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Eight data-driven strategies to optimise customer engagement

Eight data-driven strategies to optimise customer engagement | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
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Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:


Direct marketing: the ultimate in consumer engagement: In order to optimise consumer engagement this article claims that direct marketing is posed to play a major role. The digital age has generated many more advertising channels, such as the internet and smart phones. This new technology allows greater segmentation of consumers and ease of not only communicating to them, but with them, direct marketing allows the consumer to also communicate with the advertiser. This makes direct marketing the ultimate in consumer engagement.


The timeliness, from the reduced time used to create and implement adverts, and cost efficiency inherent with direct marketing, especially with utilising new technology, is further evidence of direct marketing being the ultimate in consumer engagement. The consumer is now more easily segmented and targeted in terms of reaching them through digital media and technology. An example is the speed adverts on the side of the road which is personalised for each car going past as it shows their individual speed in an effort to reduce speeding. Direct marketing also allows testing of the advert to a select few consumers to test the response to the adverts before the main campaign is laucnched. Direct marketing also allows for quicker and more accurate measures of effectiveness over alternative advertising methods. The new mediums must however be closely monitored as consumers can easily communicate with each other and negative rumours can quickly go viral.



Danielle X's comment, May 9, 2013 8:06 AM
In this digital age, advanced technology such as internet, smart phones, allows better and easier communication between advertisers and consumers, it stimulates the growth of direct marketing, optimises consumer engagement.
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The Communication Mix

The Communication Mix | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Creating an effective communication mix: It is argued in this article that the communication mix not only covers the communication included in advertising but also other elements included in the promotion, including the product, price and the distribution channels used. All the elements of an effective communications mix must follow an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy to be the most successful. All stakeholders of an organisation are essential to an organisations brand equity as the brand equity is what these stakeholders believe and perceive the organisation to be. The communication mix uses creative strategy to determine the content of the message conveyed to stakeholders and the creative tactics determines how the strategy to convey this message is executed. IMC then ensures that a consistent approach is taken and this message is consistent through all organisational communication.

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Interactive marketing communication plan report

Interactive marketing communication plan report | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
Alba was first started in 1979 in Japan and its success was immediate, with the name Alba it was becoming an instant symbol of the value and quality that consumers expect from a brand created by Seiko Watch Corporation.
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Promotional Program: This article provides a thorough description of the promotional program for Alba, a brand of watch  by Seiko. Marketing material included fresh and bright designs targeted at people who cherish life and who strive to get the most out of it.

The purpose of the plan was to generate both sales and awareness. The budget was set at a level beleived to be sufficient to achieve the purpose. Success was measured through assessing whether goals had been achieved and positive affects on the balance sheet. The promotional program was constantly reviewed to ensure that it was on track.


Alba is a success, partly due to the success of the promotional program, which is testament to its importance. 


An integrated marketing communication strategy is important to a businesses promotional program. If a program is uncordinated with other advertising, does not leverage of previous advertising and does not give a unified message then its success may be limited. Therefore during program design a prudent marketing manager will assess the brand history, previous advertising, all the available advertising channels and where the brand is wanted to be positioned in the future before designing a plan and implementing a promotional program.



Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 7:14 PM
This article details Alba's interactive marketing communication plan which contained a lot of information regarding their promotional program which makes up a significant part of the marketing plan. Alba's goal was to generate more sales and create greater awareness. For the promotional plan they analysed internal and external factors. Internal analysis included things such as the strengths and weaknesses or the product and the brand image. The external segments included the firms customers, market segments, positioning strategies and competitors. Once these factors had been analysed, a company such as Alba is able to push on with implementing their plans which in the end leads to the brand completing their objectives. This shows the importance of a promotional plan or program.
Danielle X's comment, May 9, 2013 8:14 PM
Its Alba's marketing communication plan, Promotional plan is big part of it. Its important to analyse all the facors( internal&external) and have promotional plan, so Alba could meet its objectives.
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The Essential Pieces of Modern Marketing Strategies

The Essential Pieces of Modern Marketing Strategies | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
In today's increasingly modern and competitive business landscape, you need modern marketing strategies to survive. But where do you start?





