Sandra Silva Delivers Presentation at the FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2022 | iBB |

Sandra Godinho Silva, PhD candidate in Biotechnology and Biosciences, presented a talk entitled 'Big data meets natural products discovery: mining thousands of bacterial genomes to identify novel sources of drug leads' at the FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2022, held from 30 June to 2 July 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia. Her presentation explored the results of a large-scale comparative genomics approach to study natural product biosynthesis potential across 2680 bacterial genomes representing 1158 species and 175 genera of the metabolically-versatile order Flavobacteriales (phylum Bacteroidetes). Sandra was awarded a FEMS Research and Training Grant (GO-2019-511) to conduct her studies in the framework of an international collaboration on high-throughput genome mining led by Prof. Rodrigo Costa (BSRG-iBB, Portugal) and Dr. Ulisses N. da Rocha (Microbial Data Science Group, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ , Leipzig, Germany). The results will be compiled in Sandra’s PhD thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Rodrigo Costa and Dr. Tina Keller Costa (BSRG-iBB). Sandra also had the opportunity to co-chair an oral poster session with Prof. Bauke Oudega on 'FEMS Supported Projects & Miscellaneous', and her participation in the FEMS 2022 Conference was supported by a FEMS Congress Attendance Grant.