IMC and Direct Marketing!
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IMC and Direct Marketing!
The role of Direct Marketing!
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Creative Strategy - Planning and Development

Creative Strategy - Planning and Development | IMC and Direct Marketing! |
One of the most important components of an integrated marketing communications program is the marketing communication message. It will be obvious that there are a myriad of ways to convey an market...
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's insight:

Creative strategy in IMC is very crucial when preparing the communication message to the ending customers. Where the marketing communication is an integral part of the promotional process and its often critical to the success or failure of any marketing campaign, therefore,marketers or businesses should give attention of the issues creative versus effective.


Shiv Batta's comment, May 9, 2013 10:55 PM
The creative side of marketing communication is one of its most interesting aspects. The creative strategy used to communicate a marketing communication message is an integral part of the promotional process and is often critical to the success or failure of the campaign. Numerous examples can be cited of how a good creative strategy was an important factor in determining the success of a product or reversing the fortunes of a struggling brand. Of course there are also many situations where companies struggle to find a creative formula that works effectively. Attention must also be given to the issue of creative versus effective marketing communication as many ads may be critically acclaimed from a creative perspective but fail to help the sales of the brand.
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The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program - Forums - Your MBA Online Degree Program and Management Students Forum for MBA,BMS, MMS, BMM, BBA, students & aspirants.

The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program - Forums - Your MBA Online Degree Program and Management Students Forum for MBA,BMS, MMS, BMM, BBA, students & aspirants. | IMC and Direct Marketing! |
The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program Advertising & Marketing IMC considers all sources of brand or company contact that a customer/prosp
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's insight:

Direct marketing is the targeting of customers in an individual manner where subtle differences in behaviour could be used to develop a uniquely tailored customer relationship. Mass-marketing treats all customers within a segment alike, e.g. a standard advertising campaign is produced to address everyone.


Therefore its role is very vital to any organisations success because each customer has a dirrent approach or interpretation of undestanding a company's brand, quality and value. On the other hand, businesses must be able to measure its success and effectiveness of any marketing channel used whether throug TV, print, radio, social networking, emails..etc..its all about right planning and strategies.


Being able to measure means being able to improve.  But the only way to improve is to test on a continuous basis.  The critical factors to test are –

The media you use. 

Will print advertising bring in new customers more cheaply than direct mail?  Will they be better customers?  Which lists pull the best response?The offers you make.  Increasing your shipping & handling charge by $1.00 could substantially increase profits because it has no effect on response. A 30-day free trial could substantially increase the number of people who respond … BUT if your product isn’t good, the trial could have a negative effect on profitability.The creative approaches you take.  What strategy best separates you from your competitors?  Should you say it with different words, fewer words and more pictures?Your timing.  What months are best for you?  What’s the ideal time between efforts particular prospect and customer groups?  How many times should you communicate with a prospect group before you give up?


Any succesful organisation should be sensitive and always take cautious with its channels of marketing or promotional mix based on the changes within the competitive environment and consumer preferences and behaviour towards a certain brand.



Sean Peh's comment, September 26, 2013 7:42 PM
Hi Thim, this article emphasizes a lot on direct marketing which is good because it is really useful when company creates a relationship with the consumers. Not to mention by doing direct marketing we know that our promotion or the message that the company wanted to deliver is been delivered successfully.
Thapthim (Thim) Phithak's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:14 PM

This article targets mostly on role of direct marketing in the IMC which is good since direct marketing is important role for the company to do inorder for them to engage their target consumers, to makes sales and gain cusomer loyalty. Having an understanding of this article will help the company to be sucessful. 

Sini Tagiloa's curator insight, August 26, 2014 10:38 PM

How effective is Direct Marketing as a tool in creating brand awareness and attracting consumer interest before "clutter" is considered a potential threat in segmenting your target audience?

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Marketing Newz

Marketing Newz | IMC and Direct Marketing! |
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's insight:

A well organised IMC strategies that also considered the importance of budgeting objective towards direct marketing, is indeed a backbone of marketers before approaching and sending their final messages through promoting any brands or products and services.

Using the appropiate channels of promotion and media, selecting the prospect customers and delivering the right messages with the right offerings to consumers, together with the right advertising techniques and campaigns that bring better response and results is all a matter of good planning.

Angelina Singh's comment, April 29, 2013 10:11 PM
your absolutely right, all this planning needs to be done in order for a IMC campaign to be successful, choosing the right channel, and advertising techniques and measuring this to compare success.
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's comment, May 1, 2013 7:54 AM
Definitely, a company who is aiming for better profits and sustainability should always measure its success and maintain a better strategic planning if its working well as expected.
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Integrated marketing communications: Big Idea versus Big data at SES New York

Dana Todd, Performics, interviews Mark Huffman, P&G (Procter & Gamble) Productions on the panel topic, Integrated Marketing Communications ...
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's insight:

Mark Huffan the Executive Production Manager of Procter & Gamble who is responsible for handling all IMC for the business has specifically said that, in terms of comparing the Big data to the Big Idea, although the Big Data is important but the Big Idea matters the most.


I like what he said that " P&G believes that Big ideas are really the way to go about if from deep humans insights".


Although understanding your consumers does take a lot of data meaning a lot of information to collect and find out about consumer's different preferences, behaviours..etc.but in reality, behind those data and with the role of IMC there is a Big Idea where everything was centrally driven by the fact of bringing IMC to action when using real people who are facing real experiences!! 

Shavneel Singh's comment, March 21, 2013 4:29 PM
Exactly, I believe it pays to know your customer and your target market. Although it can be time consuming it will be very beneficial in the long term. By knowing what they want and what their needs are the advertisements can then be tailored around them and the proper channels can be established.
Angelina Singh's comment, March 21, 2013 4:38 PM
Exactly both points are equally important you have to do all the research in order to communicate your big idea and ensure this is done correctly. Without the data the big idea cant be done. However the big idea is what needs to be pursued.
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's comment, March 21, 2013 9:18 PM
Love this discussion, I believed that no side is better than the other. There's no need to have a bigger idea but dont know how to bring it through to the right target market. Both are very vital to the planning process and IMC is surely making it much easier for businesses to bring everything together. Identifying the consumer's need and preferences is as important than creating the bigger idea of how to connect and send the messages through. At the end of the day, consumers are the ones who buy the products & services from any business.