A marketing plan should encompass all avenues of advertising and branding - not just online elements. The challenge is integrating offline and online methods of your marketing plan to function like clockwork.

Via Level343, Vishal Ponnappa
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Understanding Integration: This article gives an excellent, easily understood description of integration and allows someone new to the topic to understand and grasp to cencept of integration within the realms of integrated marketing communication quite quickly.


The definition of integration is to combine different elements into one more unified approach. This defnition is adopted in marketing plans, which "should encompass all avenues of advertising and branding - not just online elements." The desired outcome for integration is for both online and offline marketing efforts to function like clockwork. 


Integrated markeing can include QR codes and web addresses in print advertising for consumers to easily access further information when and if required.


A key to integration, within integrated marketing communication, is to use consistant branding messages accross all channels. This constant and consistant use of brand slogans, messages and marketing pitches will drill your brand, message or slogan into consumers. An approach that is not integrated will not have the same success and confuse consumers as they try to understand mixed messages which do not individually stand out as the brands key differentiation with other brands.


One thing I need to add is the reason for integration, which assists in the understanding of it. The reason for integration, and anticipated outcome, is to generate financial returns and develop brand and shareholder value in the long term. 

Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 6:48 PM
This article discusses the importance of modern marketing strategies and how to create effective integration for their product, brand or company. The article provides effective ways of utilising marketing communication through integration; including offline goods and services to online marketing, the encouragement of online reviews and the use of leverage technologies which allows you to engage with your customers though their smartphones. The most important message I got from this article is to use consistent brand messaging across all channels. For a brand this means them not changing their overall message or slogans so as to maintain consistency. You want to avoid confusion with customers as a brand.
Danielle X's comment, May 9, 2013 8:57 PM
Modern marketing strategies are very important for a business, especially in this digital age, company's website is essential , it presents the brand, comminucates with customers, intoduces products and services etc. this article discusses those effective ways of marketing communication and how to achieve it through integration. And its not just online marketing, it also includes offline products and services. Its very important to maintain consistency of messages across all the channels, online and offline.
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Article - Brands at Risk: Restoring Trust through Consumer Engagement By Michael Fisher, Alterian

Article - Brands at Risk: Restoring Trust through Consumer Engagement By Michael Fisher, Alterian | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
Article - Brands at Risk: Restoring Trust through Consumer Engagement By Michael Fisher, Alterian

Via Tibor Napan
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Consumer Engagement: This article is very informative as it describes the reason for increased consumer engagement and ways to increase this engagement.


In the past consumer engagement was not a priority for marketers who had a limited choice of marketing channels and consumers were content with not being able to engage with marketing.


However with the development of new technology new marketing mediums became available which allowed greater and more convenient methods for consumer engagement. This also changed the expectations of customers. 


A quote from the article is that "consumer engagement is the currency of the new marketplace. The companies that thrive will be the ones who invest in services and technologies that leverage the power of the individual consumer." 


With this increased level of engagement the business must ensure that the same message is being delivered via the entire marketing strategy. This is achieved through integrated marketing communication.


Additional information is needed to have a full understanding on this topic include what type of engagement is possible, and what works best. i.e. consumers could help design a new product online or be involveed in surveys on which products they would like offered in stores and the method of engagement which works best i.e. phone call based via 0800 numbers, quick questionniares or lengthy questionnaires or feed back forms on the counter. 

Tibor Napan's curator insight, March 21, 2013 4:42 AM

This article emphasises a very valid point of how key consumer engagement is. It shows that we as consumers in this day and age have started to expect more. We are more than just the average Joe Blog and we expect companies to come after us individually. 

It's great to see an article on marketing that is actually followed up with factual figures, making it at least appear to be more accurate.

It also very clearly proves just how important it is in this day and age to focus on more than just one type of media - we are from the 21st century and want to be entertained wherever suits us.


