Ideas for entrepreneurs
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Ideas for entrepreneurs
Serial entrepreneurship is constant learning. Here's what I found impacting.
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Solving Blogging for Startups

Blogging is a pain point for many startups and small teams because it takes a lot of time and effort. This presentation by @Arabella DeLucco shows how to solve that.

Guillaume Decugis's insight:

Startups need to blog, say a lot of people including entrepreneur/VC/blogger Mark Suster in this great piece. But what most entrepreneurs struggle with is how to really make it happen in spite of all the things they already have to do. This was this precise frustration that made us want to start as a way to help many people become media publishers and particularly entrepreneurs.

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Scooped by Guillaume Decugis!

Marc Andreessen: Not every startup should be a Lean Startup or embrace the pivot

Marc Andreessen: Not every startup should be a Lean Startup or embrace the pivot | Ideas for entrepreneurs |

The Lean Startup has become somewhat of a bible for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but famed investor Marc Andreessen notes that sometimes founders misappropriate the ideas or don’t apply them correctly, resulting in some common problems he outlined.

Guillaume Decugis's insight:

What I've always find fascinating in Silicon Valley is its capacity to not get stuck in one dominating thought model. The Lean Startup model wa an eye-opener for many entrepreneurs - including me. It's a fantastic model for Web software companies. But as the brilliant recent interview of Elon Musk at the All Things D conference and this other Andreesen interview remind us of: big projects are not always compatible with the lean startup model.

Andreesen also explains why the lean startup model is not an excuse not to do marketing (something that I'm a firm believer of as I had a chance to explain during the last startup product summit) and that accepting failure is not the same as encouraging it - something that reminded of a controversial HBR article on that topic.

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Ideas for entrepreneurs
Serial entrepreneurship is constant learning. Here's what I found impacting.
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