement | InsideFMM

Marc Jacobs Leverages Social For Luxury Consumer Engagement | InsideFMM | IMC Mika de Wet 1138307 |

Via Marlene
Mika de Wet's insight:

I agree with this article ,it is extremely important to facilitate the emotions of the consumer.In todays world you can attract consumers with social media.Companies need to include the consumer via twitter , Facebook etc.Consumers need to feel included , Marc Jacobs included them with the competition that was going on,its all about interacting with your consumers.Consumers are not just looking for a purchase but an experience too.

Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, March 21, 2013 10:29 PM
This article goes to show that social media is very effective when it comes to brand management. Social Media is also another great tool when it comes to consumer engagement as customers’ easily take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Luna Phan's curator insight, April 9, 2013 10:05 AM

Marc Jacob has done a really good job when using social media to interact with his customers. They can sign up to win 2 spots to attend his show with fully packet or join the #marcjacobslive conversation via either Twitter or Facebook. The result is the Marc Jacobs show on Wednesday trended to the #8 most talked about topic on twitter worldwide. 

The more people communicate, the more they know about MJ. MJ now building a stronger relationship with the customer as well as its brand.


Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:34 PM
This article is a great example of successful customer engagement as well as positive integration of marketing elements. Marc Jacobs campaign attracted record numbers in the fashion industry mainly through their live interaction with their consumers. This article can teach other marketers how the use of social media can be extremely beneficial to the company if they use it in the right way.
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How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic]

How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic] | IMC Mika de Wet 1138307 |
Last week Henriette wrote a blog post about the importance of connecting with your fans on a personal level when brands communicate on socia (RT @voziq: How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic] | Mindjumpers
Mika de Wet's insight:

Its is very important to connect with the people that supports your brand.Social media is something you can use as a tool to expand your company ,expose your brand and advertise the product by connecting with people through twitter, Facebook,instagram etc. Companies do need to be careful though because the dont want to portray a bad image they need to make sure that the only expose it in a positive way and a way they want to grow and send the company in

Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, March 21, 2013 10:19 PM
Social media is beyond a major role in Marketing. As Emiliya mentioned, it keeps customers up to date.The social media is also changing very vast and dramatically, which tends to be the trend now days as customers are always looking new and more ways to connect with other people and brands. You could say that social media is forever changing to possibly suit and cater to us.
Emiliya Ravkina's curator insight, August 22, 2013 1:42 AM

I think that brands on social media websites are very important in our days. If we looking at the statistics in the article above it is evident that consumers are more likely to share their opinion on social media sites with their friends or people they know. If a brand is also on social media sites it can use things such as feedback and complaints to the advantage of the brand. It is clear that people want responses and to be engaged with the brand. However I also believe that the brand should be smart in using the social media and the way company responses to feedbacks they receive. Having someone knowledgeable or experienced in brands on social media in charge or giving insight to allow the brand to maintain the image they want to portray.

Alysse Woodward's comment, August 22, 2013 5:54 AM
I like how this is a visual take on social media. It shows the difference between social media on your brand vs your brand on social media.
It reflects the flow on effect social media has through consumer engaement. As social media plays a large role in todays world it is important to communicate a brands message through social media channels.
Communicating through social media means that consumers can always be informed, information is easily accessible, consumers can review information in their own time and pace and within an environment that is comfortable for them. For organisations social media can consistantly be updated to coinside with the product, price, place and promotions that are beneficial to a consumer.
Social media is a quick, easy and effective way to communicate, targets a wide audience and is one channel IMC can opperate through.