This article shows just how important consumer engagement is and that it isn't just as simple as an ad on TV - we need more, we need to be able to trust our brands to not be screwing us over.


it clearly sets out what many people in this day and age forget about marketing, and that is that we are ever changing and learning as consumers, so the way goods and services are marketed to us must follow in suit

Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 6:00 PM
This article illustrates the importance of consumer engagement. In the past customers weren't expecting a whole lot when it came to the distribution of information from brands or companies but because of the introduction of sociall media and global technologies consumers are expecting greater interaction with the brand. For marketing strategies to be effective in todays world they must recognise consumers as individuals and be able to influence their perceptions of a brand or company. Due to the modern world of the 21st century companies must make use of modern technology to form relationships with consumers and also get their message across. This shows how important consumer engagement is and brands must make sure they communicate and deliver on the message they are attempting to portray by using effective integrated marketing communication.
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The power of ideas; integration across all media.

Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:



The power of ideas; integration across all media: The P's of the marketing mix are argued by some to be the four C's, with communication replacing promotion. This article champions communication as an effective tool in marketing. Within the marketing sphere there are many mediums by which advertising messages can be conveyed to consumers. The marketing manager must utilise all of the mediums in their thinking in order to determine the right mix of mediums to use and in the right frequency in each to best convey their message to the selected target market.


This article argues that mediums must work together for a unified message to be conveyed to consumers with a feedback mechanism in place for consumers and the organisation to be involved in two-way communication. Also stated is the importance of word-of-mouth communication, which is often overlooked by marketing managers. This ties in closely with integrated marketing communications as the mediums must come under one umbrella, or message to be communicated, that covers all the mediums used to ensure a single clear message is communicated to consumers.


The marketing manager must therefore be creative in their planning to not only differentiate their marketing from the clutter that exists in the advertising world but also to create the most effective and cost efficient marketing mix as possible. The brand must engage with the consumer to facilitate its success and one means of achieving this is to advertise in a setting or context that the brand can borrow the interest from or that compliments the brand.





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Cadbury manages a crisis with integrated marketing communication

Cadbury Manages a crisis with Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Understanding Integration: Cadbury had a crisis on their hands, worms were found in Cadbury chocolate bars in India. A swift response was needed to mitigate the damage caused.

The problems was not caused by Cadbury but their distribution channels. Cadbury needed to get a number of messages across to its customers, distributors and retailers. The most efficient way was through an integrated marketing communication approach.

The same message, although tailored to each specific party, was developed and put into action.

The use of an IMC strategy helped Cadbury by making the advertising more efficient, all intended recipients of the advertising were targeted in a unique way that would generate the best results for Cadbury in terms of those recipients. The overall aim of the IMC strategy was to get safe product to retailers, have the retailers handle the product to a higher standard and for customers to have faith in the product once again and to start purchasing it.

We can see that the IMC strategy by Cadbury had different messages for the different parties it focused on however the overall aim was the same for Cadbury, to reverse the damage caused by the worms. Specifically Cadbury launched an 0800 number, did a monthly press ad, displayed posters and dropped off leaflets and started an education and monitoring program for retail outlets and wholesalers. All with the focus of the aforementioned aim.

Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 7:01 PM
This article discusses how Cadbury responded to a crisis by using integrated marketing communication. Worms were found in some of Cadbury's chocolate bars. This resulted in negative publicity and sales plummeted. Due to this mishap Cadbury had to try and portray a positive message to customers and regain their trust in the Cadbury product. They achieved this by adopting integrated marketing communication to regain trust and consistency in their product. The message they conveyed that the problem arised at the distribution end of the line and that any food is susceptible to such a mistake. They also used their brand ambassador who is very popular with the public and is known for his integrity, he was used in a Cadbury TV commercial where Bachchan (Cadbury ambassador) emphasises how on his visit to the Cadbury factory the chocolate was of the best quality. This was just one of the methods Cadbury used in implementing IMC to regain market share and it worked as was shown by the 20% growth in sales for 2005.
Danielle X's comment, April 9, 2013 2:13 AM
This is a case study of Cadbury handle its worm crisis by using IMC, emphasising on mistake of retailers and using celebrity effect, finally company regained consumers trust, repair its damaged reputation. They react repidly to the crisis and used the right strategies, imply that this kind of mistake can happen in food industry and its retailer's fault which makes the worm suddenly look like it has nothing to do with the brand. its a smart and effective strategy.
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Study suggests longer ads evoke stronger emotions

Study suggests longer ads evoke stronger emotions | IMC - Integrated Marketing Communication |
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Emotional Response: This article is an excellent article that is descriptive and conducts an experiment and details the results found. 


