Research Scientist Position in Biophysics | iBB |

A position is open to hire a doctorate researcher within the framework of the FCT-funded SingleMolHTTex1 project. The overall aim of this project is to provide a detailed understanding of the initial binding steps of Huntingtin exon1 (HTTex1, with an expanded polyglutamine repeat) to biological membranes. A complementary set of single-molecule fluorescence techniques will be used to obtain insights into the physical/structural features of aggregation-prone states of HTTex1 at the membrane surface. Importantly, the results of this frontier project may assist in the rational design of inhibitors to treat and/or prevent Huntington’s disease. The work will be carried out under the scientific guidance of Dr. Ana M. Melo and at BSIRG (at CQFM and iBB), IST. More information on the position and how to apply can be found here under the acronym SingleMolHTTex1 and email to The application deadline is February 12th, 2019.