Advertisments can evoke emotional responses by viewers, with some creating a bigger response than others. 


The experiment conducted finds that social content in adverts with negative images such as violence and disgust create a more profound emotional impact than adverts comprising of positive attitudes, as do longer adverts over shorter adverts.


The article purports that the profitability of the business will be optimized when benefits from emotional responses are maximized. 


It would be interesting to find out the differences in emotions accross target markets as the younger generation are arguably more accustomed to violence in adverts and gaming. 


In relation to IMC the level of emotional response to adverts needs to be maintained throughout the marketing campaign to ensure a consistant approach and maximum benefits for the business.

Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 6:28 PM
This article is effective as it discusses how the length of ads can create stronger emotions amongst viewers than shorter ads, this sort of finding is useful for marketers in applying integrated marketing communication. The findings from the study that was conducted found that longer commercials are better explained and adjust better to the anticipated emotions of the person watching it whereas shorter commercials create greater confusion. The findings also show that longer adverts create greater emotional responses as appose to shorter adverts. Findings also discussed that adverts based on social or moral behaviour, may it be positive or negative, create greater emotional intensity than commercial adverts. Something brands or companies should consider when creating adverts.
Danielle X's comment, April 9, 2013 4:10 AM
This is an interesting study for IMC as it shows the different impact of ads on consumers according to its length and also the study found out that commercials with negative images such as violence and disgust exert more powerful emotional impact than those of positive attitudes. Also if the commercials about social or moral behaviour are more effective than normal ads. All those findings should be taken into account in advertising compaigns.
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Brand Management - Meaning and important concepts

Brand management includes managing the tangible and intangible characteristics of brand. It means defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand.

Via Milena Sahakian
Mohammed Bin Afif's insight:

Importance of Brands: This is an excellent article that describes the importance of brands in an easy to understand way that is succinct and hard hard hitting.


Brand management incorporates defining a brand, positioning the brand, delivering the brand and developing and making a promise to go with the brand. 


The importance of a brand is that "branding makes customers committed to your business. A strong brand differentiates your products from the competitors. It gives a quality image to your business."


Whether or not your product is superior or not, if your brand is superior this will benefit the business. For instance some car are rebranded under different makes which instantly changes the consumers perception of the vehicle as they recognise the quality of the brand anf its other attributes, not the quality of the car.


Integrated marketing communication is important to brand management. Brand management involves the combination of various marketing chanels into one to the the brand a single identity. Therefore the marketing must be interrelated to each other to push the same brand image/message etc to maximise benefits from advertising. 


The primary aim of branding is to create differentiation, therefore the way in which it is wanted to differ from its competitors must be consistent throughout all advertising, which can be achieved via an integrated marketing strategy. 


An additional insight into the importance of brands in terms of the actual product or service delivered is also important. Is it possible to place a well known brand on an existing product, without making any changes to that product, to increase its sales? The brand is stronger than the product in many instances.



Ben Hamer's comment, April 8, 2013 6:14 PM
This article emphasises how important brand management is in creating and sustaining a brand. If you have a strong brand it automatically differentiates your brands products from other competitors products in the market. Branding is key to giving yourself an identity, you want your consumers to feel like they have a relationship with your brand, making it more personal therefore creating trust in the consumers minds that your brand is the brand for them.
Danielle X's comment, April 9, 2013 4:49 AM
This article discusses about what branding is, why branding and the importance of brand management. Brand management is crucial in building a brand and maintaining it. Creating unique brand personalities and brand emotions is very important since it could build up a special connection with consumers therefore increase brand equity and customer loyalty.
Danielle X's comment, April 9, 2013 4:49 AM
This article discusses about what branding is, why branding and the importance of brand management. Brand management is crucial in building a brand and maintaining it. Creating unique brand personalities and brand emotions is very important since it could build up a special connection with consumers therefore increase brand equity and customer loyalty.